Anupama 10th July 2024: Anuj Shocked Reaction

Anupama 10th July 2024 written Episode: Full Update only on Yo Desi Serials.

The episode begins with Babu ji telling Vanraj that the house no longer feels like their own. He clarifies that he is not taunting Vanraj and acknowledges him as a good son, remarking how rare it is to have such a son these days.

Babu ji praises Vanraj for taking on big responsibilities at a young age, expanding a two-bedroom house into a larger home, and investing in it. He says that because Vanraj has done so much, he has the right to do whatever he wants for his children.

However, he also expresses that the house holds many memories—his Babu ji laid the foundation, and Vanraj and his sister were born there. Babu ji says the house was like a partner to them, and if it’s demolished, it would cause them pain. He adds that while he and Leela will sign the papers happily and they can make a tower and live there happily, he and Leela will not move there and will stay behind.

Vanraj insists that he cannot live if they stay behind. Anuj and Anupama urge Babu ji and Baa to come with them, but Babu ji refuses. Vanraj explains that he tries to balance his duties between his parents and children and needs both in his life. He’s ready to endure any hardship to keep them together and begs them to come along.

Baa suggests they listen to Vanraj, but Babu ji insists she go without him. He explains that at his age, it’s better to stay in familiar surroundings where he won’t be mistreated. He believes that staying apart will actually strengthen their relationship, allowing them to visit each other as they wish.

Vanraj, seeing their determination, concedes and says their happiness is what matters most. Though he cannot imagine life without them, he will try. Babu ji asks Vanraj to send the property papers so he can sign them.

When Anupama tries to intervene, Babu ji asks her to stay out of it and sign the NOC. He then focuses on making papad, while Anupama reflects that their real place is at home and vows not to let them stay behind.

Vanraj returns home alone, and Kavya immediately asks where Baa and Babu ji are and when they will return. Kinjal, Titu, Dimpy, and others also press him for answers. Vanraj shakes his head, indicating that they will stay behind.

Pakhi accuses Baa and Babu ji of trying to make her look like the villain. Kavya retorts, calling Pakhi a hypocrite and suggests they go and bring them back. As the kids arrive, they ask about Baa and Babu ji, wanting their usual comforts like kesar milk. Aadhya steps in, taking the kids aside to distract them.

Pakhi worries that even the children will start crying, unsure of what to do next. Kavya, frustrated, warns Pakhi not to provoke her. Toshu tries to calm the situation, but Kavya shuts him down. She recalls fond memories with Baa and Babu ji, emphasizing their importance to the family.

Anupama Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV
Anupama Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV

She insists they are the backbone of the family and can’t just be memories in photos. She urges Vanraj to realize that everything happened too quickly and suggests they go and bring Baa and Babu ji back. Kinjal agrees with Kavya.

Dimpy suggests, “If we all go, they’ll come.”Vanraj disagrees, “They won’t come.”Kavya intervenes, “Let’s take the kids with us. We’ll bring them back.”Dimpy adds, “I don’t know what to make of all this.”

Titu remarks, “We depend on them for everything.”Vanraj asserts, “No one is going. I’ll go alone to get their signatures on the property papers.”Toshu and Pakhi insist on accompanying him to get their signatures.

Kavya interjects, “After all that’s happened, you’re still concerned about the property?”Vanraj retorts, “If you’re a dutiful daughter-in-law, then I’m not a bad son.”Kavya blames, “They left because of your daughter.”

Vanraj snaps back, “Should I throw her out on the street?”Kavya counters, “Then you’d be throwing out your parents.”Vanraj defends himself, “I didn’t ask them to leave. I respected their decision even though I didn’t like it.”

He continues emotionally, “I’ve cherished every moment with my parents. Now as a grandfather, I still want them, but they don’t want their son. I’ll sell the house and divide it among everyone to avoid disputes after my death. I can’t live without them; I’ll find a way to bring them back.”

Turning to Toshu, he instructs, “Come with me to get Babu ji’s signature.”Toshu agrees reluctantly.Pakhi insists, “Mom should sign too.”Anupama enters and declares, “I won’t sign, even though Babu ji had asked.”Vanraj pleads, “Don’t drive me mad.”Anuj intervenes calmly, “Take it easy, Vanraj.”Vanraj snaps, “This is my family matter, Anuj. Stay out of it.”

Anuj asserts firmly, “I don’t like interfering, but show respect when you talk to me or Anu.”Anupama refuses, “I won’t sign. You’re my problem, Vanraj.”Vanraj demands, “Why are you refusing when Babu ji asked you himself?”

Anupama pleads, “I’m asking you not to sell this house. Let Baa and Babu ji spend their final days here. The elders want their space and memories. This house is their life. If it breaks, they’ll die.”Vanraj dismisses her, “Anuj, take Anupama away and stop her lectures.”Anupama warns, “Know your limits.”

Vanraj insists defensively, “I’m not their enemy. I love them. But I have to think about my children too. Did you ever think about our children or yourself?”Anupama counters, “If you had thought about them, you would’ve signed the NOC.”

Anuj supports Anupama, “She’s done so much for her children.”Pakhi interjects, “She did, but since coming here, she’s only interfered. Go back to the US.”Toshu asks angrily, “Why are you ruining our happiness?”

Kavya defends Anupama, “She shouldn’t sign. She’s done so much for you.”Toshu accuses Anupama, “She made me a waiter, gave money to Mr. Dhillon instead of me. Is this how a mother acts?”Anupama is visibly hurt by their accusations.

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