Anupama 10th June 2024: Toshu Takes Pari

Anupama 10th June 2024 written Episode: Full Update only on Yo Desi Serials.

Devika was stunned to learn that Aadhya had confined Pari in the storeroom. Anupama expressed uncertainty, prompting Devika to urge her to consider the situation carefully. Anupama expressed frustration over the lack of calls from the concerned woman and voiced concerns about Dimpy’s safety. She confided in her struggle to gather evidence against Toshu and clear her name, lamenting Baa’s disappointment and Mr. Shah’s mocking behavior.

Meanwhile, Aadhya phoned Ishu, admitting to missing them, only to discover Pari’s ordeal. Ishu revealed that Super Nani had come to the rescue.

Toshu confronted Pari, coercing her to reveal who instructed her to lock the storeroom. Despite Toshu’s insinuations, Pari defended Aadhya, citing instances where she had protected her. Kinjal intervened, admonishing Toshu for misleading Pari and affirming her trust in Aadhya. Toshu insisted on investigating further and blaming Anupama, exacerbating Kinjal’s distress.

Elsewhere, Anuj questioned Aadhya about her hair straightening, advising her to apply oil to her hands. Aadhya assured him of her readiness and reiterated their intention to sever ties with their in-laws after the marriage functions ended. Anuj, hoping for reconciliation, pondered over his expectations.

Anupama Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV
Anupama Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV

The family gathered for breakfast, met with criticism over the poorly cooked food. Anupama and Devika joined them, with Vanraj teasing Anupama about her appearance. Anuj and Aadhya arrived, with Anuj offering to cook alongside the family. Anupama praised Anuj’s culinary skills, reassuring everyone about the upcoming sangeet’s food arrangements.

In the kitchen, Anuj delegates tasks to everyone, assigning Vanraj the job of making Aam Panna. Initially resistant, Vanraj is reminded by Babu Ji that Anuj is the head chef, thus his directives must be followed.

Reflecting on past enjoyable cooking experiences, Vanraj acquiesces, and they commence their culinary endeavors. Meanwhile, Baa urgently requests Kinjal, Kavya, and Dimpy to release her, rushing to the kitchen where she discovers the disarray and laments the state of her once tidy domain.

Elsewhere, Aadhya imparts dance lessons to Pari, Ishu, and Mahi, receiving compliments reminiscent of Dadi’s prowess. Inquiring about Pari’s well-being following her ordeal in the storeroom, Aadhya is reassured but senses underlying fear.

As they depart, Aadhya expresses confidence in their safety, prompting Anupama to intervene, confronting Aadhya about her recent actions. Anupama recounts a harrowing incident from Aadhya’s past, emphasizing her unwavering commitment to protection.

Firmly admonishing Aadhya for her behavior, Anupama warns of consequences should she stray further, reaffirming her unconditional love despite their strained relationship. Aadhya, defiant, threatens to involve authorities, but Anupama stands resolute, asserting her authority and expressing the depths of her maternal devotion.

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