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Anupama 22nd June 2024: Food by Baa and Babu Ji

Anupama 22nd June 2024 written Episode: Full Update only on Yo Desi Serials.

Dimpy and Titu sit for the haldi rasam. The kids, along with Baa, apply haldi to them. Vanraj dances with Dimpy and Titu, and Anupama, Kavya, and others join in the celebration. Anuj smiles as he watches Aadhya dance with Anupama. Everyone starts applying haldi to each other, with Devika chasing Anuj to smear him with haldi. Anuj runs, and Anupama also runs as kids chase her, resulting in them accidentally applying haldi to each other.

Shruti arrives and sees Anuj and Anupama sharing a moment, while Aadhya dances with everyone. She gets angry and turns Anuj towards her, hugging him tightly and expressing how much she missed him. Everyone looks on with mixed reactions, while Vanraj smiles, thinking it’s not a love triangle but a fun triangle.

Aadhya hugs Shruti, remarking on her unreachable phone. Anuj comments that he would have picked her up if he knew she was coming. Vanraj remarks that Shruti’s arrival doubles the fun. Shruti explains that she couldn’t stay alone and had to come. Vanraj sings a song, earning Shruti’s praise.

Shruti tells Anuj that only she can apply haldi to him. She wipes haldi from his face and then rubs her face against his, applying haldi to herself. She declares that this is perfect haldi and suggests they should marry. Baa scolds her for her behavior, reminding her that this is India.

Shruti apologizes and then applies haldi to Titu and Dimpy. Anupama leaves, crying, with Kinjal and Devika following her. Anupama asks to be left alone, but they refuse. Anupama insists that her wishes should matter.

Anupama Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV
Anupama Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV

Devika and Kinjal leave reluctantly. Devika expresses her pain at seeing Anupama hurt, acknowledging Shruti’s perspective but emphasizing that no one can share their fiancé with his ex. Kinjal agrees, hoping Anuj realizes Anupama is the only one for him.

Anuj questions Shruti about taking a long flight against the doctor’s advice. She accuses him of being unhappy about her arrival. Anuj denies it, recalling Anupama’s love confession. Shruti rests her head on his shoulder, and Anuj, concerned about others’ perceptions, suggests they shouldn’t invite scolding.

Shruti reassures him, talking about missing him and feeling distant. Anuj leaves to get juice for her and accidentally bumps into Anupama, who has tears in her eyes. He signals her to wipe her tears before she walks away.

Vanraj laughs and says, “This marriage is not going to happen, but Anupama will be humiliated from all sides. It’ll be too much fun; I can’t control myself. All the scores will be settled today.” Kavya arrives and sees Vanraj still laughing. He mentions Anuj, Shruti, and Anupama being present. Kavya remarks that he enjoys seeing others in trouble.

Vanraj replies, “Not everyone, just Anupama.” Kavya advises him to focus on Titu and Dimpy’s wedding. Vanraj responds, “It is…” Kavya interrupts, asking if he’s trying to ruin it. Vanraj insists he’s very happy. Kavya thinks to herself, let’s see if Vanraj wins or if Dimpy and Titu’s love prevails.

Beeji approaches Dimpy and Titu, praising their pairing. Baa cautions them not to go outside. Dimpy cheekily asks her to order them. Beeji checks if Baa is okay, and Baa assures her before leaving. Ansh comes in, declaring he’ll join them on their honeymoon. Titu responds, “We won’t go without you.” Ansh rushes to tell Mahi, Ishu, and Pari.

Pari insists that Titu should take them along. Anupama comments on today’s kids. Babuji asks Tapish to move his belongings here. Neighbors gossip about Tapish becoming a “ghar jamai” (house son-in-law). Vanraj asserts, “He will stay here as a son.” Anupama counters, “The custom of girls moving to their in-laws’ house is man-made.

People criticize when a guy moves in with the girl’s family. Titu has no family, but Dimpy does, so why stay apart?” She thanks Titu for becoming their son. Vanraj thinks to himself, “He will only become a son if this marriage actually happens.”

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