Anupama 3rd July 2024: Dimpy and Titu will not marry.

Anupama 3rd July 2024 written Episode: Full Update only on Yo Desi Serials.

Vanraj takes the water pot to pour it into the havan kund. Anupama knocks the pot out of his hand and shouts, “Mr. Shah!” Vanraj yells back, “Anupama!” She counters, “Mr. Vanraj Shah, whether this havan continues or not, Dimpy will decide.” Babu ji supports Anupama, agreeing that it should be Dimpy’s decision since it’s her life and marriage. Dimpy reflects on her relationship with Titu.

Pari asks Ansh to sit, but he insists on going outside. Mahi informs him there’s a fight happening. Ansh wonders what magic uncle has done now and decides to ask later. He expresses his love for Magic uncle but vows never to forgive him or call him Papa if his mother is hurt. Aadhya hugs and comforts him.

Sushma advises Dimpy to carefully consider her decision, asserting her son is honorable despite his father’s reputation. Baa argues that Titu’s concealment of the truth is the real issue. Babu ji insists Dimpy should decide. Baa fears societal judgment if Dimpy marries into a criminal family, while the neighbors agree.

Vanraj demands the wedding be called off, but Anupama urges everyone to calm down and let Dimpy decide. Titu pleads with Dimpy, who then locks herself in a room. Vanraj, Titu, and others try to get her to open the door, with Vanraj insisting Titu leave. Anupama asks everyone to leave Dimpy alone to make her decision. Babu ji supports Anupama’s request, but Titu refuses to go.

Vanraj tells Titu to leave, but Babu ji intervenes. Anupama asks Dimpy to take her time to decide. Titu explains he couldn’t reveal the truth due to a promise to his mother, who tries to console him. Beeji reminisces about a compassionate soldier who helped the wounded, prompting Baa to scold her for being too sympathetic.

Ansh gets upset and wants to go outside, but Aadhya suggests he write a letter to God instead. Dimpy confides in Anupama, sharing her fears and confusion. Anupama advises her to take her time, but Dimpy asserts she knows what she wants and what decision she must make.

Anupama brings Dimpy out to face Titu. Dimpy stands before him, expressing her disappointment. “I didn’t expect this from you, Titu,” she says. “I didn’t trust destiny, but I trusted you, and that’s why this hurts so much.” Titu interrupts, trying to explain. “Stop it, Dimpy. I wanted to tell you, but I messed up. I knew your answer but I was waiting for the right time.” He calls for his mother to come over. Dimpy isn’t finished. “You hurt me deeply, Titu, but you also healed me.

Anupama Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV
Anupama Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV

You taught me to love and live again. I shared my past with you because I trusted you, but you couldn’t trust me the same way. You thought I’d back off. Yes, I was shocked and hurt, but I realized I hadn’t told you about my past for a long time either. If that guy hadn’t shown up, I might never have told you because I’d moved on. You accepted me, a rape survivor and a widow. Why can’t I accept you when you haven’t done anything wrong? I still love you and I want to marry you.”

Vanraj intervenes. “You can’t marry her. Think about society.” Dimpy retorts, “Where was this society when I was alone for five years? Samar didn’t care about society and married me. Everyone accepted us eventually. They can accept Titu too.” Titu becomes emotional, and everyone smiles, though Vanraj is still angry.

Dimpy addresses Sushma, calling her “Maa” and thanking her for raising Tapish so well. “I am a mother and I would do anything for my son, but what you did for yours, I salute you despite what the law says. You are a great mother, and Titu will be a wonderful father.

My son and I will always respect you both.” Sushma blesses her. Dimpy turns to Tapish, promising to fight the world for him. Devika chimes in, “This is what real marriage is about—love and understanding.” Vanraj remains unconvinced. “My daughter might be an emotional fool, but not me,” he says, telling Titu to leave. Titu pleads with him.

Anupama steps forward. “If I were in the same place, I might have done the same. Sushma committed a crime to save her son and served her punishment for 15 years. Doesn’t she have the right to a normal life now? Society’s taunts and humiliation can drive people to desperate actions.”

Baa agrees. “I was scared of society too. If Samar hadn’t gone against us and married Dimpy, we wouldn’t have such a good daughter-in-law.” Babu ji adds, “Titu was afraid of losing us.” Titu nods. The family rallies around Titu and Dimpy.

Dimpy turns to Vanraj, pleading, “Please let the marriage happen and bless us. I love and respect you so much. You’ve done more for me than my own father.” Titu promises, “I will stay here after the marriage. If I make a mistake, you can scold me.”

Anupama, Kavya, and others urge Vanraj to agree. Finally, Vanraj relents.

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