Anupama 4th July 2024: Vanraj to agree

Anupama 4th July 2024 written Episode: Full Update only on Yo Desi Serials.

The episode begins with Babu ji reassuring Dimpy and Titu not to worry, saying that Vanraj will eventually agree. Baa adds that it will take time, but he will come around. Anupama tells them that Mr. Shah will agree, but they need to ensure they truly want to marry each other. They nod in agreement. Anupama then announces they should proceed with the marriage.

Vanraj, angry, leaves the room. Sushma ji, tearful, expresses her gratitude, stating she is happy her son has found such a loving family and that she will not separate Tapish from them. She mentions she will return to the village after the wedding and invites them to visit her. Dimpy assures her they will visit.

Aadhya and the kids come out, and Aadhya asks if everything is okay. Anuj confirms that the misunderstanding has been resolved. Ansh tells Titu not to hurt his mother, to which Titu responds he never will. Yashdeep comments that true love cannot be separated.

Anupama exchanges a meaningful glance with Anuj. Pandit ji instructs Titu and Dimpy to take the last round, completing the wedding ceremony. After the final round, Pandit ji asks them to sit for the sindoor daan and mangalsutra rituals.

Anupama asks Ansh to move Dimpy’s maang tika. Ansh does so, and Titu applies sindoor to Dimpy’s forehead. Ansh observes that sindoor fell on Dimpy’s nose, which signifies that Papa loves Mummy a lot. Titu promises to always be with Dimpy, and she responds that she trusts him.

Titu then puts the mangalsutra on Dimpy. Pandit ji declares them husband and wife, and everyone claps. Ansh hugs them. Anuj, reflecting on the completed marriage, wonders if his and Anupama’s love story will ever be complete. He and Anupama share a look, and Aadhya feels upset.

Anupama discusses the concept of “ghar jamai,” suggesting that instead of calling it “your house” or “my house,” they should call it “our house.” Babu ji agrees, and Anuj adds that togetherness is what matters. Anupama asks Baa and Babu ji to welcome the newlyweds with tilak.

She then asks Kavya to perform their aarti. Kavya does so, and Anupama calls Kinjal and Pakhi to join. Pakhi declines, so Anupama performs the aarti and places a kalash on the floor. Anupama says Dimpy is already part of the family and this time she will enter the house with Tapish. They kick the kalash together and enter, taking blessings from Sushma, Baa, Babu ji, Anupama, Anuj, and others.

Anupama Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV
Anupama Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV

Pakhi congratulates them. Anupama advises Titu to give himself time to adjust and allow others time to understand him. She emphasizes the importance of patience and respect in relationships. Babu ji assures Titu that they will accept him. The kids bring out a halwa cake they made for the occasion. Titu and Dimpy cut the cake and feed each other. Anuj also feeds Anupama a piece of cake.

Sushma announces that she will go to the village now. Dimpy and Titu plead with her to stay for a few more days. Sushma insists that if she doesn’t leave now, she never will. She says she can endure being away from her son as she has for the past 15 years. She asks Titu to become their son, not just a son-in-law, and take care of them. Titu promises to be a good son and husband.

Sushma decides to leave, and Titu offers to drop her off, but Yashdeep volunteers instead. Titu thanks him, and they depart. Dimpy reflects, saying she didn’t know if her father was right, but whatever he did was for her and Ansh. She recalls how her father used to participate in school races with Ansh and stay up all night when he was sick. Titu sympathizes, saying he might have done the same in her father’s place.

Anupama urges Titu and Dimpy to join them. She questions Vanraj’s anger, likening him to Phupha Ji, and tells him his behavior is wrong, though he is a good son and father. She reminds him that he always claims to be a good father, so he should come and bless the kids. She emphasizes that his actions were wrong, but now that the marriage has happened, their happiness is incomplete without him.

Dimpy pleads with Vanraj to come. Titu admits he hid something once and vows never to do it again, inviting Vanraj to slap him if he does. Vanraj remains silent, and Dimpy cries, expressing their love for him. Anupama suggests giving him time and leads them away.

Everyone gathers for the ring-finding ceremony. Ansh asks if they will drink the milk, and Anupama explains the ceremony. Toshu jokes that wives always rule, even if the husband finds the coin. Babu Ji recalls winning the ring but admits everyone knows who rules.

They all laugh. Anuj and Anupama exchange looks as they search for the ring. Anuj finds it and gives it to Anupama, internally reminiscing about their marriage and feeling the need to talk. Anupama internally responds that she doesn’t want to talk. Dimpy declares she will win the game, and Titu says he will.

As they search, Titu finds the ring and gives it to Dimpy, who triumphantly announces her victory. Kinjal teases her about ruling over Titu, but Baa interjects, saying she shouldn’t rule over him. Kinjal retorts that Baa rules over Babu Ji. Baa proudly asserts her unique style, and everyone laughs.

Suddenly, Anuj notices Anupama’s pallu about to catch fire and quickly saves her. Meanwhile, Dimpy and Titu continue playing the game, and Anuj looks at Anupama with concern. Aadhya gets upset.

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