Anupama 5th July 2024: Aadhya gets upset

Anupama 5th July 2024 written Episode: Full Update only on Yo Desi Serials.

Anupama decides to keep the sweets inside and cleans the place. She finds Ishani’s hairclip and thinks of returning it to her. She muses about how it’s easy to throw away flowers but difficult to pick up their petals from the floor.

As she begins to gather the petals, Anuj arrives. She asks, “Haven’t you left yet?” Anuj responds, “I couldn’t go.” A song plays as Anuj holds her hand. She walks away and starts crying. Anuj eats the sweets placed in the temple. Meanwhile, Aadhya decides to talk to Anuj in the morning.

Dimpy tells Titu they didn’t decorate because the kids would ask questions, making it hard to explain. Titu says he needs time to accept this as his room too. He shares that although he has a home in Mumbai, he spent half his life in five-star hotels, finding peace here with Dimpy and Ansh. They start dancing. Suddenly, Ansh knocks on the door.

Dimpy opens it, and Ansh asks why the door was closed. Titu explains they were planning a surprise for him. When Ansh asks what it is, Titu replies, “A pillow fight.” Ansh mentions that his mom told him not to do that, but Titu assures him she won’t refuse now. Ansh and Titu begin a pillow fight, and Dimpy is delighted by their bonding.

The next morning, Dimpy wakes up at 8 am and sees Titu getting Ansh ready for school. Ansh asks for something, and Titu promises to bring it. Dimpy, moved to tears, watches them. Ansh asks why she’s crying, and Dimpy responds that she’s witnessing her dream come true. They share a heartfelt hug.

Titu serves food to everyone, declaring it his first rasoi. Kavya teases that he’s not a daughter-in-law, but Titu replies that he’s the son of the house and asks the kids to taste the food. Anupama tastes it and takes off the evil eye from Titu.

He encourages the kids to call him “phupha ji” and “chacha.” Mahi asks what she should call him, and Kavya suggests “Bhaiyya” since Dimpy is her bhabhi. Vanraj arrives, telling the kids he will drop them at school. Ansh insists that Papa will drop them today. Baa urges Vanraj to eat first. Vanraj thinks everything is just a drama. Babu ji inquires about Aadhya, and Kavya informs him that she has left.

Aadhya and Anuj finish their breakfast. Aadhya expresses her desire to go back as she misses her friends. Anuj promises to book the tickets as soon as possible. She mentions knowing that Shruti and his marriage ended because of Anupama Joshi. Anuj, not wanting to discuss it, says he doesn’t want to talk about it right now. Aadhya insists, stating that she doesn’t know how Shruti is and that Shruti will never be replaced in her heart. Anuj looks on, troubled.

Anupama Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV
Anupama Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV

Anupama hands a box of sweets to Beeji. Beeji chuckles, saying her heart delights in seeing steel boxes and admires one engraved with “Dimple with Tapish.” Baa joins in, offering a box from her side, teasing that they reserve extra boxes for their cherished guests. Beeji playfully asks if she’s among the favorites, to which Baa teasingly replies not quite, hence just one box. Beeji accepts it with a smile.

Kavya reminisces about school days, where they gave special treats to friends and others got candies. Baa then presents a steel box of sweets to Devika, which Anupama accepts on her behalf. Yashdeep jokes about how women keep the plastic boxes from food deliveries, and Babu ji adds humorously that if it’s from their maayka (parental home), they guard it even more.

Just as Anuj and Aadhya arrive, Anupama is interrupted by the surprise visit of Superstar Chef Judge Keith. Anupama is astonished to see him and everyone stands up in respect. Keith explains he came from the USA to restore Anupama’s honor, presenting her with her rightful title and trophy.

Anuj incredulously asks if it’s true, and Keith confirms, bringing immense joy to everyone. The media arrives, and Anupama is overwhelmed with emotion as Keith formally returns her trophy.

Amidst celebration and applause, Vanraj arrives, stunned by the turn of events. Anupama, holding her trophy, dances joyously with her family. Baa insists Anupama keep the trophy, declaring it will remain with her in India. Kavya jokes that Anupama will sleep hugging her trophy tonight. Yashdeep shares news that the health department has cleared the spice and chutney issue, ensuring Anupama’s business can reopen.

Anupama requests Yashdeep to take her trophy, have it framed as before, and keep it safe for her return. She then surprises everyone by announcing she’s decided not to return to America. Anuj and others are taken aback, but Anupama explains that her innocence is proven, and she wants to stay in India to empower talented women who lack opportunities. Aadhya, relieved, celebrates her mother’s decision to stay.

Anupama’s resolve brings mixed emotions, but she joyfully declares farewell to her American chapter, embracing her new journey in India.

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