Anupama 6th July 2024: Aadhya Joy

Anupama 6th July 2024 written Episode: Full Update only on Yo Desi Serials.

The episode begins with Anupama thanking Kanha ji and expressing her joy, saying, “You have given me so much happiness today that I couldn’t wait until morning to make halwa.” She mentions that all problems have been resolved except for one. Just then, Anuj arrives.

Anupama asks him to wait, but he says he can’t. He tells her he is happy that her pride and honor have been restored. She thanks him, and Anuj mentions that he needs to return as Aadhya is insisting, and he needs to speak with Shruti. Anupama urges him to go and talk to Shruti. Anuj expresses his desire to talk to Anupama first, but she insists that she is used to being alone, unlike Shruti.

Anuj reveals that everyone knows he doesn’t love Shruti, but marrying her seems right. Anupama replies that their daughter doesn’t want them to reunite. Anuj asks her to stop feeling guilty and acknowledges her past mistakes. Anupama laments that calling off his marriage to Shruti is wrong and doesn’t want to give Aadhya more reasons to hate her. Anuj pleads for a chance to convince Aadhya, but Anupama dismisses him, saying she doesn’t want to talk.

Anupama’s eyes well up with tears. Anuj becomes upset and angry at her decision. The song “Lut Gaye” plays as he professes his undying love, stating that no one can separate Anuj from Anu, not even Anu herself. He informs her that he will leave by the morning flight but promises to return for her. Anupama cries.

Meanwhile, Toshu tells Vanraj that Babu ji will refuse to give the house for the tower now that Mummy is back. Pakhi agrees, saying Mummy won’t let the house go. Vanraj, frustrated, questions what Anupama wants and complains that she is now standing in the way of their future.

Anupama Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV
Anupama Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV

He argues that if the tower is built, they would get 3-4 flats. Pakhi and Toshu smirk, noting that Mummy hasn’t signed the NOC yet. Toshu suggests that Babu ji will step back if Mummy insists. Vanraj admits that Anupama comes first for Babu ji. Toshu advises him to talk to the builder, and Vanraj agrees to speak to Babu ji, stressing it’s for his children. Babu ji overhears the conversation and is shocked.

Anupama arrives with his medicine, noticing the tension. Babu ji, visibly upset, says he’ll take the medicine later and retreats to his room. He tells Baa that they are now obstacles to their children’s happiness and that it’s time to remove themselves from the equation. He reflects that their advice is now seen as interference. Baa agrees, indicating that they are ready to leave.

In his room, Anuj looks at a photo of Anupama, pleading for her not to do this as he can’t live without her. Suddenly, Aadhya appears, complaining of severe stomach pain and vomiting. Anuj promptly decides to take her to the doctor.

Anupama thinks of Anuj and murmurs, “Don’t do this.” Just then, she receives a message from Anuj informing her that Aadhya is having a stomach ache and he is taking her to the doctor. Anupama immediately calls Anuj to ask about Aadhya. Anuj reassures her that he is taking Aadhya to the hospital. Anupama decides to join them there.

At the hospital, the doctor examines Aadhya and administers an injection. Anuj and Anupama are visibly worried. The doctor inquires if Aadhya had any outside food recently. Anuj admits that she had some street food despite his warning to Baa. He explains that others ate it too without any issues.

The doctor reminds them that everyone’s immunity is different. Anuj asks if traveling the next day is possible. The doctor advises postponing the trip. Anupama agrees, saying Aadhya shouldn’t have flight food in her condition.

Meanwhile, Titu and Dimpy are in a room together. Titu notices Dimpy’s mixed emotions and remarks, “You look happy but still sad.” Dimpy confesses that she will remain sad until her father agrees. Titu promises to convince him. Dimpy laments that she can’t do anything for her mother, who is in the village. Titu reassures her, saying, “I know my mother; she’ll be happy if I’m happy.

” Just then, Vanraj knocks and calls for Dimpy. She opens the door, and Vanraj tells Titu, “Ansh needs his father now, not his grandfather.” Titu takes Ansh, and Dimpy bids Vanraj good night. Vanraj muses to himself, wondering how long Titu will pretend to be a good father.

The next day, Ansh tells Pari and the other kids that his father told him a story until he fell asleep. Kinjal notes that Ansh was sleeping with his father. Kavya expresses her confusion about when Vanraj took Ansh to Dimpy and Titu’s room. Anupama and Anuj arrive at the Shah house with Aadhya. Everyone is concerned and asks what happened.

Anuj explains that Aadhya had a high fever, stomach ache, and vomiting, leading to her hospitalization. Baa asks what the doctor said. Anuj shares that the doctor assured them Aadhya would recover in 4-5 days, which is why they postponed the trip. He explains that Aadhya wanted to stay with the kids, so he brought her to the Shah house without consulting anyone. Dimpy, Kinjal, and Kavya support his decision.

Vanraj remarks that if Aadhya stays, Anuj and Anupama will also stay. The kids take Aadhya away, and Vanraj pointedly asks how long they will use Aadhya as an excuse to meet. Before Anupama can respond, Anuj firmly states that he doesn’t need anyone’s permission to meet Anupama. He reminds Vanraj that they are both single now and their relationship is none of Vanraj’s business. Vanraj looks on, taken aback.

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