Anupama 7th July 2024: Anuj and Vanraj

Anupama 7th July 2024 written Episode: Full Update only on Yo Desi Serials.

The episode begins with the kids giving their pillows and toys to Aadhya and offering her juice. Aadhya thanks them, and Ansh tries to massage her head, but she declines. The kids sing a lullaby to help her sleep.

As she rests, Aadhya has a flashback of Anupama’s love confession and wakes up, feeling unwell. Anupama asks Kinjal about Vanraj, and Kinjal mentions he is still upset. Kinjal then comments on how good Dimpy and Titu look together and asks Anupama to ward off any evil eye.

Anupama agrees, saying they should be protected from negativity. Anuj brings medicines for Aadhya and offers help, but Anupama insists on doing it herself. Kinjal tells Anupama that everything happening is Kanha ji’s will and that he wants her and Anuj to reunite. She encourages Anupama not to feel guilty, saying only the lucky get a second chance at first love.

Meanwhile, Toshu and Pakhi are excited about getting a flat each and plan to buy cars. Pakhi mentions she will rent out her flat when she goes to Dubai and stay at her father’s place to avoid doing chores. Toshu, not wanting arguments with Kinjal, asks Pakhi to stay away from his flat.

Pakhi agrees and tells him to visit her at their father’s flat instead. She laments marrying Adhik for a luxurious life, only to find him useless. Suddenly, a crow caws, causing Pakhi and Toshu to worry that Anupama might disrupt their plans.

Titu and the kids sing to Aadhya and invite her to dance with him on a reality show. Aadhya is about to agree when she notices Anupama and expresses her desire to go to the US soon to mend their relationship. She emphasizes that no matter what others think, her mother will always be Shru.

Anupama leaves, and Kinjal tells Dimpy and Kavya that Aadhya’s words might deter her from pushing Anupama to marry Anuj. Dimpy is confused about why Aadhya can’t see their happiness, and Kavya, frustrated, expresses a desire to slap Aadhya to make her realize her mistake. Anupama cries, and Anuj stands silently, watching her.

Anupama Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV
Anupama Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV

Vanraj talks to the builder, who urges him to decide quickly. He hands over a cheque and insists on a prompt decision. Vanraj agrees. Meanwhile, Anuj looks at a letter, a song playing softly in the background. He throws the letter on the floor.

Anupama picks it up and reads Anuj’s message: “I am sorry, Anu. I won’t talk to you since you refused. I understand your pain, fear, and guilt. Please think about your happiness; you’ve sacrificed enough. Think about yourself.” Anuj leaves.

Anupama finds Vanraj sitting alone. Vanraj tells her that Anuj is gone and he wants to talk about the Shah house. He mentions the tower project on their land and its benefits for their children. Anupama agrees, provided Baa and Babuji consent. Vanraj reveals he’s already spoken to them and has taken a 51 lakh rupee advance from the builder.

He asks Anupama to sign the NOC, assuring her that she won’t need to worry about her share. He suggests opening a branch of Spice and Chutney and offers her a flat at a reduced price. He explains the distribution of flats: one for Toshu, one for Pakhi, and one for Baa and Babuji, emphasizing the builder’s substantial offer and the future security it provides.

Anupama questions if Babuji knows about the advance. Vanraj admits he hasn’t told him yet. Anupama insists their happiness and agreement matter most. Just then, they hear a noise and see Babuji standing there.

Anupama asks if he couldn’t sleep. Babuji says he forgot his churan and leaves. Vanraj urges Anupama to sign and settle the matter. She decides to talk to Babuji in the morning and will only sign if he agrees. Vanraj gets angry.

Later, Anupama checks on Aadhya, relieved that her fever has gone down. Aadhya, in her sleep, calls out for Shruti, saying she misses her. Anupama cries quietly, then notices Anuj standing nearby.

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