Anupama 8th July 2024: Anuj standing

Anupama 8th July 2024 written Episode: Full Update only on Yo Desi Serials.

The episode begins with Anuj sitting beside Aadhya. Meanwhile, Vanraj receives a message from Chopra, saying he is waiting for the NOC. Feeling anxious, Vanraj is about to take his anxiety medication when Kavya notices and asks why he is taking it, mentioning that she has never seen him take such medicines before.

She inquires about his anxiety and what he is planning to do. Vanraj replies that everything he does is for his family, including her and Mahi. He then takes the medication and goes to sleep.

Babuji tells Baa that they have made a decision and will leave the house. Baa starts crying, and Babuji, noticing someone outside the door, asks Baa not to cry over TV shows. Baa plays along, saying she didn’t watch TV shows during the marriage functions. Anupama, feeling suspicious, hesitates but eventually leaves.

Kavya overhears Pakhi telling her friends that Vanraj has sold the house to a builder and taken an advance. Pakhi excitedly talks about having her own penthouse, planting expensive plants, and having a wardrobe full of international designer clothes. Kavya is shocked by what she hears.

Shruti calls Anuj to talk to him. Anuj tells her that Aadhya is sleeping and that he will ask her to talk to her later. Shruti requests Anuj to bring Anupama over. Anuj agrees to talk to Anupama. Just then, Kinjal arrives with green tea for Anuj and advises him to talk to Anupama without wasting time, insisting that they are meant to be together. She urges him to think about it. Anuj contemplates how to make Anupama understand, while Aadhya overhears their conversation.

Anupama Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV
Anupama Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV

Vanraj contemplates obtaining Anupama’s NOC. Kavya confronts him about not informing her of the advance he took from the builder. Vanraj questions whether he needs to disclose everything to everyone. Kavya insists that she deserves a share for her daughter Mahi’s security, just like Toshu, Pakhi, and Dimpy. Meanwhile, Anuj tells Anupama that he is arranging their tickets and warns that any further delay could cost them their lives.

He offers to get her ticket as well, but Anupama reflects on her five-year separation from everyone, including Anuj. She feels accustomed to living alone and fears forming new relationships, especially since their daughter Choti resents her. Anuj reassures her that while she may be used to being alone, he is used to waiting for her.

Dimpy knocks on Baa and Babu ji’s door, prompting Anupama to investigate. When they find the room empty and Baa and Babu ji’s belongings gone, Anupama panics and calls out for Vanraj. He responds dismissively, prioritizing his tea over the situation.

Anupama chastises him, emphasizing the importance of Baa and Babu ji, who have left home due to the emotional strain caused by Pakhi’s actions and recent events. She decides to call Babu ji, while Anuj calls Baa.

Pakhi and Toshu mock the situation, considering it an overreaction. Babu ji answers Anupama’s call, and she pleads with them to return home, expressing that they should have confronted the family instead of leaving. Everyone joins in urging them to come back. Vanraj, feeling abandoned, asks them to take their frustration out on him instead but to return home.

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