Anupama 9th July 2024: Vanraj Asks to Be Hit

Anupama 9th July 2024 written Episode: Full Update only on Yo Desi Serials.

The episode starts with Babu ji informing Anupama and Vanraj that they haven’t left home permanently. Instead, their senior citizen club decided to go on a Chaar Dham Yatra, which is why they left while everyone was sleeping. Anupama insists they return immediately, asking if Babu ji understands her concern.

Babu ji firmly says they can’t return once they’ve made up their minds, mentioning that if they had informed Vanraj beforehand, he wouldn’t have allowed them to go. He assures they will come back after the pilgrimage and ends the call abruptly as someone calls him.

Toshu reassures everyone that Baa and Babu ji love them too much to leave for good. Kinjal and Dimpy agree, with Dimpy adding that Pakhi’s recent comments might have upset them. Kavya speculates that they might have been waiting for the wedding to conclude before leaving. Vanraj, confident in his parents, insists they wouldn’t leave him. Anuj hopes this is true.

Meanwhile, Baa tells Babu ji that Anupama won’t believe they’ve left for good. Babu ji explains he couldn’t bear to see the family home, which he sees as a temple, breaking apart in front of him. He suggests it would have been better if Vanraj had done this after their death so they wouldn’t witness it. Baa agrees they need to go somewhere.

Back at the house, Anupama decides to search for Baa and Babu ji. Vanraj, skeptical, questions why she wants to search when Babu ji already told them about the pilgrimage. He demands she sign the NOC. Anupama insists on bringing Baa and Babu ji home first before discussing the NOC and leaves. Anuj offers to join her, but Kavya asks him to stay with Aadhya, suggesting Vanraj and Toshu should search for them instead. Vanraj accuses Anupama of creating a drama to avoid signing the NOC.

Anupama Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV
Anupama Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV

Pakhi and Toshu support Vanraj’s view, while Kinjal argues with them. Vanraj, frustrated, tells everyone to stop arguing, stating that Anupama is using this as an excuse to delay signing the NOC. Kavya shares her belief with Anuj that Baa and Babu ji have genuinely left. Anuj remains concerned about Aadhya’s well-being.

Anupama, reflecting on the conversation, realizes she heard the sound of aarti in the background during the call, indicating Baa and Babu ji might be at the park near the bus stand. Meanwhile, Toshu and Pakhi continue to instigate Vanraj against Anupama, fueling his anger.

Anupama arrives at the park and encounters Babu ji’s friend, who inquires about Babu ji and mentions he didn’t receive any wedding sweets. He praises the Shah family for their unity, having four generations under one roof, and expresses his own loneliness, lacking children and family.

Anupama asks, “Didn’t you go for the yatra?” Her friend replies, “They are going to Amarnath yatra next month, and he is looking after all the arrangements for stay and food.” Anupama realizes that they were sad and went. She finds Baa’s umbrella there. Chopra calls Vanraj and asks about the NOC. Vanraj says he is working on it. Anupama searches for them and calls Babuji’s friends.

Toshu and Pakhi urge Vanraj to deposit the cheque. Vanraj hesitates, “What if the builder files a case?” Toshu reassures him, “He won’t. He wants our house.” They try to convince him. Dimpy arrives and demands Ansh’s share, saying Samar’s share should go to Ansh. She insists she doesn’t want anything for herself but wants Samar’s share for Ansh. Titu tells Vanraj that he doesn’t understand why Dimpy asked for the share. Vanraj accuses, “I know you asked her to do this.

” Aadhya tells Anuj that they should leave. Anuj suggests staying for three more days to complete the five-day treatment, as advised by the doctor. Aadhya, however, accuses him of not wanting to leave Anupama, implying Anupama made her eat something that caused her illness.

Anuj gets a shocking call and says, “I’m coming.” He tells Vanraj to come along. Vanraj asks why. Anuj warns, “If you don’t come, you’ll regret it.” They head to the old age home. Anupama is already there and asks Anuj why he called her.

Anuj reveals, “Baa and Babuji are here, in the old age home.” Vanraj is incredulous, “What rubbish! They must be here because someone is going on a yatra.” Anuj explains, “I traced Babuji’s number and found their location here.

When I inquired, I learned that Babuji registered themselves here.” Kavya informs everyone that Baa and Babuji went to the old age home. Pakhi and Toshu criticize them. Kavya reveals, “They were deeply hurt by Pakhi’s words.” Pakhi taunts Dimpy for asking for her share. Kavya retorts, “Be quiet, or I’ll make a sitar play under your ear. It’s better not to have kids than to have ones like you.”

Vanraj, Anupama, and Anuj arrive at the old age home. They see the caretaker instructing Baa and Babuji to work if they want to stay. Baa and Babuji agree to work, and he assigns them to make papads. Vanraj falls at their feet, saying, “If you were upset with me, you should have punished me.” Anupama pleads, “Come home and discipline Pakhi and Toshu.

It’s your home, and you should stay there.” Anuj also urges them to come back. Vanraj, distressed, asks, “What did I do wrong for my parents to leave me?” Babuji responds, “That house was a temple for us, but a property for you. You’ll get your penthouse in it.” Anuj, surprised, asks, “What?”

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