Anupama 9th June 2024: Anuj Mistake Explained

Anupama 9th June 2024 written Episode: Full Update only on Yo Desi Serials.

Toshu teases Pakhi, asking, “What happened?” Pakhi hugs him, crying. Toshu asks, “Did someone say something to you?” Pakhi replies, “Everyone thinks about Dimpy and not about me. She always got all the attention in the Kapadia house and even here. Mummy crossed seven seas to come here, but she won’t cross a pit for me.

Adhik has filed for Ishani’s custody, and what will I do if I lose her? I’ll end my life.” Toshu hugs her tightly and reassures her, “Don’t ever say that. Mummy has made everyone’s life difficult, but we’ll get through this.” Pakhi says, “You did the right thing by adding cockroaches to the dish.” Toshu denies it, saying, “I didn’t do it.” Pakhi, smiling, says, “Relax, you can tell me. I’m very proud of you.” Toshu insists, “I really didn’t do anything.”**

**Meanwhile, Shruti wonders how Anuj’s name ended up on Anupama’s invitation. She suspects Anupama must have asked Ansh and wonders why Aadhya didn’t notice. She questions whether she made a mistake by not going there.**

**In another part of the house, Anuj asks Kinjal if Anu made the ice cream. Kinjal confirms, “Yes.” Dimpy then suggests to Anuj, “Why don’t you stay at the Shah house?” Baa interjects, saying, “They are rich people; they’ll stay in a hotel. Aadhya is quite high-class too.

You shouldn’t have sold your house.” Anuj responds, “At that time, it wasn’t needed.” Babuji reflects, “You never know when life will take a U-turn.” Vanraj asks Anuj, “When are you getting married?” Baa chimes in, “Get married soon.” Anuj answers, “We’ll decide when the time is right.” Vanraj probes further, “Have you changed your plans?”

Anupama tells Babuji that she is leaving. Anuj says he will go too. Vanraj suggests Anuj give Anupama a ride. Anupama insists on going alone. Anuj notices Aadhya is missing. Baa says she’s playing with the kids. Ansh tells Aadhya he was mad at her, but they’ve made up now. They decide to play “I Spy.” Ansh will be the seeker. Pari asks Aadhya where to hide, and Aadhya suggests a room with the lights off. She shuts the door, planning to deal with Ansh later. She then asks Anuj to leave with her. Ansh searches for Ishu and Mahi.

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Baa asks Titu about inviting any relatives. Titu expresses gratitude for considering them family. Devika tells Anupama they should go with Titu and can inquire along the way. Anupama agrees, and Titu offers to drop them off. Vanraj insinuates they will meet Anuj secretly.

Anupama retorts, questioning his low remarks. Vanraj blames her for past failures, prompting Baa to scold him for arguing with guests. Pari calls Aadhya, scared, searching for the light switch. Devika decides to stay for breakfast, asking Toshu to make khichdi. Toshu jokes there will be no cockroaches in it, scaring Pari further.

Devika calls Toshu a cockroach, criticizing him and Vanraj as toxic. Toshu claims women overuse the term. Vanraj and Devika argue until Anupama intervenes, insisting they leave. Vanraj questions Babuji’s decision to invite them.

Mahi and Ishu search for Aadhya and Pari. Ansh wonders if they left. They gather in the hall, learning Aadhya left. Kinjal thinks Pari is still hiding. Anupama returns for her phone and hears the news. She suggests searching for Pari, causing worry.

Aadhya and Anuj speak with Shruti, who wrote Anuj’s name with a sketch pen, believing it’s destiny. Aadhya reassures her, noting Ansh wrote it. Anuj departs, and Aadhya tells Shruti she is returning the pain Anupama caused, hoping Pari will be scared and saved as usual. Anupama, panicking, searches for Pari. Kavya and Vanraj question her anxiety. Kinjal joins the search.

Anupama checks the storeroom, finding it locked and noticing mehendi on the door. She realizes kids didn’t apply it and opens the door to find an unconscious Pari. She revives Pari, asking why she hid there. Pari reveals Aadhya’s instructions.

Anupama realizes Aadhya’s intent. Kinjal and others arrive. Ansh, Ishu, and Mahi deny locking the door. Anupama hugs Pari, and Vanraj thanks her for saving Pari. Toshu takes Pari from there.

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