Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 10th July 2024: As soon as possible

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 10th July 2024 written Episode: Full Update only on Yo Desi Serials.

Aman calls Bhagyashree to share the good news that Rajat has won an award. Overjoyed, Bhagyashree gathers the family and shares the news while performing garba. Lucky goes to get sweets. Tara remarks that Mamta has brought luck to Rajat, as he won the award soon after she entered his life. Rajat, holding his award, looks at Ashika and recalls a flashback of Harsh winning an award, Ashika congratulating him, Rajat thanking Harsh for inviting him to the ceremony, and Harsh asking Ashika if she is happy with her husband’s success. Back in the present, Rajat credits his success to his wife, Ashika Thakkar. Savi is surprised to hear this. Meanwhile, Mamta continues her live social media broadcast and tries to interact with Ashika, who ignores her.

Tara, watching Mamta’s footage, calls her and reveals that Ashika is Rajat’s ex-wife and Sai’s mother, cautioning Mamta not to befriend her sautan. Mamta mentions that the woman in the peach dress, Ashika, has already left. Sai overhears and starts searching for her mother, asking every woman in a peach dress if she is her mom. Harsh, upset after losing the award, calls his aide Chitra and angrily questions her about the jury setup, demanding she bring her jury friend to his room. Savi notices Sai is missing and asks Mamta where she is. Mamta dismisses her, saying Sai must have gone to the washroom. Savi criticizes Mamta for sending a small girl alone, but Mamta brushes her off and continues recording her live footage.

Harsh storms into his room and questions Ashika about why Rajat credited her for his award. Ashika, perplexed, tells him to ask Rajat himself. Harsh shouts, frustrated that Rajat won despite their setup. Reporters interview Rajat, asking how he feels about winning the award. Rajat replies that he feels good but sees this as just the beginning of a long journey. When another reporter asks why he credited his wife despite their separation, Rajat explains that his wife taught him to be ambitious and that money, not love, is everything.

Chitra brings the jury member to Harsh’s room. Harsh angrily confronts them about Rajat’s win despite their setup. They explain that they aren’t the only jury members and that Rajat’s hard work has made him a formidable competitor. They suggest Harsh should work harder if he wants to win next year. Angrily, Harsh orders them out. They leave, remarking that it’s good Harsh lost. Harsh blames Ashika for his loss. Ashika, upset, reminds him that she left her husband and daughter for him and warns him not to make her regret her decision. She leaves the room.

Meanwhile, Sai gets trapped in a room while searching for her mother. Savi continues searching for Sai and eventually finds her locked in a room. Sai pleads with Savi to help her get out.

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV
Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV

Savi finds the door locked. Sai, inside the room, says, “It’s dark and frightening here.”
Realizing that Sai is having a panic attack, Savi slips her sari pallu through the door gap and urges, “Hold on to this, Sai.” She keeps Sai engaged in conversation to calm her down, then calls the hotel reception to get the door opened. As soon as the door is unlocked, Sai rushes out and hugs Savi emotionally.

The hotel staff comments, “They say a mother can’t see her child in trouble. It’s touching to see your bond.”Savi asks, “What were you doing in this room, Sai?”Sai replies, “I was looking for my mother.”Savi questions, “Is your mother here?”

Just then, Rajat walks in, shouting, “There’s no mother here! Stop brainwashing my daughter.”Savi warns, “Watch how you speak to me. While you were busy getting an award, Sai was stuck in a room for a long time. You should’ve checked on your daughter instead of shouting.”

Rajat, true to his nature, snaps, “Shut up! My mother is right; you’re trying to steal my daughter because you can’t bear a child yourself. Focus on your own life and stay away from my family.”
He takes Sai away.Shashank approaches Savi and asks, “Are you okay? What was Mr. Thakkar talking about?”Savi dismisses it, “Nothing. Let’s just go.”

Meanwhile, a reporter asks Harsh, “How do you feel about losing the award for the first time?”
Noticing Rajat passing by, Harsh tells the reporters, “Wait a minute,” and walks over to Rajat. Reporters surround them.

Harsh says, “More than losing the award, I’m happy for my ex-employee and his maid. I mentored Rajat, after all.” He continues to humiliate Rajat and announces a party in Rajat’s honor tonight.Chitra, Harsh’s aide, asks Rajat, “Will you attend the party?”Rajat responds, “No.”Chitra presses, “Is it because Harsh is dating your ex-wife?”

Harsh takes Rajat aside and says, “Say yes if you don’t want further humiliation. What’s the big deal if your ex is dating me?”Reporters ask Rajat again, “Will you attend the party?”

Rajat, under pressure, says, “Yes,” and walks away.Chitra tells Harsh, “I know what you’re up to.”Harsh smirks, “I was disappointed when you didn’t get me the award, but now I’m impressed.”

Chitra retorts, “You’re a rogue.”Harsh replies, “Thank you.”Ashika, watching Sai get into a car with Rajat and leave, gets emotional. Harsh approaches her and asks, “Did you forget about me? Are you angry?”

She responds, “Shouldn’t I be?”He says, “You shouldn’t be. There’s a surprise waiting for you at home.”She counters, “After the way you treated me, I deserve a good surprise.”He promises, “It’ll be marvelous.”

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