Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 11th June 2024: Son love story

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 11th June 2024 written Episode: Full Update only on Yo Desi Serials.

Shantanu asks Isha if she still doesn’t want to go to her son now that he needs her the most. Isha admits it hurts to remember she wasn’t there for her son during his childhood when he needed her. She adds that their son is about to make a wrong decision and they must stop him. Isha believes Savi would be the best life partner for their son and she will prevent Ishu from marrying Reeva.

They decide to return to India to their son. Meanwhile, Durva gathers the family’s attention and announces that since Ishaan will be spending all his time with Reeva after their marriage tomorrow, they should spend quality time with him tonight. Surekha suggests singing bhajans, but Durva proposes playing a game called “Spin the Bottle – Jhoot Bole Kawwa Kate.

” YRB questions the game, and Durva explains that they will spin the bottle, and whoever it stops at must lie. If they tell the truth, they will be punished, with Ishaan serving as the judge. Chinmay agrees that Ishaan is the right judge. Durva declares Anvi as the DJ for the night, and Nishi requests the DJ to play her song.

Savi and her team observe workers putting up Ishaan and Reeva’s wedding cutouts outside Bhosale College. Harini prays that Savi doesn’t face any more issues. In jail, a constable unlocks Bhanwar Patil’s cell, and Bhanwar walks out. The Bhosale family continues their game. Durva asks Shikha what Chinmay is to her. Shikha responds that he is her baby’s father.

Durva insists that Shikha had to lie. When Chinmay questions the game, Durva reiterates the rules and asks Ishaan to punish Shikha. Ishaan asks Shikha to dance, and Chinmay changes his mind, calling it a fun game. They both dance to “Ding Dong Sing A Song,” and Ishaan remembers dancing with Savi. They pull Ishaan in to dance with them.

Ishaan then asks Shikha’s baby what he wants to be when he grows up. Chinmay jokes that he will become a dancer like his father. YRB angrily retorts, asking if Chinmay wants his son to become a cheap dancer. Ishaan intervenes, saying he wants his nephew to become whatever he desires, and suggests they convince YRB by tickling him.

They chase YRB around, laughing, and Ishaan hugs him. Next, it’s Anvi’s turn. Ishaan asks if she has someone special in her life. Anvi admits she does. Nishi is surprised, saying he thought his daughter didn’t have a boyfriend. Anvi asks Ishaan for a gift, but Ishaan reveals she lost because he has seen her talking to her “babu shona.” Durva is surprised Anvi didn’t confide in her.

Asmita and Nishi ask when this happened. Anvi questions Ishaan for discussing it publicly. Ishaan encourages her not to be afraid of being in love. Nishi asks what Ishaan means. Ishaan explains he already investigated and found out the boy is in his master’s degree final year and from a good family. He praises Anvi for overcoming trauma and moving forward in life, noting that not everyone is lucky in love.

Patil makes a daring escape from the police station, hiding amidst the grime of a refuse-laden truck. Meanwhile, Anvi probes Nishi about his hypothetical response if Asmita were to request tea from him. Nishi flatly denies ever obliging.

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV
Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV

Surekha, convinced of Nishi’s honesty, urges Ishaan to penalize him. To test Nishi’s resolve, Ishaan instructs him to prepare tea for Asmita. Nishi initially fibs but eventually concedes, promising to fulfill the task. When pressed further about his commitment to his hypothetical daughters’ future spouses, Nishi, haunted by his past mistreatment of Asmita, vows to reform.

Asmita interjects, recalling instances of Nishi’s prior tea-making for her. Ishaan then tasks Nishi with preparing tea for Asmita as a symbol of shared responsibility in marriage. Nishi, acknowledging his past failings, resolves to mend his ways and sets off to prepare tea for all. YRB, amused by the turn of events, encourages Nishi with a smile.

Durva questions Ishaan about his contributions to his former sister-in-law, Reeva’s, household chores. Reflecting on past gestures, Ishaan admits to having made tea for Savi, evoking a sense of melancholy. He redirects the conversation, prompting Durva to take her turn in a game, signaling a shift in focus.

Meanwhile, Savi, overcome with emotion, tends to the remnants of Ishaan and Durva’s wedding photos. Observing her distress, Shukla feigns clumsiness, causing the cutouts to fall. Savi, recovering the fallen images, cleans them tenderly. Inquiring about her feelings, Shukla learns of Savi’s decision to relinquish her tea shop responsibilities and depart Pune with Harini after her final exam. Warned against rash decisions by Shukla, Savi stands firm.

As the game progresses, Patil’s escape and subsequent actions are noted, continuing the suspense. Ishaan surprises Durva with a car, eliciting joy from her. Amidst the levity, Ishaan shares a poignant moment with YRB, affirming his affection for Savi when asked about his most cherished person.

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