Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 2nd July 2024: Mannerless man will change

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 2nd July 2024 written Episode: Full Update only on Yo Desi Serials.

Savi wishes Rajat a good morning, but he recalls a conversation with Isha and walks away, ignoring her. Savi, feeling slighted, thinks he’s rude, recalling how she helped him and broke her bat in the process. She regrets thinking an arrogant man like him could change.

Meanwhile, Isha and Shantanu are unloading their car when Bhagyashree’s car passes by. Seeing Isha’s car blocking the way, Bhagyashree shouts at Isha to move aside. Isha, irritated, ignores her. Bhagyashree instructs her driver to keep honking until Isha moves.

Shantanu hurriedly takes out the bags and parks the car. Raju, annoyed by the noise, asks the driver to stop. Isha places the bags in front of Bhagyashree’s car. Bhagyashree gets out and accuses Isha of being jealous of her big car. Rajat stops to watch the commotion. Isha retorts that her future son-in-law has much bigger cars and will make Bhagyashree jealous. Rajat thinks both mother and daughter are gold diggers.

Back home, Bhagyashree continues to rant about the Bhosales, instructing Rajat to avoid them. Later, she notices a broken bracelet on the table and wonders whose it is. Chatting with Sai, she learns that the bracelet belongs to “Pari aunty” – Savi. Bhagyashree panics, recalling Rajat praising Savi, and resolves to prevent Savi from becoming her daughter-in-law. She calls matchmaker Shefali and arranges for a girl’s parents to visit that night.

Rajat gets ready for work and Bhagyashree reminds him to come home early. As he leaves, he recalls his past with Ashika, his ex-wife who left him with divorce papers. Bhagyashree prays for Rajat to return on time. Later, Shefali visits, and Bhagyashree praises Rajat. Shefali mentions that many girls are interested in Rajat but are curious about his first marriage. Bhagyashree disparages Ashika as shameless.

Elsewhere, Mrinmoy waits for Aman outside a restaurant, angry at his tardiness. When he arrives, he calms her down with ice cream. Nearby, Shantanu and Isha exit the restaurant, and Shantanu jokes about ice cream calming Isha. She laughs until she spots Mrinmoy with Aman, and her mood sours.

Sai meets Savi in the garden and asks if “besharam” (shameless) is a bad word. Savi asks who said that. Sai explains that Grandma told her Mom was shameless and that’s why she left Dad. Savi reassures her, saying all moms are good. Sai nods, saying she’s Chocolate’s mom and therefore good too.

Meanwhile, Mrinmoy steps out of the car looking upset, followed by Isha and Shantanu. Savi notices and follows them. Isha confronts Savi, asking if she knew about Mrinmoy’s affair. Savi admits she found out yesterday and wanted to speak to Aman first before informing Isha and Shantanu. Isha scolds Mrinmoy, asking if she came to Mumbai for this and if this is the right age to fall in love.

Mrinmoy retorts that Savi also fell in love at that age. Isha angrily tells her to shut up, stating Savi married Ishaan under pressure and that her son was the best. Shantanu asks Isha to calm down. Isha tells Mrinmoy to go back to Pune if she wants to behave like this.

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV
Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV

Mrinmoy agrees to pack and leave, heading to Savi’s room. Savi follows and asks her to give Isha some time to calm down before discussing Aman. She shares her own love story with Ishaan and her determination. Inspired by Savi’s story, Mrinmoy decides to stay and convince Isha about her and Aman’s relationship.

In another scene, Bhagyashree arranges Rajat’s awards and magazine covers in the living room, hoping to impress the girl’s parents. She calls Rajat, but he doesn’t answer. She then calls Aman, scolding him for not visiting after returning to Mumbai. Aman explains that Rajat has kept him busy with work. She asks where Rajat is, and Aman replies that he went to an event. She instructs Aman to make sure Rajat returns home by evening or she will scold him. Aman agrees to try and disconnects the call.

Rajat, meanwhile, is on a ramp for a product launch, receiving applause. Aman calls him, urging him to return home to avoid Bhagyashree’s anger. Rajat says he knows the reason and refuses to go home. Aman insists he should meet the girl, but Rajat disagrees. A client approaches Rajat, asking to do business together again, and Rajat agrees.

Aman calls once more, pleading with him to return home soon. Rajat smiles but then gets angry seeing his ex-wife Ashika as a model on screen. Ashika’s boyfriend approaches and taunts Rajat, saying Ashika is too high-class for him. Rajat retorts that his fate changed for the better after Ashika left, turning the taunt back on the boyfriend, who becomes jealous.

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