Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 5th July 2024: fulfil Ishaan wish

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 5th July 2024 written Episode: Full Update only on Yo Desi Serials.

Isha tells Savi that she will find a boy who understands her condition and will love her immensely. Savi, frustrated, asks Isha to stop pressuring her about marriage and walks to her room. Isha thinks Savi is just angry but remains determined to find her a husband better than Rajat Thakkar. Rajat also refuses to marry and tells Bhagyashree to stop pestering him about it.

The next day, Savi washes her car in the watchman’s absence while talking to Harini over the phone. She expresses her concerns about Sai and complains about Isha’s pressure to marry, creating confusion. Harini empathizes, saying Isha’s concern for her daughter is valid, though her approach is wrong. Savi says she can’t tolerate anyone insulting her parents and ends the call, saying she’s late for school.

Rajat passes by, ready for the office. Savi accidentally spills water on him, leading to an argument. Rajat gets a call and leaves, driving off with Sai running behind his car. Savi calls out to Sai, but Bhagyashree arrives and takes Sai home. Sai then notices Tara and her baby, running towards them. Bhagyashree picks up the baby, pampering her, and Tara remarks on her daughter’s presence. Bhagyashree says grandchildren are more precious than children.

Sai plays with the baby while Bhagyashree pampers Tara and asks the maid, Rani, to prepare tea. Tara reveals she fired Rani for badmouthing Rajat over the phone. Bhagyashree is concerned but Tara reassures her, saying she will find a better maid through an agency. Bhagyashree laments the loss of Rani, who managed everything well. Tara suggests finding a girl for Rajat among their relatives.

Latha calls Isha and advises her to scold Mrinmoy if she makes mistakes, but Isha insists Mrinmoy is still a kid. Latha then mentions she found an alliance for Savi—her cousin’s son, Shashank, who knows about Savi, lives in Mumbai, works in a big event management company, and wants to meet her tonight. Isha is excited and tells Shantanu she wants to get Savi married soon. Tara tells Bhagyashree that her in-laws are considering Mamta, her sister-in-law, as a match for Rajat, as she has a motherly nature and would love Sai a lot. Bhagyashree is pleased with this idea.

Isha instructs the maid, Latha, to clean the house thoroughly for the guests. Latha promises to make it shine. Isha then tells Shantanu she’ll prepare special dishes for dinner. Shantanu asks who’s coming, and Isha replies that Shashank is coming to meet Savi.

The scene opens with Shashank expressing his hope that the alliance between him and Savi gets fixed. Meanwhile, Bhagyashree struggles to prepare dinner upon Rajat’s request for authentic Gujarati food for his clients. Panicked, Bhagyashree notices Isha’s housemaid, Kavita, and invites her over to help. Kavita reveals she earns Rs. 10,000 and Bhagyashree offers her Rs. 20,000 with benefits, successfully persuading her to join.

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV
Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV

Savi returns home to find Shantanu, Isha, and Mrinmoy busy with preparations, wondering if there’s a party. Shantanu discloses that a boy is coming to meet Savi, much to her surprise. Rajat arrives and queries Bhagyashree about dinner, to which she assures him it’s ready.

Rajat notices Latha and questions her presence, then asks after Rani. Seeing Sai with a mole on her lip, Rajat becomes visibly upset and asks Riddhi to take her away before dismissing Aman’s call as nonsense.

Savi initially refuses to meet Shashank, prompting Shantanu to plead on Isha’s behalf. Despite feeling emotionally blackmailed, Savi reluctantly agrees. Isha instructs Mrinmoy to help Savi get ready as the doorbell rings, mistakenly assuming it’s Shashank.

Instead, Milind arrives with sweets, explaining he couldn’t refuse Isha’s request. As preparations continue, Savi questions Milind, who apologizes on behalf of his mother. Isha urges everyone to taste the puranpoli and lightens the mood.

Meanwhile, Rajat receives a call from Aman regarding parking issues, eventually confronting Isha over her guests occupying the entire guest parking lot. Their argument escalates with Rajat accusing Isha of low-class behavior. Savi intervenes, accusing Rajat’s family of stealing their maid, only for Bhagyashree to clarify that Latha left them willingly for better conditions. Tempers flare as Rajat insults Savi and Isha, calling them greedy and opportunistic.

In retaliation, Savi lashes out at Rajat, criticizing his arrogance and character. Rajat attempts to slap her, but Shashank steps in, asserting that violence against a woman is unacceptable. Rajat storms off, blaming Savi and Isha for his client leaving due to their behavior. Aman advises Rajat against raising his hand on a woman, highlighting his lapse in dignity.

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