Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 6th July 2024: Raised a hand on a woman

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 6th July 2024 written Episode: Full Update only on Yo Desi Serials.

Rajat shouts that his client left because of Sai and Isha, recalling Savi’s harsh words. Aman tries to calm him, explaining the client had other commitments. Rajat, however, vents about how mannerless Sai and Savi are, especially Savi, who humiliated him.

Aman reminds Rajat that he shouldn’t have raised his hand against a woman. Rajat complains about Isha’s greed and claims Savi was trying to use Sai to get close to him. Aman defends the mother, acknowledging her approach was wrong but her concern for her daughter was genuine.

He points out that not every girl is like Ashika and that Savi is right about Sai missing his mother. Rajat dismisses this, insisting Sai has enough family. Aman laughs, noting that no one can replace a mother and that Rajat’s nervous drinking reveals he knows he’s wrong.

Meanwhile, Savi chats with Shashank and apologizes for the earlier drama. Shashank reassures her and shifts the conversation to them. Mrinmoy peeks into the room, and Milind takes her away. Savi asks Shashank if he knows about her situation. Shashank reveals that Latha told him everything, including her inability to bear children.

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV
Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV

He assures her they can adopt and shows her his pets, explaining he loves them like his own children. They head to dinner, where Shantanu asks Shashank about the food. Shashank praises it, and Vansh asks for sweets. Isha teases that Savi needs to agree first.

Shashank says he’s okay with it and waits for Savi’s response. Savi walks out, prompting Shashank to ask for her opinion again. Just then, Isha feels dizzy, causing concern. Isha presses Savi for an answer, and Savi finally says yes, prompting Isha to thank and pamper her.

Later, Rajat talks on the phone near the lift. An old man struggles with a heavy box. Rajat, still on the call, tells his employee to quit if he doesn’t want to work. Savi overhears and mistakenly thinks Rajat is berating the old man, so she scolds him. She goes home to get water for the old man.

Meanwhile, Rajat helps the old man with the box and tells him not to worry about the dust on his cuff. When Savi returns with the water, the old man tells her she wrongly scolded the young man who actually helped him.

Shantanu and Isha talk with Shashank’s parents online and arrange Savi and Shashank’s engagement in two days. They inform Savi and Mrinmoy, who congratulates Savi. Isha asks Mrinmoy to tell Aman she’s coming to meet him tonight. Excited, Mrinmoy thanks her. Isha clarifies it’s just a meeting, not a final decision. Mrinmoy calls Aman during his meeting with Rajat, but Aman keeps rejecting the call. Rajat tells him to answer it. Aman does and pretends it’s an ad girl.

Mrinmoy excitedly tells him that Isha agreed to meet him. Aman is thrilled. Rajat jokingly asks if Aman is playing house without permission. Aman then shares his love story with Mrinmoy and asks Rajat to support him during Isha’s visit. Rajat agrees.

In the parking area, Savi and Mrinmoy are chatting when Lucky arrives with Sai. Sai joyfully runs to her “Pari Aunty” Savi. Lucky, captivated by Mrinmoy, strikes up a conversation with her. Bhagyashree notices them and angrily calls out, telling Lucky to stop talking to these “conspiring strangers” before taking Sai away. Lucky apologizes to Mrinmoy for his mother’s behavior, noting that Sai seems to really like Savi. Mrinmoy smiles and says they share a unique bond.

Meanwhile, Rajat and Aman arrive at a client’s office for a product presentation, where Harsh is already present. Harsh mocks Rajat, telling him to leave because he won’t win the contract. Rajat responds confidently, “Let’s see.” Mr. Sabharwal, the client, arrives and asks them to start.

Rajat defers to Harsh, saying he should go first. Aman warns Rajat not to miss the opportunity. Harsh begins his presentation, offering 8.25 rupees per bottle with a 26% profit, which impresses Mr. Sabharwal. Rajat recalls Harsh’s previous compromises on quality. When it’s his turn, Rajat asks the client to give the contract to Harsh, as he won’t compromise on trust and quality.

Rajat walks out, and Aman questions why he didn’t present. Rajat reassures him they will win the contract. Mr. Sabharwal follows them out and asks Rajat to present. Rajat insists he can’t compromise on quality and quotes 9 rupees per bottle. Impressed by his integrity, Mr. Sabharwal awards the contract to Rajat and dismisses Harsh. Furious, Harsh vows revenge.

After leaving the client’s office, Rajat reminds Aman about his meeting with Mrinmoy’s aunt and mentions his mom is already at home making arrangements. At Aman’s house, the Thakkar family prepares for the visit.

Bhagyashree tells Lucky to help his sisters instead of being on his phone. Lucky refuses, saying Aman is Rajat’s friend, not his. Raju intervenes, saying Aman is like a son to him and more competent than Lucky. Bhagyashree gives up, saying it’s pointless to argue.

As the Bhosales arrive at Aman’s society, Tara calls Rajat to ask their whereabouts. Rajat assures her they’ll arrive in five minutes and inquires if the girl’s family has arrived. The doorbell rings, and Bhagyashree opens the door, stunned to see the Bhosales.

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