Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 7th July 2024: Shocked seeing Bhosales

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 7th July 2024 written Episode: Full Update only on Yo Desi Serials.

Sabharwal awards the contract to Rajat and dismisses Harsh. Harsh, feeling wronged, shouts that he won’t let this go and vows revenge on Rajat. After leaving the client’s office, Rajat reminds Aman about the meeting with Mrunmayi’s aunt and mentions that his mother is already at their house making arrangements. The Thakkar family is busy preparing at Aman’s house.

Bhagyashree tells Lucky to help his sisters instead of being glued to his phone. Lucky refuses, stating that while Aman might be like a brother to Rajat, he’s just an employee to him. Raju interjects, saying Aman is like a son to him and more competent than Lucky. Bhagyashree remarks that talking to Lucky is pointless.

The Bhosale family arrives at Aman’s neighborhood. Tara calls Rajat, asking about his and Aman’s whereabouts. Rajat assures her they will be there in five minutes and asks if the girl’s family has arrived. The doorbell rings, and Bhagyashree, who answers, is shocked to see the Bhosales. Isha, Mrunmayi’s mother, is taken aback by the Thakkars’ presence, stating she came for her daughter’s alliance with Aman. Bhagyashree declares that she considers Aman as her son and will never allow him to marry any of Isha’s daughters.

Isha retorts, saying she would never marry her daughters into such an arrogant and ill-mannered family. Despite Mrunmayi’s pleas to meet Aman, Isha insists they leave. As they head to their car, Aman and Rajat arrive. Aman sees Mrunmayi, but Isha forces her into the car and drives off.

Rajat criticizes Aman, suggesting that he couldn’t find anyone else and accusing the Bhosale family of plotting against him. Back home, Bhagyashree also speaks poorly of the Bhosales. Aman confesses his love for Mrunmayi, recounting their meeting in their hometown and her move to Mumbai to be with him. Rajat dismisses the idea of love, claiming Mrunmayi is trying to trap him.

Meanwhile, at the Bhosale home, Isha remains firm on not letting her daughter marry into such a family. Despite Savi, Shantanu, and Mrunmayi’s attempts to convince her to meet Aman, Isha insists that Aman must be as arrogant and ill-mannered as the Thakkars.


Savi realizes she can’t let Mrunmayi face injustice because of the Thakkars, so she calls Rajat to arrange a meeting and convince him to agree to Aman and Mrunmayi’s marriage. However, Bhagyashree takes the phone from Rajat, yells at Savi for trying to entrap her son again, and vows to thwart her plan. Savi calmly responds that her interest lies solely in discussing Mrunmayi and Aman.

Rajat retrieves the phone from Bhagyashree, and Savi proposes that they set aside their egos and meet at a café to discuss the alliance. At the café, Savi earnestly tries to persuade Rajat to overlook their differences and support the marriage of Mrunmayi and Aman, emphasizing their mutual love.

Rajat, however, remains adamant, dismissing the concept of love and claiming that everyone only chases money. Meanwhile, Mrunmayi meets Aman, who admits his love for her but says he cannot defy his foster family, who raised him. Heartbroken, Mrunmayi questions his promises, but Aman refuses to marry her, prioritizing his loyalty to his family.

Despite Savi’s persistent efforts, Rajat remains unyielding. Frustrated, she makes a remark about understanding why his wife left him, infuriating Rajat. He pays the bill and leaves. Outside, they both wait for a cab as it starts to rain. They fail to get a cab and silently curse each other.

Eventually, they end up in the same cab, both headed to Bandra. The cab driver suggests sharing the ride, which leads to an argument between Savi and Rajat. The driver, fed up with their bickering, kicks them out.

Stranded at a bus stop in the rain, Savi shivers, and Rajat places his blazer over her, which she pretends to ignore. A horse chariot passes by, and Rajat stops it, asking the owner for a ride to Bandra.

The chariot owner poetically declines, saying not everything can be bought with money. Savi humbly requests help, and the owner, moved by her plea, agrees. Savi picks up Rajat’s blazer and signals him to get into the chariot. The owner agrees to take Savi’s humbleness and Rajat’s money.

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