Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 8th July 2024: Money from Rajat

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 8th July 2024 written Episode: Full Update only on Yo Desi Serials.

Rajat stops a horse chariot and requests the owner to drop them at Bandra West. The driver, speaking poetically, replies that he’s going nowhere. Rajat offers him a large sum of money, but the owner declines, saying not everything can be bought with money.

Savi then pleads for help, explaining they are stranded in the rain and need to get home. Moved by her humility, the owner agrees to help. Savi picks up Rajat’s blazer and signals him to get into the chariot.

The owner quips that he’ll take Savi’s humbleness and Rajat’s money. As the chariot starts moving, Savi notices its name, “Prem Khatola” (Love Shuttle). The owner explains he often carries lovers to their destinations, hence the name. Savi and Rajat exchange glances as “Kuch To Hai Tujhse Rabta” plays in the background.

Shashank calls Savi, asking if she can accompany him to a corporate event where his friends will bring their partners. She agrees. When the chariot hits a pothole, Rajat tells the driver to be careful. Shashank asks if she’s with someone, and Savi says she’s with Rajat Thakkar. Shashank inquires if Rajat is the one who was fighting the other day. Savi responds that it’s a long story she will explain tomorrow. Shashank ends the call, asking her to take care. Rajat asks who it was, and Savi reveals it was her fiancé.

Rajat comments that people usually lie in such situations, but Savi insists she hates lies. They reach their apartment building, where Tara spots them from the balcony and records a video, showing it to Bhagyashree. Bhagyashree fumes, claiming Savi won’t leave her son alone. Tara vows to keep Savi away from Rajat.

The next morning, Sai notices a CEO award on the desk and asks what a CEO is. Tara explains that it’s everyone’s boss and mentions that her father might win the Best CEO award tonight. Sai expresses her desire to attend the event with her father.

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV
Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV

Bhagyashree encourages this, hoping it will strengthen their bond. Isha discusses Savi and Shashank’s engagement preparations with his parents, assuring them everything will be ready on time. She asks Shantanu to take the night off to help with the arrangements. Savi enters, saying she’s off to school, and Isha decides to take a leave as well. Mrunmayi arrives, announcing she has an interview. Shantanu blesses her for success.

Savi checks on her after the previous day’s incident, and Mrunmayi says she wants to move on. She leaves, asking for well-wishes, but soon realizes she forgot her file at Savi’s desk and rushes back. Lucky overhears her conversation and hides.

Savi tells Isha that she can’t engage at this moment given Mrunmayi’s situation. Mrunmayi overhears and urges her not to delay the engagement on her account. She assures Isha that she will help with the arrangements after returning from her interview. Mrunmayi heads outside and waits for her cab. Lucky, pretending to speak on the phone, mentions he will reach Mahalakshmi in 40-45 minutes.

Mrunmayi smiles, and when Lucky asks why, she points out that it usually takes an hour to get there and he’s bluffing. Lucky then offers her a lift, and she jokes that his mother would lock him up for days if she found out. He reassures her that while he respects his mother, he’s not afraid of anyone.

He convinces her to accept the ride and starts badmouthing Aman, calling him a coward for breaking up and being scared of losing his job. Mrunmayi, recalling Aman’s reasoning, says she can’t make him jealous when he doesn’t care. Lucky suggests she move on with someone else instead of dwelling on the past. She gets into his car with a smile, while Lucky thinks he’s close to winning her over.

At school, Sai tells Savi that she will be attending a party with her papa after school. Savi points out that it’s an adult party and kids aren’t allowed. Sai asks what she means, and Savi promises to explain after lunch break. During lunch break, Sai presses for details. Meanwhile, Bhagyashree informs Rajat that he’s taking Sai to the party.

Rajat mentions that Ashika and Harsh will be there too and worries about Sai’s reaction upon seeing her mother. Bhagyashree reassures him that Sai doesn’t know what her mother looks like and that Mamta will accompany them. Rajat asks who Mamta is. After school, Sai goes home.

Shashank meets Savi at school, and Isha calls Savi, suggesting she go shopping with Shashank for a nice dress since there’s no time to get one tailored for the engagement. At the boutique, Aman brings Rajat and insists he buy a dress for the party. The salesgirls show a blue dress to Savi and a blazer to Shashank. Savi goes to try on her dress while Shashank steps outside to take a call, leaving the blazer behind.

Rajat tries on the blazer. Meanwhile, Isha invites Urmila to Savi and Shashank’s engagement to make her jealous, then heads to the Thakkar house to provoke Bhagyashree. Kavita, the maid, opens the door and tries to leave, but Isha offers her sweets and mocks her, saying Savi’s engagement was arranged after the boy had Kavita’s cooking. She asks Kavita to address her respectfully.

Bhagyashree appears and asks what Isha is doing there. Isha shares the news of Savi’s engagement and sarcastically suggests Bhagyashree’s son might also find a girl if she tries. Bhagyashree retorts that her son is like high-value currency, unaffordable for most, while Isha’s daughter is like a torn note, unwanted by anyone.

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