Jhanak 10th June 2024: A Marriage Proposal

Jhanak 10th June 2024 written Episode: Full Update only on Yo Desi Serials.

The episode begins with Anirudh asking Rahul to marry Jhanak. He tells Rahul that love comes with responsibilities and offers to get him a job. Anirudh asks, “Do you want to take responsibility for Jhanak? Do you love her?” Rahul responds that it’s his dream, although his world is small.

Anirudh assures him, “Get ready to marry her. I will take you to Kolkata and arrange everything.” Rahul gets emotional. Anirudh continues, “I believe you and Jhanak love each other. I want to unite you both. I can’t always protect her, and she might commit suicide if Tejas forces her to marry.” Rahul worries. Anirudh advises, “Don’t tell her about the marriage until the exams are over.

I will talk to your parents about her. I’m happy for you both. Give Jhanak the freedom she deserves; she’s talented.” Rahul expresses his desire for Jhanak to become famous. Anirudh encourages him, “Prepare for the exam. This is your gift.” Rahul agrees. Anirudh thinks, “I can’t keep Jhanak close and take care of her, but I’ll be happy if she is happy with her love.” Jhanak continues studying as “Milne aaongi” plays.

Arshi and her family arrive at Srinagar airport, where Bharat greets them. He reassures Arshi, who comments, “Even Tejas couldn’t defeat Jhanak.” Bharat adds, “Her marriage stopped because of Anirudh. Didn’t Vinayak come?” Shrishti replies, “No, it’s better this way. He would have informed Anirudh about our plans.

” She suggests meeting Anirudh and Jhanak at the hotel first, but Arshi insists on taking Anirudh home. Shrishti advises her to control her anger, noting that the situation has become an ego issue. Shubh agrees but mentions the need to answer society.

He adds, “Anirudh never refused to marry Arshi.” They leave for the hotel. Meanwhile, Jhanak thinks about Anirudh, worried and praying for him. Anirudh, on his way, hopes to reach Jhanak before her family, thinking his responsibility will end once Rahul marries her.

Jhanak Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV
Jhanak Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV

At the hotel, Bharat inquires about Anirudh and Jhanak. The manager confirms they are there and introduces Bharat as Anirudh’s parent and himself as Jhanak’s uncle. The manager says, “Anirudh takes good care of her. She is sick, and he went out for some work.” Shrishti demands to see Jhanak. The manager leads them to her room.

Meanwhile, Appu prepares to leave the house, but Anjana stops her. Appu reveals, “Anirudh told me he would bring Jhanak back.” Anjana asks how she knows this. Appu replies, “I just know.” Anjana consoles her. Back at the hotel, the manager informs Jhanak that her relatives have arrived.

Confused, Jhanak asks, “Who are they?” and inquires about Anirudh’s whereabouts. The manager responds, “He hasn’t returned yet.” Jhanak suspects that Arshi and her family have come.

She goes to meet Arshi and everyone. They start insulting her. Bharat says, “I can’t meet Arshi’s eyes because of you. You thought you had a chance to marry Anirudh.” Jhanak responds, “I never wanted that.” They scold her. Shrishti says, “Anirudh and Arshi’s real marriage will happen here, and you are also invited.

” Jhanak replies, “It’s good, I can see their marriage.” Bharat adds, “You refused Tejas, yet he is still willing to accept you.” She asks him to stop saying this. Anirudh arrives and asks for the room keys. The lady at the counter says, “Your relatives and parents have come from Kolkata. They are in the restaurant.” Anirudh rushes off.

Shubh accuses, “You don’t want to marry and don’t let others marry.” Tanuja threatens, “If we swear to ruin you, can you stop us?” Jhanak retorts, “I can’t say you didn’t try to ruin me.” Shrishti asks, “What did you say?” Anirudh returns and says, “She’s right.” Shubh questions, “Where were you?” Arshi demands, “Why did you lie to me?”

Anirudh explains, “If I told you that Jhanak was in trouble because of your mom, would you have let me go to Kashmir? Answer me. Shrishti was in constant contact with Tejas, she gave him Jhanak’s information, so he got her kidnapped. You sent fake police and got her kidnapped. Amazing. You worry for my life? Be thankful to Jhanak, it’s not her fault.

Tejas told her he would kill me if she didn’t marry him.” They are shocked. Anirudh continues, “Tejas’ hitman was following me in Kolkata and was going to shoot me. Tejas said she would announce her consent in front of the media. She did everything to save my life.” They are stunned.

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