Jhanak 11th July 2024: Urvashi Fierce Battle

Jhanak 11th July 2024 written Episode: Full Update only on Yo Desi Serials.

The episode begins with Jhanak saying, “Appu will get scolded; I’ll keep the newspaper downstairs.” She notices Appu’s lovely drawing and reminisces, “It’s fun to read newspapers. Mum and I used to have tea and read them, but I’m not permitted to in this house.” She reads a job ad, saying, “I have given the exams, and my result will come.

It’s a walk-in interview, I have to go if it’s in three days. Appu left this newspaper here, and I saw this ad. I know what to do now; I’ll leave a letter so no one worries and comes to find me.” She writes and leaves a letter, deciding not to take her saree.

She sees the ring and wonders, “Do I have the right to keep anything given by Anirudh? No, he doesn’t trust me. He thought I would try to kill Arshi. I’ll end all his memories forever.” She cries. The next morning, Jhanak looks around the house and leaves.

Anirudh wakes up, thinking to apologize to Jhanak, acknowledging her strength and big heart. He decides to apologize in front of everyone before they wake up and stop him. He goes to Jhanak’s room and finds her letter, which reads, “I’m going to find a new goal in my life.

I won’t forget your favors. Don’t find me; I will not come back. Take care.” He is shocked and asks Anjana about Jhanak. She assumes Jhanak is in her room, but he reveals her departure with the letter. Choton comments, “This had to happen. She tolerated a lot here. I hope she stays safe.”

Bipasha and Lal enter, asking Anjana to make tea and breakfast. Bipasha asks Anirudh if he’s going to the office. Shubh and Tanuja arrive, with Shubh asking Anjana for coffee. Anirudh announces, “Jhanak left the house.” Tanuja asks if she spoke to him. He says no and shows the letter. Anjana remarks, “It’s good she left; she would have gone to jail forever. Thank God Mrinalini raised her voice and saved Jhanak.”

Shubh agrees, “It’s good she left. She didn’t have to stay here forever. Don’t talk about her in the morning.” Anirudh insists, “I will talk about her. You don’t care, but I do.” Bipasha questions who asked him to take responsibility for Jhanak. Anirudh retorts, “Who asked you not to take responsibility for Bablu and Anjana? You came to ask Anjana for tea. You all do what you want, so why can’t I express my thoughts? Jhanak helped us a lot; we shouldn’t forget that.”

Shubh tells Anirudh to stop being rude and answer him. Anirudh responds, “There’s nothing to know. She said we shouldn’t find her; she’ll contact us when she wants.” He taunts Bipasha and Lal, defending Anjana and Bablu, and tells Lal to take his responsibility. Lal retorts, “Don’t lecture us.

Jhanak left by her wish.” Anirudh argues, “Jhanak was fed up with your misbehavior.” Shubh shifts the focus to Arshi, saying, “We should talk about Arshi. We need to bring her home as our bahu. She is important, not Jhanak.”

Anirudh expressed his feelings, “I feel bad for Arshi, but Shrishti did this. We shouldn’t keep contact with her. She wanted to kill Jhanak, and she would have been in jail now. Jhanak has forgiven Shrishti for Arshi’s sake and left from here.

Don’t misunderstand Jhanak; I know she won’t go back to Srinagar.” He thought to himself, “Jhanak promised me she wouldn’t leave, and I broke that promise by not trusting her. I hope she stays happy. I will find her just to make sure she’s okay.”

At the hospital, Anirudh, along with everyone, met Shrishti and Vinayak. Shrishti requested to speak with Anirudh, but he responded coldly, “I don’t want to talk to you. Cancel the marriage or don’t attend it; I will not forgive you. I saw everything myself. Jhanak left and didn’t want to contact anyone. Who knows if Shrishti will inform Tejas and get Jhanak kidnapped again?” Shubh and Tanuja tried to intervene, but Anirudh continued, “Shrishti tried to kill Jhanak.”

Jhanak Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV
Jhanak Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV

Shrishti defended herself, “I didn’t do anything. I gave the diya to Jhanak, but she didn’t hold it.” Anirudh retorted, “We saw everything in the video, so I don’t believe you. Stop clarifying.” Bipasha tried to diffuse the situation, but Vinayak sided with Anirudh, “Anirudh is right. You placed the diya on Jhanak’s pallu and dropped it.”

Shrishti insisted, “I gave it to Jhanak, she didn’t hold it well. It’s not my mistake. Jhanak got scared and threw the diya towards Arshi; it was an accident.” Vinayak asked her to stop acting. Anirudh then sought permission to meet Arshi.

Meanwhile, Appu worried about Jhanak. She found a ball and started playing with it. Lalon arrived, looking for the ball, and asked Appu to give it back, explaining there was a match going on.

She called him “chocolate boy” and smiled, asking for chocolates in exchange for the ball. Lalon admitted he forgot the chocolates and pleaded, but Appu claimed the ball as hers since it fell in her house.

Shrishti acted innocent and cried, but Vinayak sternly said, “Anirudh isn’t making up a story. The police also believe you are responsible. You were going to kill Jhanak.” Shrishti was shocked, but Shubh urged Vinayak not to say that. Vinayak, however, insisted, “Shrishti is my wife, and I know how far she can go.”

Anirudh then met Arshi, comforting her, “You will be fine soon. All the best for the surgery. I promise, I will take you to that reality show.” The doctor assured Anirudh, “We can’t delay any longer. Her life and career are in our hands. We will do our best.” Anirudh thanked the doctor, placing his trust in them.

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