Jhanak 11th June 2024: They are shocked

Jhanak 11th June 2024 written Episode: Full Update only on Yo Desi Serials.

The episode begins with Bharat accusing Anirudh of being brainwashed. Anirudh defends Jhanak during a heated argument with the family. Arshi questions Tejas’ motives, asking why he blackmailed Jhanak using Anirudh’s name. Anirudh insists only Jhanak can answer this.

Jhanak explains her loyalty to Anirudh, emphasizing that she would do anything for the man who saved her life numerous times. She confronts Arshi, stating that Arshi should be grateful instead of accusatory.

Bipasha questions Anirudh’s presence, to which he responds that he came for Jhanak’s exams and criticizes Shrishti for helping Tejas, mentioning a police complaint filed against Tejas. Shubh advises Anirudh to be careful with his words.

Tanuja comments on Anirudh’s obvious affection for Jhanak. Bipasha insists Anirudh focus on the reason they are there. Bharat tries to steer Anirudh’s attention back to his marriage plans, but Anirudh rebuffs him. Bharat demands to know why Anirudh hasn’t visited his house, leading to a confrontation.

Shrishti challenges Anirudh, indicating her indifference if he doesn’t engage with her relations. Anirudh stands firm, refusing to go. Tanuja suggests that Anirudh and Arshi should marry in the temple, to which Anirudh replies he never said he wouldn’t marry.

Arshi points out Anirudh’s previous fake marriage and his current commitment to a real one. Bharat suggests they prepare for the wedding and asks Shrishti to come home. Tanuja invites everyone to Shrishti’s house, but Anirudh declines, stating he has made hotel arrangements and will stay there. He encourages Jhanak to focus on her exams, and Arshi extends an invitation to Jhanak, who accepts.

Meanwhile, Bablu and Anjana discuss Jhanak, with Anjana praying for her safety. Choton expresses concern that Tejas can’t harm them, but Anirudh and Jhanak are in serious trouble, mentioning everyone has left for Srinagar. Anjana tries to keep Bablu uninformed, but he senses something is wrong.

Choton reveals their plan to disrupt Jhanak’s exams and insult her. Anjana, now worried, asks Bablu to contact Lal, but Choton doubts Lal will help. Despite the cost, Choton decides to go and support Anirudh, prioritizing family above all else, and leaves determinedly.

Jhanak Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV
Jhanak Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV

Lal and Bipasha help Anirudh get ready for the wedding. Bipasha compliments him, and Anirudh jokes in response. Jhanak overhears them and reflects on how much she has hurt them. She realizes it’s their happy day. Lal and Bipasha praise Arshi, mentioning that Anirudh will get married in the same temple, erasing old memories of the fake marriage. They leave, and Anirudh thinks about his marriage with Jhanak.

Jhanak also reminisces about her marriage. She reminds herself it was just a pretense and tries to forget everything. Anirudh, feeling conflicted, thinks about the real marriage ahead and doubts if it’s right. Bipasha tells Anirudh to be patient as Arshi is getting ready.

She cheerfully mentions their wedding night and promises to decorate the room. Anirudh declines, saying it’s unnecessary. When asked why, he explains the real marriage will happen in Kolkata. Lal insists this is a real marriage, thinking Anirudh is just shy. Bipasha then goes to talk to Arshi.

Meanwhile, Tanuja and Shrishti help Arshi get ready. Arshi talks to Shubh on the phone, who urges her to hurry as Bharat is calling them to the temple. Shrishti reassures her that the marriage will happen today. Bipasha arrives and compliments Arshi, saying she helped Anirudh get ready and Lal is with him. She reminds Arshi of their wedding night and mentions Jhanak.

Shrishti, Tanuja, and Shubh then go to see Jhanak. Shubh encourages Jhanak to attend the wedding, reminding her of Anirudh’s support and their bond. He insists she should come, as Arshi is her cousin. Jhanak mentions no one told her the timing, and Shrishti sarcastically asks if she needs a special invitation.

Jhanak excuses herself, citing her exams the next day. Shubh reassures her she will do well, but Jhanak insists she wants to focus on her studies. Tanuja asks if she will come, urging her to attend since no one will notice her presence.

Arshi, now dressed, asks Anirudh if he is marrying willingly. Anirudh questions the need for such a query. Arshi reassures him, expressing her trust and asking for a hug. Anirudh, feeling uneasy, hesitantly hugs her. Meanwhile, Jhanak sets her books aside, deep in thought.

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