Jhanak 1st July 2024: Jhanak cheated

Jhanak 1st July 2024 written Episode: Full Update only on Yo Desi Serials.

The episode starts with Appu saying that Anirudh will take her. Tanuja and Shubh ask Dadi not to bring Choton along, claiming he doesn’t earn well. Anirudh defends his uncle, but Tanuja insists she’s telling the truth. Meanwhile, Lal and Bipasha arrive at Arshi’s house.

Shrishti remarks on their lateness, and Bipasha explains she was busy but brought haldi for Arshi. Lal expresses a desire to see Arshi dance. They chat, and Shrishti inquires about Jhanak. Lal says she’s fetching items from the car.

Jhanak enters, dressed as a maid. Arshi asks what she brought, and Jhanak reveals Banarasi saree and jewelry for the wedding. Shrishti orders Jhanak to help Arshi get ready and manage the work. She yells at Jhanak. Vinayak questions Jhanak’s attire, and she explains they all wore the same saree, stating she is just a maid, which makes Vinayak feel bad.

Bipasha instructs Jhanak to perform the ritual with Arshi. Jhanak asks Shrishti to keep the saree and jewelry safe. Arshi mentions her dance performance will be broadcast live. Appu cries, lamenting her exclusion and lack of love, while a guy notices her and inquires about her distress. Arshi begins dancing to “Aagaya Aagaya…” Everyone smiles.

Jhanak watches Arshi dance, reminiscing about her marriage with Anirudh. Shrishti joins Arshi in dancing. The reporter covers the event, praising Arshi and broadcasting her exclusive dance performance live. The audience claps as Shrishti hugs Arshi. The guy approaches Appu again, concerned about her crying. She retorts, and he suspects someone slapped her.

Jhanak Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV
Jhanak Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV

She complains about not being included in the wedding function and expresses her restlessness. He suggests she go to her room to cry, but she insists it’s her house and he should leave. He counters that he needs to set up the pandal. Shrishti converses with the reporter while Arshi notices Jhanak.

The reporter asks about Anirudh, and Shrishti vouches for Anirudh and Arshi as a good match, praising their families and values. The reporter then questions Jhanak about Anirudh and Arshi, and she assures their happiness. The guy offers a toffee to Appu, who declines, not knowing him, but soon chats with him.

Shrishti applies haldi to Arshi, followed by others, as Jhanak watches sadly. Appu inquires about the guy’s residence, and he explains he lives nearby due to financial constraints. He advises her to go inside, but she refuses. Arshi insists Jhanak apply Chandan, trusting her on this special day. Jhanak suggests thick kajal and makes Arshi ready. Arshi, smiling, appreciates Jhanak’s effort.

The girls praise Jhanak’s work, and Arshi declares it a memorable day, relieved by Jhanak’s help. Shrishti urges Arshi to prepare for the groom’s arrival. Arshi insists Jhanak hasn’t finished yet but did a good job. Shrishti offers to pay Jhanak for her work, but Jhanak refuses, emphasizing that Arshi is her sister and seeing Anirudh focus solely on Arshi is her biggest reward. Shrishti nods, and Arshi thinks to herself that this is just the beginning of making Jhanak pay for her past troubles.

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