Jhanak 22nd June 2024: Jhanak Gets Ready

Jhanak 22nd June 2024 written Episode: Full Update only on Yo Desi Serials.

The episode begins with Tanuja asking Arshi to keep an eye out for the artist. Rumi arrives to call Arshi, telling her that she will sit with Anirudh on the stage. Arshi leaves, and Shrishti inquires about the artist. Tanuja suggests keeping it a surprise. Appu approaches Anirudh, complaining that she is not allowed to sing. Anirudh reassures her, insisting that she will sing, as his Sangeet would be incomplete without her. He asks Bipasha to announce Appu’s performance.

Bipasha, annoyed, mentions that Appu will sing an old song, but Anirudh insists, believing everyone will enjoy it. Bipasha reluctantly agrees, noting she was trying to uphold their class. Anirudh confidently states that Appu’s performance will elevate their class. Lal then arrives and inquires if Appu will sing. Anirudh confirms, and Lal agrees to let her perform.

Bipasha and Lal commence the Sangeet. Lal calls Shrishti to the stage, and everyone applauds. Meanwhile, Jhanak is getting ready. Shrishti addresses the gathering, expressing her happiness and gratitude for everyone’s presence at Arshi and Anirudh’s Sangeet ceremony.

She urges them to bless the couple and enjoy the evening, promising more celebrations to come. Bipasha then announces Appu’s performance, hinting at another special act. Lal adds that after Appu’s performance, the audience will witness Arshi and Anirudh’s incredible performance and Anirudh’s solo. Appu steps up to sing “Aaj Mili Hai….”

The crowd claps enthusiastically for Appu. Anirudh embraces her and kisses her forehead, with Bipasha acknowledging that Appu sang beautifully. Arshi agrees, praising Appu’s performance. Bipasha then reveals the special surprise: a family dance.

Jhanak Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV
Jhanak Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV

The elders take to the stage, dancing to “Gore Gore Mukhde….” Arshi and Anirudh join in, and the audience cheers. Lal expresses his enjoyment, while Anirudh looks around for Jhanak. Bipasha teases the crowd, building anticipation for the special performance. Shrishti asks Tanuja about Jhanak’s whereabouts, and Tanuja assures her it’s a surprise.

Meanwhile, Dadi welcomes Mrinalini, guiding her to a seat and promising introductions. Mrinalini compliments the decorations, which Dadi credits to Choton. Mrinalini finds Choton and playfully teases him, but he insists on returning to work. She urges him to stay, hinting at revealing a secret if he leaves. They bicker, and he offers her a drink, which she accepts with a smile.

Bipasha announces, “I hope you all are enjoying. We still have a surprise left: a special performance by Jhanak Raina!” The audience claps as Rumi escorts Jhanak downstairs. Shrishti and Tanuja smile at Jhanak. Bipasha wishes Jhanak good luck, and Jhanak begins to dance to “Nazar Ko Teri Laage Deewani Hogai.”

A man comments, “She’s a great performer. She should be at our event.” The men applaud and approach Jhanak, offering her money. Jhanak stands, puzzled, as Anirudh looks on. One man says, “This is your reward.” Arshi stops Anirudh from intervening. Another man offers double the money for Jhanak to perform at his club and at his son’s Annprashan ceremony, asking about her fees and offering an advance.

Bipasha says, “Yes, they get happy when they receive a tip.” Jhanak, confused, asks, “What’s this?” The man insists she keep it as a tip. Shrishti and Tanuja smile, but Anirudh steps in and asks, “Why are you giving her money?”

The man replies, “She did a good Mujra; we’re not insulting her.” Arshi adds, “They’re showing their love. She looks like a Mujra girl today.”

Offended, Jhanak retorts, “Mujra girl? You are also a dancer, right? You’re insulting a dance form.” Arshi responds, “We are different.” Jhanak explains, “Mujra is a respected dance form that takes a lifetime to master. You’re insulting it.”

Arshi snaps, “You can’t talk to me like this.” Anirudh tells the men to return to their seats. Shrishti steps onto the stage, saying, “You can’t insult our guests.” Anirudh declares, “They should know who they’re giving money to. Jhanak is an artist and won’t accept the money.”

Shrishti defends, “She danced beautifully, like any dancer.” Anirudh turns to Arshi, “You should be ashamed to insult your niece.” Arshi retorts, “You can’t insult my mom.” Anirudh stands firm, “But she insulted Jhanak. She has no right to do that.”

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