Jhanak 2nd July 2024: How do you feel now

Jhanak 2nd July 2024 written Episode: Full Update only on Yo Desi Serials.

The episode begins with Jhanak applying Chandan to Arshi. Shrishti thinks to herself, “I should have kept Jhanak away. She can’t forget Anirudh. I promised Arshi I’d put Jhanak in her place, and I’ve kept that promise.

” Shrishti then says aloud, “Arshi is my daughter, she’s a diamond, and she looks beautiful.” A girl nearby comments, “Ward off her bad sight.” Shrishti silently vows to keep an eye on Jhanak, believing it’s impossible to outsmart her. She then says, “Jhanak, you have a career option now. Makeup artists earn well.”

Appu tells Lollan to leave. Lollan responds, “You get angry easily. Forget it.” He starts singing. Appu says, “I will never get married.” Lollan asks why. Appu replies, “I’m so stupid. Who would marry me?” Lollan asks who told her that. She says, “Everyone says the same. I can’t even eat by myself, so they don’t take me anywhere. I feel hungry, and they get angry at me.

” Lollan feels sad hearing this. Appu continues, “Jhanak has changed. She was good before.” Lollan asks if she goes to school and in which class. Appu says, “Tanuja thinks I have no mind and that I’m stupid. They feel ashamed of me. When I try to study, I can’t focus and have to take medicines. Will Jhanak leave me?”

Jhanak Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV
Jhanak Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV

Lollan assures her, “No way.” Appu insists, “Yes.” Shrishti then tells Arshi, “Don’t be troubled by the media. I’ll order food if you’re hungry.” Arshi declines. Shrishti asks Jhanak, “Are you not hungry? Arshi is fasting; what about you? Did you keep a fast?” Jhanak replies, “No, I’m not hungry, so I didn’t eat.” Arshi asks, “Why? Just Anirudh and I are fasting today. I won’t break my fast. I can manage for a day. We love once and marry once. I can fast for a day.” The girls laugh.

Arshi adds, “We’ll have food together after the wedding.” She tells Jhanak to go eat. Jhanak insists she’s not hungry. Arshi presses, “Why? Did you eat in the morning?” Jhanak confirms, “Yes.” Shrishti instructs Arshi, “Come downstairs when I call you.” Jhanak thinks to herself, “I will never eat here. I feel dizzy because I haven’t eaten well for days. Just two more days.”

Appu claims to know how to sing. Lollan asks her to sing or return the chocolate. Appu sings and dances, surprising Lollan. He says, “You sing so well.” Appu replies, “Yes, I earn little, so I sing at functions sometimes.

” She responds, “Everyone tells me I have no talent and that I’m not normal. My parents cry a lot. Jhanak used to love me before, but not now.” Lollan asks her to go to her room. Anjana arrives to call her. She invites Lollan to have food. He looks on and says, “Your daughter sings well.

She was crying, so I came here.” Anjana responds, “She sings for herself. You’re from the pandal, right?” Appu says, “He’s good. He gave me chocolate.” Anjana worries and takes her away, thanking Lollan. Shrishti asks Jhanak to quickly go to the door for the rituals. She welcomes Jhanak. Appu tells Jhanak about Lollan. Jhanak says, “We’ll talk later. I have work.” Shrishti performs the rituals.

A girl shows Anirudh to Arshi on a video call. Shrishti thinks, “Anirudh is marrying Arshi, but seeing Jhanak, I won’t let him cheat Arshi.” She feeds him sweets and says, “Look at me. Why are you looking elsewhere?” He replies, “Yes.” The guys tease Anirudh about Arshi. Appu tells Jhanak about Lollan, saying he is very nice. Jhanak tells her, “You’ll come home with me today. Don’t stay here.”

Shubh and others arrive. Vinayak welcomes them. Dadu asks, “Where is Baren? He came with us.” Choton says, “He’ll come with his daughter.” Mrinalini and Baren arrive. Choton taunts Mrinalini. Anjana sees them and says, “Choton is scared to marry.

Are you also scared? I’ll unite you both.” Mrinalini says, “Your dream will never get fulfilled.” Anjana replies, “He’s a diamond.” Mrinalini counters, “He’s broken glass for me.” Choton asks them to go inside and sit. Bablu reassures him. Jhanak brings Arshi in.

Tanuja asks, “Who decked up Jhanak?” Bipasha comments, “She must have done it herself to get Anirudh’s attention.” Tanuja compliments Arshi, and Bipasha adds, “You look so pretty, Arshi.” Vinayak asks Dadi and Dadu for permission to take Anirudh to the mandap. They agree. Vinayak asks Choton to handle the guests for a while. Choton assures him, “Don’t worry. You can trust me.” Vinayak says, “I trust you. Thanks.”

Shrishti asks Jhanak to stay with Arshi. Bipasha says, “Jhanak is going to give Anirudh to Arshi.” Appu insists, “You will come with me, Jhanak.” Shrishti orders, “Stay here, don’t go. Jhanak, you have to do some rituals. Play Shank and get Arshi there.

” Anirudh sees Jhanak and thinks, “I’m going away from Anirudh today.” He thinks, “I’m becoming someone else’s forever, but my heart will always be yours, Jhanak.” Arshi comes in front of him, and he smiles. Bipasha gives them garlands, and Anirudh and Arshi exchange them.

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