Jhanak 3rd July 2024: Arshi exchange garlands

Jhanak 3rd July 2024 written Episode: Full Update only on Yo Desi Serials.

The episode begins with Anirudh and Arshi exchanging garlands, met with applause from everyone. Choton notices Jhanak leaving, and as she walks away crying, Bipasha observes Anirudh’s gaze following her. Choton approaches Jhanak, asking if she’s alright.

She forces a smile and says yes. He acknowledges her true feelings, expressing his own disappointment and disbelief that Anirudh would marry Arshi. Jhanak insists Anirudh loves Arshi deeply and tells Choton not to speak against their marriage. Choton, however, remains firm, stating his perspective and the pain he feels, considering Anirudh like a son to him.

As Anirudh and Arshi sit in the mandap, Shrishti asks Jhanak to assist the pandit ji with anything needed. Anirudh reflects on the hurt between him and Jhanak, while Shrishti observes Anirudh’s lingering feelings for Jhanak with anger. She internally vows to keep Jhanak from interfering in Arshi’s life.

Shrishti directs Jhanak to continue her tasks, despite Tanuja commenting on the marriage finally happening and the assurance of Anirudh and Arshi’s happiness. Shrishti, determined to protect the union, dismisses Jhanak’s significance, asserting her own control. Bipasha and Shrishti agree that Jhanak’s presence is no longer necessary.

Vinayak steps in, suggesting that Jhanak be given a break, but Shrishti insists Jhanak continue her duties, justifying it as Jhanak being the only one from her Maayka. Jhanak, dutifully, agrees to help. Arshi thanks Jhanak, who responds that it’s her duty. Shrishti then performs the tilak for Anirudh, giving him a ring, while silently hoping for forgiveness for her actions to ensure Arshi’s happiness.

As the rituals progress, Shrishti asks Jhanak to light a diya, which she then deliberately places near Jhanak’s saree, causing it to catch fire.

Mrinalini shouts in alarm as Jhanak’s saree ignites, and in the chaos, the diya falls onto Arshi’s saree, setting it ablaze as well. Choton rushes to help Jhanak, while Anirudh quickly douses the flames on Arshi with water and a blanket. Arshi faints, and amidst the panic, Anirudh calls for an ambulance, determined to save her.

Jhanak Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV
Jhanak Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV

Shrishti demands an explanation from Jhanak, accusing her of pushing the diya towards Arshi. Anirudh dismisses the accusations, saying it’s not the time for nonsense and takes Arshi to the hospital.

Shrishti continues to blame Jhanak, claiming she intended to harm Arshi. Choton and others watch as Shrishti slaps Jhanak, threatening to ruin her life if anything happens to Arshi. Tanuja and Bipasha also scold Jhanak, while Mrinalini observes quietly. Vinayak suggests taking Arshi to the hospital and leaves with Shrishti.

Jhanak cries as Bipasha expresses concern for Arshi’s condition, and Tanuja reassures her. They leave for the hospital, leaving Jhanak in tears. Anirudh, panicking, rushes Arshi to the operating theater. Shubh contacts the doctor.

Shrishti insists she witnessed the incident, while Vinayak remains skeptical, suggesting it might have been an accident. Mrinalini approaches Jhanak, expressing her belief in Jhanak’s innocence, having seen something different.

Lal and Tanuja note Anirudh’s care for Arshi, while Shrishti vows not to let Jhanak go unpunished. Vinayak questions how Shrishti will prove her accusations to the police, while Appu comforts Jhanak, promising to defend her. Jhanak silently wonders if Anirudh trusts her.

The argument between Shrishti and Vinayak escalates as she demands justice for Arshi. Lal advises supporting Shrishti, and Bipasha reminds Vinayak of the respect Shrishti gave to Jhanak. Shubh suggests focusing on Arshi’s recovery before dealing with Jhanak.

Vinayak doubts Arshi will be discharged soon, causing Shrishti to worry and cry. Bipasha consoles her, noting the halted marriage rituals. Shrishti laments the incomplete marriage, while Appu encourages Jhanak to stay strong. Mrinalini reassures Jhanak, telling her to stay calm, as she believes in her innocence.

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