Jhanak 4th July 2024: Mrinalini calm down

Jhanak 4th July 2024 written Episode: Full Update only on Yo Desi Serials.

The episode begins with Dadi scolding Jhanak for allegedly trying to kill Arshi. Jhanak questions whether anyone will believe her if she clarifies. Choton assures her that truth will prevail over lies eventually. Dadi tells him to be quiet, stating that Shrishti witnessed the incident firsthand, but Jhanak isn’t sent to the police. Bablu argues that if the accusations are false, the police will release her.

Anjana pleads with Dadi not to believe everything. Dadi insists that Shrishti saw Jhanak push the diya towards Arshi, who is now in the hospital. Anirudh is worried about Arshi. Tanuja comforts Shrishti, suggesting they can complete the marriage later, and emphasizes that Arshi is like her daughter. Lal expresses support for Shrishti, and everyone blames Jhanak.

Shrishti demands that Jhanak be punished, accusing her of attempting to burn Arshi. Vinayak questions how they will prove it and urges them to focus on Arshi. The doctor arrives and informs them that Arshi needs to be hospitalized, possibly requiring plastic surgery due to serious but not life-threatening injuries. Shrishti anxiously asks if Arshi will be able to walk again, to which the doctor responds that it’s uncertain.

Dadi argues with Bablu and Anjana, accusing them of trying to save Jhanak at any cost. She claims that Jhanak has brought misfortune since her arrival. Bablu questions what bad things have happened, while Anjana asks why Dadi is saying this. Dadi believes Jhanak is obstructing Arshi and Anirudh’s marriage. Bablu suggests that maybe the marriage isn’t meant to be, but Dadi vehemently disagrees.

Anjana supports Dadi. Shrishti fears that Arshi’s dance career will be ruined and pleads for help. Shubh asks the doctor to do his best to save Arshi. The doctor reassures them, explaining that the treatment will take at least 10-15 days, possibly more. Vinayak urges the doctor to try his best, and the doctor leaves.

Bablu tells Jhanak to go upstairs, as she’s already heard enough. Jhanak resigns herself to her fate. Dadi attributes her suffering to her actions. Choton insists that the truth will come out and mentions that someone else saw the person trying to burn Jhanak. Dadi demands to know who, but Choton asks her to wait for the right time. Vinayak informs them that the doctor has scheduled the operation.

Jhanak Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV
Jhanak Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV

Shrishti, still upset, wonders if Arshi will dance again. Vinayak reassures her. Shrishti accuses Jhanak of trying to prevent Arshi from taking the wedding rounds and vows to restrain Jhanak. Vinayak tries to avoid conflict, emphasizing that Arshi is in the hospital and that he doesn’t want to speak ill of anyone. Shrishti accuses Vinayak of defending Jhanak and questions his loyalty.

Vinayak insists that she’s overthinking and that the incident was an accident, pointing out that it’s unlikely anyone would attempt such a thing in public. Shrishti, feeling stressed, demands to know whose fault it was. Vinayak maintains that it was an accident and advises her not to make rash decisions. Shrishti, still agitated, insists on understanding what happened. Vinayak tries to calm her, stating that they are alone in this situation.

She says, “I will not let Jhanak live, I will break her legs.” She thinks, “I won’t leave Anirudh. He wants to marry Arshi for her name and wealth, while loving someone else.” Dadi tells Choton to stop talking nonsense. Choton insists, “You raised me, I don’t lie.

” Bablu suggests, “Someone might have wanted to kill Jhanak; no one wanted to harm Arshi, and it will be proven.” Anjana recalls, “Jhanak said she moved away to escape the fire, which then caught Arshi.” Choton says, “The diya didn’t go to Jhanak by accident.

” Dadi asks, “Whose story is this?” Choton replies, “You’ll trust this person when the truth comes out.” Dadi says, “Fine, tell me who it is.” Choton answers, “You will know when the time is right.” Bablu asks Jhanak to go upstairs. Shubh says, “We should file a police complaint and have Jhanak punished.” Shrishti agrees. Tanuja and Bipasha ask Shrishti to decide.

Vinayak argues, “You’re wrong about Jhanak. She said she did nothing wrong, her upbringing is good.” Shubh retorts, “I respect you, but I’m a lawyer. I know girls like Jhanak, and she will ruin us one day.” Dadi says, “I called Tanuja to learn about Arshi. Arshi is severely burned and needs surgery. Shrishti wants to file a police complaint against Jhanak.”

Jhanak pleads, “You have to pay a price for this. It’s wrong, I never intended to break their marriage. If it gives you peace to have me arrested, then fine, send me with the police. If the crime is proven, I’ll accept the punishment.” Choton says, “Don’t talk like that, nothing will be proven against you.” Dadi asks him to stop.

Vinayak insists, “You’re mistaken.” Shrishti demands he stop. She says, “What I’ve seen, everyone has seen.” Vinayak counters, “No one noticed, or this wouldn’t have happened. I was there too. I believe it was an accident. If Jhanak did this, what’s her motive?” Shrishti asserts, “Her motive is clear. She wants to trap Anirudh forever.” Tanuja urges, “Please file a formal complaint against Jhanak.” Shubh says, “Let me start the legal process.

Arshi is my daughter. I won’t spare the culprit.” Vinayak refuses, “Don’t involve me in your dirty game.” Shrishti argues, “If I were wrong, why would they support me? This isn’t a game.” She asks, “Where is Anirudh?” Shubh replies, “He’s outside the burn ward, wanting to meet Arshi, but doctors aren’t allowing it due to infection risk. We can’t see her even after surgery.” Lal remarks, “Something wrong happened to them.” Shrishti insists, “I want to meet Anirudh.” Vinayak asks, “Are you sure?” She confirms, “Yes, I won’t leave Jhanak.” Vinayak worries and prays for Arshi.

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