Jhanak 5th July 2024: Vinayak worries

Jhanak 5th July 2024 written Episode: Full Update only on Yo Desi Serials.

The episode begins with Tanuja stating that Shrishti won’t remain quiet if anything happens. Anirudh agrees, adding that if anything happens to Arshi, no one will remain silent. Shubh remarks that it’s an attempted murder case. Jhanak overhears their conversation.

Bipasha suggests that if they get involved, Shrishti will think they are protecting Jhanak, and she believes Jhanak has seen something. Tanuja tells her to stay out of it. Shubh, a lawyer, advises that if they get involved, they will be suspected too. Tanuja asserts that if Jhanak is guilty, she should be punished.

Anirudh agrees, stating that if it’s proven, she will be punished. Lal mentions that Arshi hasn’t been discharged yet and their marriage hasn’t taken place. Anirudh replies that the marriage will happen once Arshi recovers. Shubh expresses the need to inform the guests, accusing Jhanak of burning her sister at the mandap out of jealousy.

Anirudh explains that Shrishti witnessed it and that the police will investigate. Tanuja warns Anirudh not to side with Jhanak and focus on Arshi instead. Shubh laments the damage done to Arshi, both personally and professionally as a dancer, leaving them all in shock. Jhanak, tearful, leaves. Anirudh looks worried.

Jhanak enters Anirudh’s room, inquiring about Arshi. He tells her Arshi isn’t well and asks her not to come to his room to avoid causing a scene. She questions if he believes she’s guilty. He admits to being confused since Shrishti claims to have seen her. Jhanak contemplates leaving, but Anirudh insists she should stay and face the situation if she’s innocent.

Jhanak Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV
Jhanak Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV

She offers to help Arshi if needed, but Anirudh says it’s up to Arshi’s parents. Jhanak expresses her concern for Arshi and learns about her serious condition and upcoming surgery. Anirudh warns that if the police get involved, no one can stop Shrishti. Jhanak accepts any punishment if found guilty but laments her loneliness.

Anirudh reassures her but urges her to return to her room. Jhanak prays for Arshi’s recovery and leaves. Anirudh reflects on the possibility of an accident being misinterpreted by Shrishti. Jhanak hopes the police investigation will clear her name.

The next morning, Shubh updates a caller on Arshi’s condition and apologizes for the inconvenience. Bipasha acknowledges the awkward situation. Shubh continues calling relatives. Shrishti contacts Tanuja, asking if Anirudh is home. Tanuja informs her he’s at the hospital. Shrishti announces her imminent arrival, bringing someone with her.

Tanuja assures her they are watching Jhanak and that Shubh is informing the guests. Shrishti vows not to spare Jhanak and threatens to cancel the marriage if necessary, stating Arshi won’t continue any relationship with Anirudh.

Tanuja reminds her of Anirudh’s love for Arshi, but Shrishti insists Arshi is still in shock and leaves to file a police complaint. After ending the call, Tanuja informs everyone that Shrishti is coming with important news. Lal confirms Shrishti’s intention to involve the police. Tanuja asks about Jhanak’s whereabouts. Bipasha mentions she’s hiding in her room. Shubh expresses exhaustion from calling and explaining to everyone.

Tanuja announces, “Shrishti is on her way, and she’s not alone.” Suddenly, Appu rushes in, exclaiming, “Where’s Anjana? I saw police entering our house from the balcony. Why are they here? Who are they taking? I haven’t done anything wrong!” Bipasha hushes her, warning, “Quiet down, or they might take you too.”

Shrishti arrives with the police, stating, “I’ve brought senior officers with me. Where’s Jhanak?” Appu interjects anxiously, “Are they here to take Jhanak? She’s innocent, they’re framing her, you have to believe me!” Shrishti cuts her off sharply, ordering, “Shut up.”

Meanwhile, Jhanak is asleep. She dreams of Arshi and silently prays for her well-being. Bipasha wakes her, saying urgently, “No time to freshen up, you’ve disrupted the wedding. Come with me, guests are waiting to see you.” Anjana and others gather around.

Appu persists, “I haven’t done anything wrong. I won’t go with them. They’re saying they’ll take Jhanak.”

Shubh instructs Bablu to escort Appu to her room, reassuring her along with Anjana. Appu continues to worry, asking desperately, “Are they taking Jhanak?” Anjana reassures her, “No, they just want to speak with her.” Bipasha urges Jhanak, “Face the truth. You may not lie to us, but don’t lie to the police. It’s your decision.”

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