Jhanak 6th July 2024: Its your choice

Jhanak 6th July 2024 written Episode: Full Update only on Yo Desi Serials.

The episode begins with Shrishti insisting that Jhanak should be punished. Dadi agrees, saying the culprit must face consequences. Choton asks the inspector to investigate thoroughly. The inspector assures they will. Choton points out that only one person accused Jhanak of trying to burn Arshi, and no one else witnessed it. Shrishti snaps at him to be quiet and not interfere with the inspector’s work. Shubh and Lal also silence Choton. Bipasha brings Jhanak downstairs.

Shrishti introduces her to the inspector as Jhanak Raina. The inspector asks Jhanak her name and relation to the family. Jhanak replies she has no relation. The inspector then asks Shrishti, who explains it’s a complicated case as Jhanak is related through her would-be son-in-law’s family. Shrishti demands justice for Arshi.

The inspector informs Jhanak that she’s being accused of attempting to murder Arshi by setting her on fire. Dadi mocks Jhanak. Shrishti asserts that the police will now deal with her. Bablu and Choton encourage Jhanak to speak without fear. Appu assures her that they are all with her. The inspector urges Jhanak to explain.

Jhanak says she wasn’t given a chance to speak, and denies doing anything wrong. Shrishti calls her manipulative. Tanuja expresses frustration with Jhanak’s antics. Lal claims they have evidence against her. Bipasha supports the accusation, saying they all saw Jhanak try to kill Arshi, whose feet got burnt. She insists they cannot let Jhanak go unpunished.

Meanwhile, Anirudh talks to the doctor, who explains that Arshi believes someone tried to kill her and is traumatized, unable to dance. Counseling hasn’t helped, and punishing the culprit might help her recover. The doctor advises Anirudh to observe if Arshi responds to him and mentions that they haven’t allowed the police to meet her yet. Anirudh agrees to handle everything and inquires about the grafting decision, offering to cover all expenses.

Jhanak Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV
Jhanak Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV

Back with the inspector, he asks Jhanak if she admits to burning Arshi. Jhanak insists it was an accident. The inspector calls her a liar. Choton protests, saying the inspector wasn’t there to know the truth. Shrishti and Shubh again tell Choton to be quiet.

The inspector says they will interrogate Jhanak at the police station. Anjana pleads not to take her, fearing it will ruin her career. Shrishti angrily argues, and Dadi tells Choton to stay silent. The inspector orders Jhanak to come with them. Bipasha and Tanuja back Shrishti, demanding strict punishment for Jhanak.

Shubh says, “We know how far Jhanak can go.” Choton argues, “But you can’t take her like this.” The inspector retorts, “Are you going to teach me my job? We can take her into custody, and if she’s innocent, she’ll be released.” Bablu interjects, “What about her mental trauma and the social stigma? How will you compensate for that?” The inspector snaps, “Did anyone ask for your opinion?” The constable leads Jhanak away.

Appu pleads, “Don’t take Jhanak, she did nothing wrong.” Jhanak reassures, “What’s written in my fate will happen, don’t cry.” Bablu insists, “Anirudh should know about this, we’re with you, Jhanak.” Choton adds, “Yes, I believe in your innocence, Jhanak. Stay strong.” Jhanak comforts Appu, “Don’t worry,” and is taken away.

Mrinalini is busy working when Choton arrives to see her. He asks Ramlal to call her, but Ramlal tells him to leave. Mrinalini comes out and remarks, “You’ve gotten used to coming without an appointment.” Choton replies, “I didn’t have time. I’m not here to sell books.

” She questions, “Then why are you here? I didn’t agree with that matter.” Choton responds, “I have self-respect. I’m not here about that.” She tells Ramlal, “Make Choton leave.” Choton asserts, “Stop it. I need your help.” She retorts, “I won’t buy books. Go now.” Ram tries to escort him out, but Choton scolds Ramlal, insisting, “I have a family crisis. I’m not here to sell books.

” Mrinalini sends Ramlal away. Choton pleads, “Do me this favor, and I’ll never bother you again. You were at the wedding; you saw everything.” She acknowledges, “Yes, Arshi is in the hospital.” He explains, “The police have arrested Jhanak. You can help.” She asks, “How?” He says, “I heard you talking to Jhanak. You can be an eyewitness.” She counters, “What proof do I have that I’m telling the truth?” He suggests, “You have written records. Did you take any pictures or videos?” She replies, “No.”

He asks desperately, “Is there no way to save Jhanak?” She considers, “There is a way.” He urges, “Then help me.” She refuses, “I won’t help. Use your mind for something good.” He insists, “I’ve never disrespected you.

Time is running out. If they file an FIR…” She interrupts, “Stop panicking. Don’t you have any recordings from that day?” He shakes his head, “No, but there were a video recorder and a photographer.” She advises, “Go to them and get the footage.” He pleads, “Come with me.

” She thinks to herself, “I’ll do this for Jhanak. She is innocent.” Finally, she agrees, “Okay, I will come.” Choton expresses his gratitude, “Thanks.” She clarifies, “An innocent girl is in trouble. I’m doing this for her.” He suggests, “It will be better if we go out together, or people might misunderstand.” She snaps, “Don’t talk nonsense.”

Meanwhile, Anirudh is by Arshi’s side, saying, “You will dance again. You will go on a dance reality show. I will take you there, I promise. Won’t you talk to me? You will become an even better dancer, and I will punish the culprit, whoever it is.

Trust me, I love you, Arshi. I will always love you.” Arshi doesn’t respond. He pleads, “Say something, get well soon.” Tears in his eyes, he vows, “I will not spare the person who did this to you.”

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