Jhanak 8th July 2024: Jhanak get punished

Jhanak 8th July 2024 written Episode: Full Update only on Yo Desi Serials.

The episode begins with Appu defending Jhanak, saying she did nothing wrong. Shubh scolds Appu, but Anjana agrees with her, insisting Jhanak is innocent. Bipasha suggests letting the police handle it and prove it. Anjana questions how, and Lal suggests checking the CCTV footage, trusting Shrishti’s account. Anirudh inquires about Choton’s whereabouts, and Shubh admits they don’t know.

Meanwhile, Choton and Mrinalini review the footage and argue. Bittu arrives and plays the footage, revealing Shrishti placing the diya down. Mrinalini demands the footage from Bittu, who reluctantly hands over the pendrive, fearing the police.

Anirudh declares he will find evidence to punish the real culprit, insisting on seeing what the police have, as they arrested Jhanak. Jhanak vows not to let the real offender be bailed out. Tanuja asserts that Shubh will fight for Arshi’s justice, while Lal declares no one can save the culprit now.

Shubh insists Anirudh should not go to the police, but Anirudh is determined to uncover the truth about what happened to Arshi. Appu scolds Anirudh, and Anjana supports his decision, stating he should follow his heart. Shubh reassures Anirudh that they are supporting their son, while Tanuja accuses Anirudh of siding with the wrong person.

Anirudh questions why Bablu went to bail Jhanak out. Anjana explains Bablu’s intention to help, despite the severity of Arshi’s injuries. Anirudh decides to go to the police station for the CCTV footage. Appu emphasizes Jhanak’s honesty and asks Anirudh to trust her.

Anirudh, moved, leaves in tears, and Anjana consoles Appu with a hug. On the way, Mrinalini and Choton continue to bicker, with Choton declaring his intent to renounce worldly life due to their arguments. Mrinalini angrily responds, worried about Jhanak’s situation.

Jhanak Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV
Jhanak Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV

At home, Dadi expresses her belief in Jhanak’s innocence, recalling how Jhanak saved Dadu’s life. Shubh arrives, frustrated that the police haven’t filed a case yet. Choton and Mrinalini reach the police station where Bablu is unable to meet Jhanak. Mrinalini insists they speak to Jhanak first. Bablu reveals the urgency, as Jhanak must be presented to the magistrate within 24 hours. Mrinalini reassures Bablu and they proceed.

Tanuja fears Anirudh’s sympathy for Jhanak might lead to her release, but Dadi reminds her that Anirudh vowed to get justice. At the police station, the lady inspector pressures Jhanak to confess. Mrinalini, Bablu, and Choton arrive, with Mrinalini asserting their rights as Jhanak’s family. She challenges the inspector’s treatment of Jhanak, stating Jhanak’s innocence.

Bablu defends Jhanak, emphasizing her good character. The inspector dismisses them, but Choton demands proof of Jhanak’s guilt. Jhanak insists on her innocence, denying any attempt to harm Arshi.

The inspector orders Mrinalini to leave, but she threatens to escalate the matter to her influential contacts. The inspector remains unfazed, but Mrinalini stands firm, asserting their legal rights. The inspector challenges her to prove Jhanak’s innocence, and Mrinalini confidently accepts the challenge.

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