Jhanak 9th June 2024: Care and Departure

Jhanak 9th June 2024 written Episode: Full Update only on Yo Desi Serials.

The episode begins with Anirudh watching Jhanak sleep. He thinks to himself, “I have never seen such an innocent face. I feel like I could spend my life just looking at her. She’s so pure; I’ve never met anyone like her.” He then turns away, questioning whether it’s right to have such thoughts, considering Jhanak and Rahul love each other.

Determined to ensure a good life for her, he decides to take them to Kolkata. Gently waking her up, she gets startled. He reassures her, “It’s me. You have a high fever; be careful.” She replies, “You…?” He apologizes for waking her abruptly and tells her to rest.

She says, “I’m feeling cold. You haven’t rested; please eat something and sleep.” He agrees but mentions he has some work to do. When she asks what work, he reveals he brought food for her, “I got khichdi because you have a fever.

” She protests, “I don’t want to eat anything.” He insists, “You need to take your medicine. How can I eat if you don’t?” She thinks to herself, “This peace and joy are temporary. Anyone who gets a life partner like you will be lucky; Arshi is very fortunate.”

Meanwhile, Shubh, filled with shame, apologizes to Shrishti, “I can’t believe it; I’m ashamed. Sorry, Shrishti.” She confronts him, “How did you raise your son? His marriage is fixed with Arshi, yet he cheated us and went to Kashmir to stop Jhanak’s wedding.

He lied to us. Do you still want Arshi to marry him?” Arshi adds, “What about the time I invested in this relationship?” Tanuja says, “I have no words.” Shubh advises Arshi not to lose hope over Jhanak. Arshi retorts, “Anirudh is supporting a maid, and you’re comparing me to her?” Shrishti tries to calm everyone, “We will leave if you don’t want to marry.

But if you do, you can’t let Jhanak win. We’ve booked the tickets; let’s go to Srinagar and talk to Anirudh. You should come along.” Bipasha agrees, “Yes, we need to ask him why he lied.” Lal mentions, “Jhanak agreed to marry Tejas.” Shrishti points out, “Yes, she would have married him if Anirudh hadn’t intervened.”

Anirudh later scolds Jhanak when she speaks of dying. She asks why, and he responds firmly, telling her never to say such things again. His care for her is evident.

Shubh assures, “We will do as you say. Once the marriage happens, things will get better.” Arshi firmly declares, “I will not tolerate this.” Bipasha adds, “Don’t spare Jhanak.” Arshi and Shrishti engage in a heated argument with the family. Shrishti intervenes, saying, “It’s no use arguing here. We should talk to Anirudh.” Anirudh gently feeds medicines to Jhanak, reassuring her, “Don’t worry. I will always take care of you.”

Shrishti proposes, “Let’s get Arshi and Anirudh married in the temple and then have the functions here. Their marriage is important.” Shubh agrees, “I have no problem.” Tanuja expresses her desire, “I want this marriage to happen soon.” Lal suggests, “We should leave.” Bipasha reminds them, “We have less time.” Choton overhears their discussion.

Shubh decides, “Just tell them that we are going to get Anirudh and Arshi married.” Shrishti instructs, “Book the tickets.” Shubh assures, “Of course, I will ask my secretary to book the tickets.” He then invites Lal and Bipasha to accompany them. Lal agrees, “We won’t tell anyone.” Shrishti reveals, “We have bought Arshi’s bridal dress. You can buy Anirudh’s sherwani for the marriage.

” Tanuja concurs. Shrishti questions, “Why did Anirudh break Tejas and Jhanak’s marriage? This has happened twice. Tejas has much respect in that city. Anirudh didn’t think about us. Tejas is going to become a minister. My Maayka is there. What will Tejas do with them? Anirudh didn’t think of anything. Your son has done this drama.” Anirudh comforts Jhanak, asking her to rest, and she expresses her confusion about his actions.

Arshi announces, “We shall go now. Our tickets are booked.” Shrishti warns, “If Anirudh refuses to marry this time, then Arshi will break the relation.” Shubh assures, “He won’t refuse.” Tanuja praises, “It’s a brilliant idea to keep their marriage at the same temple.” Bipasha predicts, “Arshi will have all the right to keep Jhanak away.” Shubh promises Arshi, “If Anirudh creates any hurdle this time, then I will end all my ties with him.” Arshi nods in agreement. Shrishti and Arshi leave.

Jhanak Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV
Jhanak Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV

Choton calls Anirudh, revealing, “Everyone knows where you are. The situation isn’t fine here.” Anirudh, worried about Jhanak’s safety, shares, “I can’t leave Jhanak alone. Shrishti knew about Jhanak’s marriage. She has planned this with Tejas.” Choton advises, “Calm down.

You are in big danger.” Anirudh reassures him, “We are at a hotel, police are giving us protection.” Choton warns, “Arshi, Shrishti, and family members are coming there.” Anirudh remains determined, “Let them come. I will manage everything.

” Choton offers his support, “I promised Jhanak, I will support you.” Anirudh shares his plan to ensure Jhanak’s safety and expresses his intention to marry Arshi. Choton questions his feelings for Jhanak, realizing their mutual love. He ends the call, advising Anirudh to keep him informed.

It’s early morning, and Anirudh meets Rahul at a café. Rahul expresses concern about Jhanak, mentioning her exams and her struggle to focus on them. He wonders if she will be able to make it for the exams. Anirudh reassures him, commenting on Rahul’s deep care for Jhanak. Rahul acknowledges their strong friendship, admitting his feeling of helplessness in the face of Tejas’s threat, but he praises Anirudh for his support and protection of Jhanak, expressing gratitude.

Anirudh, however, dismisses the need for thanks, stating that helping Jhanak is a natural response for him. He then steers the conversation, asking Rahul directly if he loves Jhanak. Rahul, surprised by the question, defends the idea of loving someone, emphasizing his willingness to sacrifice for her. Anirudh encourages Rahul to consider taking responsibility for Jhanak, to which Rahul expresses doubts due to his lack of financial means and social status. He insists, though, that his love for her is genuine and profound.

Anirudh advises against extreme actions, suggesting that Rahul should simply be with Jhanak if he loves her. Rahul admits his love for Jhanak but fears rejection, as he has never confessed his feelings to her. Anirudh, however, believes that Jhanak might reciprocate his feelings, given their close bond as best friends. Rahul, admiring Jhanak’s innocence and unique qualities, feels that fate has not been kind to her.

Concerned, Anirudh informs Rahul about Jhanak’s health, mentioning that she has taken her medication. Rahul expresses regret for not being able to do more for her. Anirudh then surprises Rahul by suggesting that he should consider marrying Jhanak.

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