Teri Meri Doriyaan 10th June 2024: Seal Brar Mansion

Teri Meri Doriyaan 10th June 2024 Written episode only on Yo Desi Serials.

Angad explains to the anti-terrorism squad that he didn’t make any online or credit card transactions. The officer deduces that a family member must have and orders the Brar family to be taken to headquarters for investigation, sealing their house. Bebe pleads with the officer, mentioning their mourning for a family member’s death, but the officer insists that the purchase of plutonium is a serious issue that requires immediate investigation.

Keerat brings Angad’s mobile and wallet. Angad notices a purchase from his mobile and realizes his credit card is missing. Manveer questions if someone stole and misused his credit card.

Akeer then walks in with Simran and confesses to using Angad’s credit card to buy plutonium. Angad demands an explanation. Akeer explains it was for a science project. Hansraj questions if Akeer is building a bomb. The officer presses Akeer for the reason.

Simran reveals she taught Akeer to use a laptop. Akeer explains he saw a school video where a scientist used plutonium to make a time machine; he wanted to build one to go back in time and stop his mother from dying so they could return to Panesar together. The officer, moved by Akeer’s love for his mother, decides to leave with his team.

Angad asks Akeer to come to him. Akeer refuses to apologize for using the card and buying plutonium. Angad says he just wants to hug him. Akeer declares that Angad is neither his enemy nor friend and will call him by his full name, Angad Singh Brar, as his mother did.

Teri Meri Dooriyan Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV
Teri Meri Dooriyan Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV

Keerat explains that his mother called Angad by his name out of love. Akeer, however, insists he hates Angad and will continue to address him formally. Angad recalls calling his father by his name and acknowledges the pain. Jasleen comments on the sorrow parents feel when their children reject them. Manveer laments the situation. Angad reflects that it’s like reliving his past and hopes that Akeer will eventually accept him as he did with his own father.

Gurnoor, Sahiba’s doppelganger, rents a house and starts cleaning it. Suddenly, she notices a shadow near the door, and anxiety grips her as she wonders if it’s the goon who tattooed a “Z” on her hand. She quickly shuts the door, thinking she must stay hidden for a few days and hoping the goons don’t find her.

The next day, after class, Akeer refuses to go home with Angad and insists that Simran take him to her class. Simran is puzzled and asks how she can take him to her class. Akeer promises to finish her homework. Other kids bully Akeer, calling him a coward who is always afraid to go home. Akeer declares he would rather run far away than go with Angad.

Angad arrives just as another child remarks that it’s wrong to speak ill of one’s father. The child’s father arrives, apologizes on her behalf, and says she learned to respect elders from her mother. The child kisses her father and leaves with him. Akeer continues to insult Angad and scolds him when he opens the car door for him.

Gurnoor realizes she needs to find a job to survive. She heads to the market, where she sees a shopkeeper selling discounted dresses and buys one. While driving home, Angad mentions to Akeer that they can get good pizza from a nearby shop. Akeer coldly replies that he doesn’t want it and that he hates Angad.

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