Teri Meri Doriyaan 11th July 2024: Gurnoor crush

Teri Meri Doriyaan 11th July 2024 Written episode only on Yo Desi Serials.

Angad’s Memories and Gurnoor’s Song

Angad reminisces about the trust Gurnoor placed in him and the quality time they shared. He grapples with the realization that developing special feelings for her might be wrong. Meanwhile, Gurnoor also reflects on their bond and questions why she’s developing special feelings for Angad, realizing she shouldn’t pursue a path without a clear future.

She picks up her guitar and starts singing “Saans Me Teri Saans Mili To.” Angad, standing near the door, closes his eyes and enjoys her song. Akeer approaches and shakes him out of his reverie. Angad, startled, asks what Akeer is doing there.

Akeer explains that he couldn’t sleep and came to hear a story from Gurnoor, then asks if Angad was praying. Gurnoor approaches and asks what they’re doing. Akeer says he came for a story, but his father was already there, listening to her song. Angad, nervously, says he came to wish her luck for her first day of college.

Akeer questions why he’s wishing her luck now if it’s tomorrow. Gurnoor agrees. Angad reassures them he will drop her at school. Akeer insists he will too. Simran arrives and asks who will accompany her to school. Garry passes by and thinks Angad is unaware of the offer from Zoravar and wonders how he will react when he finds out.

Garry and Jasleen’s Visit to Zoravar

Beeja informs Zoravar that her words have influenced Garry. Zoravar acknowledges her persuasive skills and inquires if Garry will meet him. Beeja is confident he will. Angad notices Garry and Jasleen sitting on the lawn and asks why they seem tense and if they aren’t planning to sleep. Garry and Jasleen visit Zoravar, who welcomes them and offers black tea.

Jasleen thanks him. Zoravar asks Garry if he has considered his business offer, emphasizing its benefits and the 50% profit share. Garry accepts and inquires about Zoravar’s plan. Zoravar reveals his intention to buy Brar Jewellers and make Garry its head, acknowledging Garry’s hard work and suitability as the brand face. Garry questions Zoravar’s financial capability to buy Brar Jewellers.

Zoravar assures him of his wealth and desire to build his image in Ludhiana, identifying Brar Jewellers as the best option. Jasleen notes that Angad won’t easily sell Brar Jewellers but suggests he won’t oppose Akaal’s friend and business associate, Kharbanda. Garry doubts Kharbanda’s involvement. Zoravar expresses his interest in meeting this intriguing person.

The next day, Angad waits for Gurnoor and Veer outside the music school. They both approach him, and Angad asks how it went. Gurnoor says the first class was great, and Veer got a job. Veer mentions he can now focus on his music career and protect Gurnoor at school.

A staff member informs Veer that the principal wants to meet him. Angad offers to wait for Veer, but Veer suggests he go ahead as it might take time. Gurnoor also says she has some work and heads back to school.

Beeja meets Veer and reveals that she called him. She shows him videos of his drug addiction and blackmails him, threatening to ruin his career by making the videos viral. She adds that Zoravar, who was a chief guest at his music audition and liked his singing, wants to launch an album if Veer agrees to his terms. Veer asks what he has to do.

Beeja says he must stop supporting Angad and back Zoravar instead. Gurnoor notices them together and wonders what Veer is doing with Beeja. Veer leaves without responding to Beeja. Gurnoor confronts Beeja, demanding to know what she was doing with Veer and warns her to stay away from him.

Beeja laughs, saying she isn’t afraid of threats and mentions that she’s free because Zoravar is lenient. She warns that if Zoravar tightens his grip, Gurnoor will be in trouble. Gurnoor retorts that she’s not afraid of Beeja’s threats, and Beeja leaves.

Gurnoor notices Angad listening to their conversation. He praises her for boldly confronting Beeja. Gurnoor says he gave her the courage to fight. Veer walks up to them, and Gurnoor asks what Beeja was talking about.

Veer says she reminded him of his bitter past. Angad advises him to forget the past, emphasizing that they accept him as he is and he should move on for a better future. He hugs Veer, who recalls Beeja’s words that his life was ruined by Angad.

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