Teri Meri Doriyaan 16th June 2024: Gurnoor Pride

Teri Meri Doriyaan 16th June 2024 Written episode only on Yo Desi Serials.

Angad wishes Akeer the best for his upcoming solo performance. Gurnoor assures Angad that his son will shine on stage. Akeer steps onto the stage and performs a captivating dance to the song “Chota Bacha Janke Humko…”. The Brars thoroughly enjoy his performance, and Angad notices Gurnoor cheering enthusiastically. After the performance, the audience applauds, and Akeer high-fives Gurnoor, proudly stating he gave it his all.

A teacher with students approaches Akeer, congratulating him on his stellar performance. Gurnoor advises the children never to degrade anyone before the teacher leads them away. Angad thanks Gurnoor for motivating Akeer, to which she replies that all children are talented and just need encouragement. She then walks away.

After class, Akeer asks Gurnoor to teach him other subjects in addition to music. Gurnoor explains that she can only teach music but will assist with other subjects as well. Akeer promises to attend school daily. Gurnoor mentions that school is closed on Saturdays and Sundays, and Akeer suggests she could visit his house on those days.

Just then, a teacher informs Gurnoor that the principal wants to see her. Gurnoor walks away with a tense expression, prompting Angad to wonder if the principal is going to reprimand her for helping Akeer. He follows her.

Teri Meri Dooriyan Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV
Teri Meri Dooriyan Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV

In the principal’s office, the principal asks Gurnoor if she has submitted her documents. Gurnoor replies that she hasn’t yet but will soon. The principal states that she cannot be hired without document submission and subsequently fires her. Gurnoor leaves the principal’s office, worried about how she will manage without a job.

Angad approaches Gurnoor and asks to talk to her. Gurnoor, visibly upset, says it’s not a good time. Angad says he knows the principal fired her and offers her a job. Gurnoor suspects Angad might be taking advantage of her situation.

Angad explains that the principal might have scolded her for helping Akeer, and he reiterates his job offer for her to be Akeer’s caretaker and teach him music and other subjects. Gurnoor says she would have to live at his house for that, which she has never done before, and declines the job offer. Angad accepts her decision, thanks her again for helping Akeer, and walks away. Gurnoor finds him a bit strange.

Angad gets into his car as Gurnoor walks down the street, deep in thought about her next steps. A concerned peon approaches and asks if she’s okay. Gurnoor reveals she’s left the school, prompting the peon to wish her happiness wherever she goes. Suddenly, Gurnoor spots goons searching for her and quickly jumps into Angad’s car. Angad, startled, asks what she’s doing. Gurnoor replies that she’s accepted his offer and covers her face with a veil.

Angad, confused, asks again what she is doing. Gurnoor urges him to start driving. Meanwhile, the goon lady instructs her aides to wait outside the school, confident that Gurnoor will be caught. As they drive, Gurnoor misguides Angad with directions, insisting she won’t stay at his house. Angad, puzzled, asks where she plans to stay. The tension continues to build.

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