Teri Meri Doriyaan 18th June 2024: Manveer Voices Doubts

Teri Meri Doriyaan 18th June 2024 Written episode only on Yo Desi Serials.

The Brars’ Shock

The Brars are stunned as they see Gurnoor, Sahiba’s long-lost sister. Garry urgently whispers for silence, while Jasleen and Gurleen express their amazement, claiming it’s a miracle. They believe Gurnoor was sent by God to care for Akeer. Manveer, equally shocked, struggles to react appropriately.

Bebe confronts Angad and Akeer, revealing they knew about Gurnoor but kept it secret until now. Angad explains he did it for Akeer’s sake. Manveer stands speechless, staring at Sahiba’s photo. Keerat points out that Sahiba is her sister, and Gurnoor finally understands the situation. She approaches Akeer, who reminds her that she resembles his mother but isn’t.

 Beeja’s Inquiry

Beeja interrogates the school principal about Gurnoor’s whereabouts. The principal confirms Gurnoor no longer teaches there. Beeja insists on knowing where Gurnoor might be, and when questioned about her relationship with Gurnoor, Beeja laughs, calling herself Gurnoor’s servant.

Her aide accuses Gurnoor of stealing precious items and running away. The principal advises them to report to the police, but Beeja, claiming to be both police and judge, threatens the principal to inform her if she discovers Gurnoor’s location, hinting at dire consequences for the school. The principal finds Beeja’s obsession with Gurnoor unsettling.*

Emotional Encounter

Akeer emotionally tells Gurnoor he knows she isn’t his mother but doesn’t want her to leave. He hugs her tightly. Manveer angrily declares she won’t allow Gurnoor to stay. Angad insists Gurnoor must stay for Akeer’s well-being. Overhearing this, Gurnoor confronts Manveer, questioning if she fears theft or harm. Manveer, as always, insists she doesn’t hire anyone without an interview.

Gurnoor sarcastically acknowledges that her son hired her but agrees to an interview for the sake of the family’s hard-earned money. Manveer instructs Angad to leave so she can interview Gurnoor. Angad exits nervously.

Teri Meri Dooriyan Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV
Teri Meri Dooriyan Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV

Beeja notices a school staff member and shows him Gurnoor’s photo, asking if he knows this girl. The staff member says yes. She offers him money and asks where she is. The staff member replies that he doesn’t know, as she left in a student’s car.

Beeja asks for the car’s number, model, and color. He mentions it was a blue car but doesn’t know the model or number. He returns her money and goes back to work. Another staff member overhears their conversation. Beeja, frustrated, says they haven’t found anything and wonders what to do next.

Manveer asks Gurnoor where she is from. Gurnoor replies that she is from Delhi. Manveer comments that her parents must live there and she must have bigger opportunities in Delhi, so why did she come here? Gurnoor explains that her parents are dead and she is running away from someone’s abuse. Manveer inquires about what happened in Delhi.

Gurnoor recalls fleeing from Beeja’s house. Manveer questions if she’s struggling to find an answer or trying to make one up. Gurnoor insists it’s nothing like that; she felt sad in Delhi after her parents’ death and came to Ludhiana for a better life. She says Ludhiana makes her happy, she feels accepted here, she got close to Akeer, and Angad offered her a job to take care of Akeer, which she is happy with. Manveer accuses her of playing with a child’s emotions and…

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