Teri Meri Doriyaan 19th June 2024: Child emotions

Teri Meri Doriyaan 19th June 2024 Written episode only on Yo Desi Serials.

Angad waits anxiously outside the room while Manveer interviews Gurnoor inside. He hopes his mother doesn’t ask any inappropriate questions. Akeer approaches Angad and asks where Gurnoor is. Angad explains that she’s being interviewed by his mother.

Akeer warns Angad that he wants Gurnoor to stay and won’t tolerate any attempt by Angad or his mother to send her away. Angad reassures Akeer, sharing that even his mother used to scold him similarly. Akeer is confused, so Angad clarifies that he too wants Gurnoor to stay since he hired her.

Meanwhile, Beeja orders her aides to keep an eye on a blue car that picks up and drops off a child at school. A staff member questions his colleague about giving the wrong car color to a lady. The colleague defends Gurnoor, noting her kindness and expressing hope that the suspicious women don’t find her.

Inside the room, Manveer interrogates Gurnoor, questioning if she intends to exploit her resemblance to Akeer’s mother. Gurnoor retorts, asking if Manveer wanted to be a police officer and is now taking out her frustrations by interrogating her.

Manveer angrily dismisses her, but Gurnoor insists she had no plans; her resemblance to Akeer’s mother is purely coincidental. She emphasizes that she would help any child in Akeer’s situation and that only her face resembles Akeer’s mother, nothing else. Akeer himself has said so, and she is here solely as a professional caretaker.

Angad calls Garry, asking him to take Akeer away so he doesn’t witness any potential mistreatment of Gurnoor by Manveer. Garry convinces Akeer to leave by mentioning a surprise from Simran. Though reluctant, Akeer goes along, leaving Garry to wonder how he will now arrange a surprise gift.

Back in the interview, Gurnoor tells Manveer that her resemblance to Sahiba is God’s doing. If Sahiba were alive, she would have confirmed that Gurnoor looks like her, not the other way around. Manveer, frustrated, remarks that she wouldn’t have to endure Gurnoor’s explanations if Sahiba were still alive.

Gurnoor asks if Manveer and her mother-in-law were close, mentioning she noticed the typical nok jhok between MIL and DIL. She addresses Manveer as “madam.” Manveer sternly warns her never to use “madam” again, recalling how Sahiba called her that. Gurnoor then asks if she can call her “aunty ji” and inquires about her job status.

Teri Meri Dooriyan Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV
Teri Meri Dooriyan Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV

Manveer informs her that she’s on probation and needs to impress her by taking good care of Akeer to secure a permanent position. Gurnoor expresses her gratitude and Manveer requests to see her ID card. Gurnoor remembers Zoravar burning her ID and shows the burnt card to Manveer, who approves it. Gurnoor hopes Zoravar never finds her.

Zoravar, in a fit of rage, lashes out at pillows with a whip. Beeja calls to inform him she has Gurnoor’s information and will catch her soon. When asked by her aide about Zoravar’s orders, Beeja explains she wants to kill Gurnoor immediately, but Zoravar wants her alive to punish her himself. Meanwhile, a maid escorts Gurnoor to the guest room, and she’s impressed by its lavishness.

Angad enters, and Gurnoor, initially startled by a shadow, relaxes when she sees him. Angad inquires about her conversation with Manveer. Gurnoor recounts that Manveer said she’s on probation but confident she can impress her with her work.

Back in his room, Angad looks at Sahiba’s photo and gets emotional. He tells her that Akeer seemed happy with Gurnoor’s arrival but understands the turmoil in Akeer’s mind. Gurnoor unpacks her bag, thinking about Zoravar’s terror, when she hears Angad trying to convince Akeer to sleep early.

Angad advises Akeer to sleep early to avoid being late for school, but Akeer refuses. Bebe offers to sing a lullaby, but Akeer declines. Gurnoor steps in, cheers Akeer up with her conversation, and puts him to sleep. She then tells Angad to stop looking so serious and smile.

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