Teri Meri Doriyaan 20th June 2024: Serious and smile

Teri Meri Doriyaan 20th June 2024 Written episode only on Yo Desi Serials.

Angad expresses his gratitude to Gurnoor for assisting Akeer. Gurnoor advises that Akeer should express his pain rather than internalizing it, as he might become accustomed to living with it. She emphasizes the importance of teaching him to articulate his pain, lest he becomes like his father, who is accustomed to living with pain. Angad bids her goodnight and heads to his room, pausing to retrieve something.

Observing a photograph of Angad, Akeer, and Sahiba, Gurnoor reflects on their apparent happiness. Angad offers her an advance cheque, which she accepts gratefully. Upon noticing an unusual Z-shaped tattoo on Gurnoor’s wrist, Angad inquires about it, but she ignores the question and walks away. This piques Angad’s curiosity about the tattoo’s significance.

In a moment of introspection, Gurnoor imagines her inner voice in the mirror, questioning her decision to conceal her identity and likening it to deceiving Mr. Brar. Overwhelmed with guilt, she wonders how long she can continue living in this house under false pretenses.

Teri Meri Dooriyan Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV
Teri Meri Dooriyan Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV

The next morning, Angad is engrossed in a conversation with a client during breakfast. Manveer prompts Akeer to eat, but he refuses, stating that Angad’s mother, not hers, is present. Manveer rudely asks Angad about the whereabouts of the caretaker he hired.

Gurnoor interrupts, wishing everyone good morning and suggesting a visit to the jogger’s park, to which Akeer eagerly agrees. She instructs him to finish his breakfast and prepare quickly, prompting Akeer to eat hastily and rush to his room.

Gurnoor invites other family members to join them at the park, and they all express interest. However, Manveer forbids anyone from leaving, insisting that Akeer needs to learn discipline. Gurnoor argues that depriving Akeer of his late mother’s cherished memories would only leave him more shattered. Hansraj and Prabjot side with Gurnoor, but Manveer remains steadfast, asserting her authority over the household.

Beeja’s informant spies on schoolchildren. Simran informs her friends that she needs to leave early to go to the jogger’s park with her family. A friend comments on her excessive concern for her family, to which Simran explains that she’s particularly worried about Akeer, who lost his mother recently and is no longer listening to Angad. Anand has hired Gurnoor, who is taking them to the park. Beeja’s informant overhears this and informs Beeja that she has found Gurnoor’s location.

Gurnoor takes Akeer, Bani, and Keerat to the market. While Akeer and Bani enjoy candy floss, Keerat stands solemnly lost in thought. Gurnoor notices Keerat’s sadness and inquires about it. Keerat reveals that before marriage, Garry was always around her, but now he hardly pays any attention to her.

Gurnoor suggests that Keerat should jog daily to lift her spirits. Keerat insists that she will only jog with Garry but agrees to go on a walk with Gurnoor for the time being. Gurnoor then offers to look after the children, and Simran arrives to assist her.

Meanwhile, Beeja and her associates follow Simran and search for Gurnoor. Gurnoor spots Beeja and hastily leaves with Keerat. Beeja notices them and instructs her henchmen to capture Gurnoor. Gurnoor manages to escape in a car, but Beeja takes a picture of its number plate and orders her aides to trace the car’s owner.

Later, Gurnoor calls a travel agent to arrange a foreign ticket. However, when asked for her passport, she lies about losing it. The agent suggests submitting other documents for a new passport, which will take some time. Gurnoor realizes she needs to steal documents and recalls Sahiba’s passport. As she steals it, Angad enters and questions her actions.

Gurnoor quickly hides the passport, claiming she was just admiring the photo frame. Angad, visibly upset, warns her not to mention Sahiba and switches off his phone. Gurnoor returns to her room and contemplates the expensive flight tickets. She realizes she must work for a few more months to afford them but is reluctant to stay longer.

Manveer interrupts her thoughts, furious after receiving a call from the school principal accusing Gurnoor of theft and taking advantage of her resemblance to Sahiba to stay in the house. Gurnoor tries to explain, but Manveer, outraged, slaps her.

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