Teri Meri Doriyaan 21st June 2024: Gurnoor Regret

Teri Meri Doriyaan 21st June 2024 Written episode only on Yo Desi Serials.

Angad thanks Gurnoor for helping Akeer. Gurnoor advises that Akeer needs to express his pain rather than internalize it, or he might end up living with it like his father. Angad wishes her goodnight and heads to his room. Gurnoor notices a photo of Angad, Akeer, and Sahiba, thinking they look so happy together.

Angad returns and offers her an advance cheque. Gurnoor thanks him. Angad notices a Z tattoo on her wrist and inquires about it. She ignores the question and walks to her room. Angad wonders about the unusual tattoo on Gurnoor’s wrist.

Later, Gurnoor confronts her reflection, questioning how long she can hide her identity and feeling guilty for keeping Mr. Brar in the dark. She is uncertain about how long she can stay in the house.

The next morning, Angad is chatting with a client during breakfast. Manveer asks Akeer to eat, but he refuses, stating she is Angad’s mom, not his. Angad encourages him to listen to Manveer. Manveer demands to know where the caretaker is. Gurnoor greets everyone and invites Akeer to visit the jogger’s park. Akeer excitedly agrees and quickly finishes his breakfast to get ready.

Teri Meri Dooriyan Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV
Teri Meri Dooriyan Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV

Gurnoor asks if anyone else wants to join them. Everyone nods, but Manveer insists no one will go anywhere and that Akeer needs discipline. Gurnoor counters that the boy recently lost his mother and needs his happy memories. Hansraj supports her, but Prabjot corrects him, saying she is Gurnoor, not Sahiba. Manveer remains adamant, asserting her authority in the house.

Meanwhile, Beeja’s aide spies on school children. Simran tells her friends she needs to leave early to go to the jogger’s park with her family, expressing concern for Akeer who no longer listens to Angad. She mentions that Gurnoor will be taking them to the park, which Beeja’s aide overhears and reports back.

Gurnoor takes Akeer, Bani, and Keerat to the market. Akeer and Bani enjoy candy floss while Keerat looks sad. Gurnoor asks why she’s upset. Keerat confides that Garry used to be attentive before marriage but now ignores her.

Gurnoor suggests she can go jogging with Keerat every day to cheer herself up. Keerat replies she will jog only with Garry but is willing to go for a walk with Gurnoor right now. Gurnoor then asks about the children. Simran arrives and offers to take care of them.

Meanwhile, Beeja and her aides are tailing Simran in search of Gurnoor. Spotting Beeja, Gurnoor quickly leaves with Keerat. Beeja sees them and orders her goons to catch Gurnoor. Gurnoor escapes in a car, but Beeja takes a picture of the car’s number plate and instructs her aides to track down the owner.

Back home, Gurnoor calls a travel agent to arrange a foreign ticket as soon as possible. The agent asks for her passport, but she admits she lost it. He advises her to send other documents to apply for a new one, which will take some time. Gurnoor agrees and wonders where to get the documents. She recalls Sahiba’s passport and decides to steal it.

Just then, Angad walks in and asks what she’s doing. Gurnoor hides the passport and says she was admiring the photo frame and noticed the different photos. Angad warns her not to mention Sahiba and Gurnoor leaves. Angad then switches off his mobile.

In her room, Gurnoor checks flight tickets but finds them expensive. She realizes she needs to work a few more months to afford the ticket but knows she can’t stay there that long. Manveer receives a call from the school principal, who reveals that Gurnoor stole something from a wealthy house and escaped. Manveer angrily calls Gurnoor downstairs. Confronted, Gurnoor defends herself, saying Manveer should have spoken to her first. Furious, Manveer shouts at Gurnoor and slaps her.

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