Teri Meri Doriyaan 22nd June 2024: Words Escalate

Teri Meri Doriyaan 22nd June 2024 Written episode only on Yo Desi Serials.

Akeer offers his piggy bank to Gurnoor, pleading with her not to steal again, explaining that his mamma told him stealing is bad. Gurnoor, feeling hurt, asks if he really thinks she could steal. She then walks towards the burning coals.

Akeer, frightened, begs her not to go and runs inside the house. Gurnoor picks up a burning coal with her hand and declares she’d rather go hungry than do anything wrong, hinting that there’s more to the story. She realizes Akeer has already left and cries, insisting she’s not a thief, recalling the moment Manveer slapped her. Angad rushes out, pushes the burning coal away from her hand, and demands to know what she’s doing.

Beeja, spying from a gate, informs Zoravar that Gurnoor is right in front of her. Zoravar says he’s coming to punish Gurnoor and show her her place. Beeja, eager to punish Gurnoor herself, urges him to come quickly. Zoravar orders his servant to prepare for travel to Ludhiana.

Angad, now calmer, asks Gurnoor why she was hurting herself. Gurnoor explains that she can bear anything except Akeer thinking she’s a thief. She insists she didn’t steal. Akeer returns with his piggy bank and, seeing Gurnoor’s burnt hand, hugs her tightly.

Angad, observing this, thinks that Gurnoor must be innocent if she’s so concerned about a child’s opinion. Gurnoor tells Akeer she has to leave. Akeer, heartbroken, asks why everyone leaves him, first his mom and now her. Gurnoor says she has to go and heads for the gate. Akeer begs Angad to stop her. Angad grabs Gurnoor’s hand and leads her back inside, despite her protests.

Inside, Bebe asks Manveer where she got her information about Gurnoor. Manveer admits she always had doubts about Gurnoor, especially her overly friendly behavior, and received confirmation from the school principal. She remarks that Gurnoor resembles Sahiba and acts like her too.

Jasleen counters that just because they look alike doesn’t mean they have the same nature. Manveer continues to berate Gurnoor in her usual demeaning manner. Jasleen mentions that Angad and Akeer have gone out. Manveer speculates that Angad went to pay Gurnoor’s salary, as the Brars don’t owe anyone. Jasleen agrees.

Suddenly, Angad walks in holding Gurnoor and Akeer’s hands. Manveer is reminded of a past moment when Angad brought Sahiba and Akeer in the same way. Prabjot comments on the deja vu. Gurleen corrects her, saying it feels like history is repeating itself exactly.

Manveer shouts at Angad, demanding to know why he brought a thief back home. Angad defends Gurleen, insisting she is not a thief and shows the contents of her bag, revealing only clothes. Jasleen scoffs, calling the clothes cheap and implying they belong to a thief.

Angad counters, asking if a thief would wear such clothes. Manveer remains adamant, saying her opinion of Gurnoor won’t change and that showcasing her clothes won’t prove her innocence. Angad explains that Gurnoor isn’t money-minded; when he hired her and offered anything she needed, she asked for nothing. Manveer questions if he’s implying the principal is wrong.

Teri Meri Dooriyan Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV
Teri Meri Dooriyan Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV

Gurnoor wonders what Beeja might have told the principal. Angad mentions he was once falsely accused of stealing a diamond and asks if that made him a thief. Manveer angrily compares him to Gurnoor, insisting she’s hiding something since people from Delhi came searching for her. She demands to know what Gurnoor is hiding.

Gurnoor, fed up with the continuous accusations, says she can’t tolerate Manveer’s inhumane behavior any longer. She points out that Angad opened her bag without permission and that there’s nothing left to prove. She decides to leave. Angad stops her, revealing Gurnoor’s burnt hand and explaining how she punished herself when they accused her.

Akeer defends her, saying she can be anything but a thief. Gurnoor thanks him for trusting her. Angad insists he hired Gurnoor to care for Akeer and won’t let her go. Gurnoor pleads not to be forced to stay, as she can’t bear more humiliation. Angad says he’s said everything he needed to, leaving the decision to her.

Akeer asks Gurnoor if she truly wants to leave, showing her a puppet his mother made. He asks her to keep it until he prepares a time machine, promising they’ll go search for his mother together.

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