Teri Meri Doriyaan 3rd July 2024: Angad confronts her

Teri Meri Doriyaan 3rd July 2024 Written episode only on Yo Desi Serials.

Garry tells Angad and Veer that Gurnoor is hiding something significant. Veer suggests that Gurnoor’s life might be in danger. Garry questions why, but Angad insists they need to uncover Gurnoor’s secret and asks for his brothers’ help. Gurnoor overhears their conversation while hiding near the door.

Angad walks away, and Garry hopes they don’t discover anything that would upset Angad. Veer inquires further, and Garry explains that a bond is forming between Angad and Gurnoor, with Angad even seeing a reflection of Sahiba in Gurnoor.

Angad heads to Gurnoor’s room and calls for her. Gurnoor apologizes for using Sahiba’s name, explaining she did it in a moment of desperation to escape from some people. Angad asks who those people were, but Gurnoor claims she doesn’t know.

Angad points out that just like she didn’t know who spoke ill of her at school, who she was fleeing from at the gurdwara, who she was chasing at home, or who she escaped from today, she again claims ignorance. Angad then questions why she used his deceased wife’s name. Gurnoor responds that his brother created that misunderstanding by calling her Sahiba; otherwise, she would have found another way to escape.

Angad grabs her hand and drags her along, reminiscent of how Zoravar once treated her. Gurnoor resists but is taken to Angad’s room. She questions his behavior, and Angad shows her a gift box containing a whip and other items, demanding an explanation.

Teri Meri Dooriyan Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV
Teri Meri Dooriyan Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV

Gurnoor admits she has a personal past she cannot disclose. Angad accuses her of making excuses. Gurnoor reminds him that he clarified their relationship as strictly professional and questions why he wants to know about her personal life now. Angad insists that since she has been staying there and taking care of Akeer, he wants to understand what is troubling her.

Gurnoor asserts that if something bad happens to her, he shouldn’t be concerned. Angad expresses his worry that something wrong might happen. Gurnoor maintains that he should only concern himself with their professional relationship while she is in the house. She takes the gift box and walks away.

Beeja informs Zoravar that Gurnoor will be singing at an event tonight and boasted that she would sing even if they cut her tongue. Zoravar remarks that Gurnoor has become too bold.

An aide asks if bhabhi will actually sing a song. Zoravar acknowledges that Gurnoor will sing for money but insists he doesn’t want his wife singing in front of others, adding that he knows what to do.

Gurnoor gets ready for the event, and Keerat compliments her dress, which Gurnoor says she rented. Akeer wishes her good luck and tries to cheer her up. Simran then enters, wishing Gurnoor good luck as well. Gurnoor thanks her, calling her “princess,” which reminds Simran of Sahiba calling her the same. Simran says she wants to introduce them to a special person.

Veer enters, and Simran introduces him to Akeer, mentioning he is Angad’s son. Veer warmly interacts with Akeer, noticing a picture of Bani on his phone. He compliments Bani and asks Gurnoor if she is her daughter. Gurnoor clarifies that Bani is Garry and Keerat’s daughter. Akeer asks Veer if he isn’t cute, to which Veer replies that Akeer is the cutest. When Akeer asks who he is, Veer introduces himself as his “Veer chachu” (uncle). Angad joins them, telling Akeer that he has two chachus.

Veer invites everyone to his performance that night, and Keerat assures they will attend and watch both Veer and Gurnoor’s performances. Veer secretly takes Gurnoor’s wallet and hands it to Garry, who takes a photo of Gurnoor’s Aadhaar card and sends it to his aide to gather more information. Veer expresses his concern for Angad.

At the performance venue, the Brars are given masks. Angad refuses to wear one and walks away. Beeja and Zoravar take their seats. Veer’s performance is announced, but Beeja notes that Gurnoor hasn’t arrived yet and goes to check on her.

Meanwhile, a girl flirts with Zoravar, who tells her he is already taken and that his wife will be performing on stage. She apologizes. Gurnoor arrives at the venue, hoping to win the competition and the prize money.

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