Teri Meri Doriyaan 8th July 2024: Manveer Warning

Teri Meri Doriyaan 8th July 2024 Written episode only on Yo Desi Serials.

Angad apologizes to Gurnoor for misunderstanding her, for asking her to leave his house, for shouting and misbehaving with her, and for increasing her pain with his bitter words. Gurnoor tells him he need not apologize, as he didn’t know about her past. Angad mentions that he heard she returned Sahiba’s passport. Gurnoor admits she felt she was betraying even Sahiba.

Angad says she deserves a second chance. Gurnoor asks why he helped her. Angad explains that she deserves to be saved from the evil Zoravar. When Gurnoor questions why he called her Sahiba in front of Zoravar, Angad admits she reminds him of Sahiba in many ways, though he never considered her as Sahiba.

He points out that she, like Sahiba, helps others, fights for justice, and solves problems. He mentions that even Akeer talks about her, saying she looks like his mother but isn’t her, noting her adamancy is similar to Sahiba’s.

Gurnoor agrees that she and Sahiba are similar but notes they differ in love. Sahiba had Angad, who loved her immensely, and even after Sahiba left, he keeps her memory alive. Gurnoor, on the other hand, has a monster in her life.

She wanted to become a singer, but Zoravar killed her dream and tortured her daily, making her feel like she was dying every second. Angad empathizes, saying he understands, having seen Zoravar’s cruelty. He admits his own mistakes and the guilt he feels for not correcting them in time, which led to Sahiba leaving him forever.

Gurnoor advises him not to keep his feelings about Sahiba to himself and to share them, noting she now understands why he always seemed sad. Angad tells her to rest and not discuss today’s events with Akeer. She agrees and wishes him goodnight.

As Angad walks towards his room, he recalls Gurnoor’s words. He turns back and sees her looking at him. Returning to her, he tells her one more thing: despite Zoravar destroying many years of her life and treating her like an animal, she stayed strong because of her music. He urges her to pursue her music at any cost, promising to help her fulfill her dream. She nods in agreement.

Angad walks away and stands in front of Sahiba’s photo, telling her that he didn’t know Ms. Kaur was in so much pain. He admits he’s not just helping Ms. Kaur but also helping himself, as he got his son back because of her. He acknowledges that Ms. Kaur hides her pain and promises Sahiba that he will support Ms. Kaur by all means. Garry and Jasleen overhear him.

Teri Meri Dooriyan Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV
Teri Meri Dooriyan Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV

The next day, Jasleen meets her friend at a café and talks about the problems Gurnoor has caused at her house. Her friend jokes at first, then apologizes and asks why the doppelganger is still there. Jasleen explains that Gurnoor considers herself the Brar family daughter-in-law, and she doesn’t know how to get rid of her.

The friend leaves, and Beeja, sitting at the next table, asks if her daughter-in-law’s lookalike stays in her house. Jasleen clarifies that Sahiba wasn’t her daughter-in-law and Angad is her nephew.

Beeja, having overheard, approaches Jasleen and suggests she take action if she doesn’t want Gurnoor in her house. Jasleen questions why she should listen to Beeja. Beeja reveals that she knows Gurnoor well and how she’s misusing her resemblance to Sahiba.

When Jasleen asks how she knows this, Beeja explains that Gurnoor looks like Sahiba and Angad calls her Sahiba. She asks if Jasleen also thinks Gurnoor looks like Sahiba. Jasleen admits that Gurnoor can never be like Sahiba, who was kind and helpful and reunited her with her son Garry before leaving them too soon.

Beeja then asks if everything is alright with Jasleen’s son. Jasleen explains that her son works hard and spends all his time on business but doesn’t get the respect he deserves and has become just Angad’s shadow.

Beeja empathizes and assures her that her son will shine like Angad soon. Jasleen thanks her, and Beeja offers to help remove Gurnoor from the Brar mansion. Jasleen asks who she is, and Beeja reveals that she raised Gurnoor’s husband, Zoravar Singh Maan, since childhood.

Meanwhile, Sahiba attends a singing competition audition. Angad accompanies her and cheers her on. When the receptionist asks if Angad is her husband, he replies that he is her friend and there to give moral support. The receptionist explains there will be two rounds: an interview and a singing round, and asks Sahiba to fill out the form soon.

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