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Teri Meri Doriyaan 9th July 2024 Written episode only on Yo Desi Serials.

Gurnoor walks into Angad’s room, looking anxious. “Angad, my results are out, but I can’t check them on my phone,” she says. Angad immediately opens his laptop. “Let’s check it now,” he responds confidently. Gurnoor hesitates, “What if I’m not selected?” Angad reassures her, “That’s impossible.

” He opens the website for her. Gurnoor jumps with joy upon seeing her selection and hugs Angad tightly. Suddenly aware of the hug, she steps back. Akeer enters the room, smiling. “Mamma used to say there’s magic in a hug,” he comments.

Angad tells Gurnoor, “You should start preparing for college now.” He turns to Akeer, “Your Gurnoor miss will be going to college.” Akeer, confused, says, “But Gurnoor is a teacher.” Angad explains, “There’s always more to learn. Gurnoor will study music on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and you’ll be with me for those two days.” Akeer smiles, “Gurnoor is just like Mamma.”

Zoravar angrily smashes a glass. Beeja, concerned, rushes to him. “Are you hurt?” she asks. Zoravar replies, “It’s Angad who’s hurting me.

” Beeja strategizes, “Angad’s strength lies in his two brothers. We need to either separate them or turn them against each other.” Zoravar, intrigued, asks, “How do we do that?” Beeja smiles cunningly, “Through Jasleen. She’s always dissatisfied and complaining. We’ll use her to pit her son Garry against Angad.”

Teri Meri Dooriyan Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV
Teri Meri Dooriyan Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV

Angad informs Gurnoor, “I’ve paid your fees.” Gurnoor thanks him and attends her first day at music school. The teacher introduces Zoravar as the owner of the school. Zoravar addresses the class, “I want to interact with each student individually.” He instructs the teacher to send in the students one by one. Gurnoor, feeling tense, is called next. She enters Zoravar’s office, trembling.

Zoravar smirks, “I told you, your music is only for me. I will be wherever you go.” He tries to close the door when Angad bursts in, “You will not harm Ms. Kaur.” Gurnoor hides behind Angad. Zoravar taunts, “Are you obsessed with her because she looks like your wife?” Angad retorts, “Gurnoor has her own identity, and I respect it. I’ll protect her from you and ensure she gets to and from school safely. If you trouble her, I’ll have you jailed.” Zoravar glares as Angad escorts Gurnoor out.

Back home, Gurnoor returns Angad’s school fee payment and says Akeer is not just her student, she is emotionally connected to him and can’t accept money for taking care of him. Angad appreciates her sentiment but insists she keeps the cheque. Gurnoor refuses, saying he’s already done so much for her. Angad points out that refusing the cheque is unprofessional.

Gurnoor retorts that his actions are also unprofessional. Angad tells her to call him Angad and consider him a friend. Gurnoor responds that she’s his only friend. Watching from a distance, Garry, Veer, and Keerat see them and tease them.

Angad then suggests Gurnoor divorce the monster Zoravar. Gurnoor admits she never thought she could escape Zoravar’s grip and asks about the divorce procedure. Keerat mentions that Garry is an expert. Garry calls his lawyer, who listens to Gurnoor’s situation.

The lawyer says it’s a complicated case and Zoravar won’t easily agree to a divorce, but he’ll manage somehow. Gurnoor asks if she has to meet Zoravar. The lawyer confirms, adding that a judge might counsel them both and asks if she has any evidence against Zoravar. Gurnoor says no.

The lawyer advises she might have to meet Zoravar and convince him to agree to a divorce. Gurnoor feels afraid. Angad insists on meeting Zoravar and threatening to file a harassment case against him, believing it will ensure he agrees to the divorce.

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