Udne Ki Aasha 10th July 2024: Taunts Renu

Udne Ki Aasha 10th July 2024 written Episode: Full Update only on Yo Desi Serials.

The episode begins with Renu telling Sayali to leave and giving the milk glass to Roshni instead. She praises Roshni, who leaves the room. Sayali, feeling saddened, heads to her own room. Shortly after, Sachin arrives home and notices the darkness outside. He humorously suggests that Tejas and Roshni might have run away, mistaking their wedding night for an escape plan.

Sayali corrects him, explaining it’s their wedding night, not an escape. Sachin teases her about being overly worried, and Sayali laughs, lightening the mood. Sachin admires seeing Sayali happy and independent, expressing his delight at her growth. He proposes they celebrate with a cake, to which Sayali initially hesitates but eventually agrees.

Sachin improvises by making a cake out of laddoos, smashing them together to form a round shape. They enjoy the cake together, reminiscing about how Sayali shared the news with their mother, who became emotional but was happy to hear about the financial support Sayali planned to offer.

Sachin becomes emotional himself, rejecting the notion of taking money from Sayali and insisting that she keeps it. Hurt by his reaction, Sayali follows him, trying to understand his frustration. Sachin explains that he’s repeatedly asked Sayali not to feel obligated to support their family financially, feeling responsible for his own debts.

The next morning, Paresh greets Renu cheerfully, who is in a good mood. Renu receives a call from Shakku, who wonders where they are, as they were supposed to bring Tejas and Roshni to the temple. Renu informs Shakku that the newlyweds are still in their room and asks her to wait patiently.

Sayali announces that breakfast is ready, and Paresh inquires if Sachin has woken up. Sayali confirms he has, and they plan to have breakfast together. Renu, feeling slighted, complains that they didn’t ask her about breakfast.

Sayali defends herself, reminding Renu that she had given Sayali the liberty to prepare anything she wanted. Renu, unperturbed, suggests waiting for Tejas and Roshni to wake up naturally, teasing Sayali about her possible jealousy seeing the newlyweds happy. Paresh intervenes, asking Renu not to trouble Sayali, who leaves to prepare lunch after consulting Roshni.

Meanwhile, Sachin asks Sayali for his red shirt, which she says is in his cupboard. Sachin suspects Tejas might have taken it and moves to retrieve it, prompting Renu to stop him urgently, fearing he might disturb the sleeping couple. Sachin remains oblivious to Renu’s concerns, commenting on Tejas’ laziness. Paresh advises Sayali to fetch another shirt for Sachin and send him along. Sayali agrees warmly, happy to oblige.

Udne ki Aasha Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV
Udne ki Aasha Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV

They sat down for breakfast. Sachin particularly enjoyed the pakodas and requested tea. Sayali mentioned there was also chutney and pau. Sachin appreciated the breakfast, and Renu asked if Roshni had been consulted about the menu. Sayali retorted, “Should everyone starve until I know her choice? I made this for Sachin.” Sachin complimented the meal’s taste, and Paresh joined in, also enjoying the food. Renu declined any food and left to call Tejas.

Tejas and Roshni soon appeared, ready for the day. Roshni affectionately called Tejas “Babu” and reminisced about their shared moments. Sayali praised the breakfast as the best, prompting Renu to invite Tejas and Roshni to join them at the table.

However, Roshni expressed her dislike for oily food, finding it too greasy. Sachin humorously suggested frying it in water, prompting Roshni to ask if he was mocking her. Tejas intervened, calling Sachin an idiot and reminding him not to eat food that could cause acidity. Sachin defended himself, claiming activity and work prevented such issues. Paresh suggested limiting oily foods to once a week, and Renu sarcastically remarked about Sachin’s habits.

Roshni decided to make ABC juice—a blend of Apple, Beetroot, and Carrot—for everyone. Sayali, remembering Sachin’s earlier comments, quickly instructed Roshni on where everything was kept. Sachin light-heartedly sang as Renu declined the food, concerned it could cause acidity. Paresh requested more pakodas from Sayali, and they all ate heartily. Afterward, Paresh left for a walk.

Roshni returned with the juice, and despite initial skepticism, Renu and Tejas found it enjoyable. Sachin teased Roshni, who insisted the juice was tasty. Renu agreed but advised against making it a daily occurrence. Sachin joked about Tejas drinking the juice and called him a fool for enjoying it. He then asked Sayali to pack his breakfast, which Renu agreed to, albeit with a stern gaze.

As Sachin prepared to leave, Roshni remarked on his support for Sayali. Renu dismissed it, claiming Sachin couldn’t be trusted, and focused on Tejas and Roshni’s happiness instead. She then mentioned meeting Shakku at the temple and asked them to come along. Unbeknownst to them, Sayali overheard their conversation.

At the temple, Shakku and Renu guided Tejas and Roshni. Roshni silently resolved to always remain Renu’s favorite daughter-in-law. She subtly spoke against Sayali, but Shakku defended Sayali’s high standing at the temple. Renu asked Shakku not to praise Sayali, and he acquiesced, advising Tejas to find a job soon. Renu emphasized the urgency, urging Tejas to pray for a job.

Meanwhile, Sachin approached Sayali and insisted they go to the temple to repay a loan. Sayali questioned why she should accompany him. Sachin, reluctant to explain, simply urged her to come along, thinking to himself that involving Sayali might lead to her helping financially again.

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