Udne Ki Aasha 11th July 2024: I want her help

Udne Ki Aasha 11th July 2024 written Episode: Full Update only on Yo Desi Serials.

The episode begins with Sachin confiding in Sayali about their financial problem. She suggests going home to get money from their mother, but Sachin reveals a different plan—he’s learned that the moneylender frequents the Shiv Mandir for worship. He urges Sayali to go and give the money instead, as he fears the moneylender will scold him if he shows up. Sayali hesitates, concerned about facing the moneylender alone, but Sachin reassures her, insisting that she confidently approach him, emphasizing that she is his wife.

At the temple, Sachin points out the moneylender to Sayali and encourages her to proceed. Nervously, she heads towards him. Meanwhile, Renu, Paresh, and Shakku arrive at the temple. Renu spots the moneylender and panics, quickly running away. He chases after her, leaving Sayali bewildered. She rushes back to Sachin and informs him about Renu’s predicament. Realizing the danger, Sachin decides they must hide immediately.

Meanwhile, Renu confesses to Paresh and Shakku that she couldn’t repay the money and had mortgaged their house without informing them. Shakku worries about losing their home, while Renu continues to flee in fear. Shakku explains to Paresh that Renu’s escape was due to her financial burden.

Back at the moneylender’s side, he demands Renu’s family’s signatures on a witness document, threatening consequences if they fail to comply. Renu protests that it’s impossible to gather them immediately, but the moneylender insists they visit his office soon or face severe consequences.

Udne ki Aasha Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV
Udne ki Aasha Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV

Elsewhere, Tejas discusses job prospects with Roshni, planning to seek employment after their honeymoon. Sayali privately worries about Sachin’s lack of foresight. The moneylender returns, prompting Sayali to bravely approach him and hand over the money. Meanwhile, Shakku frets over the impending loss of their house to the moneylender. Paresh questions Renu about her unusual behavior, and she attributes it to dizziness.

Sayali introduces herself as Sachin’s wife, explaining that he sent her with the money and promising the remainder soon. The moneylender questions Sachin’s absence, but Sayali covers for him nervously. He instructs her to give the money to his associate, and she complies, relieved. However, the moneylender spots Sachin lurking nearby and calls him out, sending both Sachin and Sayali into further anxiety.

“Sachin asks Sayali why she looked back. Sayali denies it. The moneylender questions Sachin about the incomplete payment sent through his wife. Sachin promises to settle the remaining amount soon. The moneylender demands a fixed date. Renu and Shakku spot Sachin talking to the moneylender and become anxious. Renu suggests they go inside to avoid being seen by Sachin. Sachin assures the moneylender he will pay within a day or two, and the man dismisses him.

Feeling regretful for involving Sayali, Sachin offers to drop her somewhere, but she insists on going to the temple first. He sarcastically advises her to pray for wisdom before leaving. Renu informs Tejas there’s no puja plate, urging him to proceed with prayers only.

Meanwhile, Sachin talks to Anya. She spots someone and recognizes him as the man who planted alcohol crates in Sachin’s car previously. Sachin chases and apprehends the man, demanding to know who sent him. The man confesses Sudhakar’s involvement, prompting Sachin to realize the moneylender’s vendetta against him. Sachin threatens the man and lets him go, vowing revenge against Sudhakar.

Later, Sayali prays for the well-being of her family and happily discusses Sachin. Sarvesh informs her about a client impressed with her wedding décor design, leading to a potential new project. Sayali thanks Shiv ji for the opportunity and plans to inform Sachin, knowing he will be pleased.

Back home, Renu waits anxiously for Sachin and Sayali’s return. Sayali arrives, having gone to the temple and bought vegetables. Renu asks her to prepare lunch while Shakku discreetly questions Sayali about the recent events. Meanwhile, Sachin, consumed with anger, declares his intention to confront and possibly harm Sudhakar.”

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