Udne Ki Aasha 11th June 2024: Renu do something

Udne Ki Aasha 11th June 2024 written Episode: Full Update only on Yo Desi Serials.

The episode opens with Akash inviting Shubha and Juhi to sit down and serving them Upma. Juhi compliments the dish, finding it tasty. Akash’s phone rings; it’s Renu, questioning his whereabouts. He explains he’s at Sayali’s house and intended to visit them. Renu, displeased, scolds Sayali’s family, prompting Akash to end the call, promising to talk later. Renu, now determined, decides to go to Sayali’s house to handle the situation.

Meanwhile, Sayali is sweeping the ground when Renu approaches her, insisting on taking over the task due to Sayali’s injured foot. Sayali insists on completing the chore but eventually gives in, agreeing to stand by. Renu eagerly awaits Aaji’s reaction upon seeing her cleaning. Paresh arrives and, confused, inquires about Renu’s unusual behavior, asking if she lost any jewelry. Sayali clarifies, and Renu retorts, defending her actions.

Renu then fetches a bucket of water, intending to wash the floor, much to everyone’s surprise. Sayali tries to stop her, but Renu remains adamant, suggesting using cow dung for its insect-repellent properties. Paresh and Aaji express astonishment, with Aaji praising Sayali’s humility and work ethic. Renu, feeling competitive, insists on doing the task herself.

As Renu prepares to mix the cow dung with water, she starts feeling dizzy. Aaji, observing her struggle, asks Paresh to help Renu. Paresh explains to Sachin, who arrives later, that Renu is cleaning with cow dung, shocking him. Sachin, unable to believe Renu’s actions, comically reacts, fearing he’s in a bad dream. Sayali, amused, continues her work, while Sachin jests about Renu’s sudden change, attributing it to a supernatural occurrence.

Sachin walks over to Sayali and pinches her. “I feel like I’m dreaming,” he says. In response, Sayali pinches him back and asks, “Doesn’t it hurt?” Sachin, still in disbelief, replies, “I’m in shock, I can’t feel anything.” Sayali smiles as Akash leaves.

Meanwhile, Shubha asks Juhi to understand that Renu sometimes says nonsensical things. Juhi reassures her not to worry. Shubha mentions that Akash forgot his phone, and Juhi decides to return it to him to avoid his worrying.

After Juhi leaves, Renu enters the room and smells her hands, frustrated that the bad smell isn’t going away despite washing them ten times. Paresh comments that every family in the village does such work. Renu then shifts the conversation to Tejas’ marriage, suggesting that Paresh ask Aaji for money. However, Paresh encourages Renu to win Aaji’s heart instead, as Aaji was praising her earlier and might offer money willingly. Renu agrees and decides to ask Aaji what to do next.

Udne ki Aasha Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV
Udne ki Aasha Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV

Approaching Aaji, Renu offers to take care of the cooking. Aaji, however, insists on managing it herself. Sayali enters and inquires about the cooking, to which Renu responds that she will handle it. Aaji reminds Renu that her cooking skills were lacking after her marriage, hoping she has improved now. Sachin intervenes, praising Aaji and Sayali’s cooking skills. Aaji corrects him, stating that Renu will be cooking. Sachin pretends to be shocked, asking Renu when she started cooking.

Renu retorts, reminding him that she cooked for him before. Sachin, taken aback, admits he can’t recall the last time he ate her cooking. He questions Renu’s sudden involvement and expresses disbelief, leaving Aaji to clarify that Renu is cooking by choice. Sachin, still puzzled, asks Renu if she knows where the kitchen is. Renu confidently affirms, and as she leaves to cook, Sachin confides in Paresh about his suspicions.

At the restaurant, Juhi meets Akash to return his phone, and they discuss his recent scolding from his mother. Akash apologizes, attributing it to his mother’s nature. He then offers Juhi to try a new dish he created, which she declines, opting to have it at college instead. As they talk, Riya calls Akash, asking for a special dish. Juhi handles the call and manages to calm Riya down. Despite Riya’s initial anger, the conversation ends amicably, with Akash promising to send the dish soon.

Back at home, Renu asks Sayali to teach her how to use the clay stove. Sachin watches them, impressed by their teamwork. He jokingly comments on their compatibility, but Sayali refuses to do the work, prompting Renu to take over. As Renu tries to light the fire, she ends up with a blackened face, leading to laughter among them. Renu cleans up, determined to prove herself in the kitchen.

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