Udne Ki Aasha 22nd June 2024: Tejas worries

Udne Ki Aasha 22nd June 2024 written Episode: Full Update only on Yo Desi Serials.

The episode begins with Sachin asking for Sayali’s saree and jewellery. Paresh tells him to go ahead, saying he’ll handle it. Sachin goes to eat and questions why Sayali didn’t demand the saree and jewellery, saying she should claim her rights. Sayali responds that she doesn’t need it. He insists it’s her right to ask for it and even to take it if necessary.

Sayali thanks him and smiles, appreciating that he asked for the saree and jewellery on her behalf. He confirms and mentions needing to collect 27 lakhs from them. Sayali is taken aback and asks if he did it for the money. He admits he did and tells her to serve food, claiming he’s hungry. Sayali feels sad.

At the gate, Paresh and Renu are waiting. Sachin arrives, saying a money lender let him borrow a car, but it’s not smooth and he misses his own car, which is still with the mechanic. Renu jokes about it. Sachin mentions his backache from driving and asks where they’re going.

Paresh says they are going to invite Renu’s relatives. Sayali brings Paresh’s wallet. Sachin offers to drive them, but Renu refuses, teasing that he might ask for money. Sachin retorts that he’s not Tejas and wouldn’t charge his own father. Renu tells him to go about his business. Sachin, feeling unwell, initially asks Sayali for tea but changes his mind and leaves after getting a ride.

Renu remarks that Sachin left quickly. Paresh defends Sachin, saying he has many loans to pay. Renu criticizes Sayali, blaming her for Sachin’s troubles. Sayali overhears and cries. Paresh disagrees with Renu, saying nothing has changed since Sayali joined the family. They leave for their visit.

Meanwhile, Roshni is looking for jobs online. Vidya comments that Tejas shows no interest in finding work, questioning how long Roshni will keep searching for him. Roshni believes he should have a job he likes. Tejas arrives, and Roshni shows him job opportunities. Vidya insists he needs to start earning to support the family.

Udne ki Aasha Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV
Udne ki Aasha Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV

Tejas gestures that he isn’t interested in the jobs Roshni found, explaining he’s overqualified. He suggests pausing the job hunt until after their wedding and honeymoon. Vidya brings coffee and taunts Tejas. He reassures Roshni that he will resume the job search after the wedding. Roshni agrees, saying their expenses will be covered by her parlor for now. Tejas agrees, and they smile at each other.

Renu confronts Sayali, scolding her. “Sachin’s in bad shape because of you. Stay away from the cash locker, your bad luck will make our money vanish.” She tells her to leave. Sayali, disheartened, walks away. Vidya questions the situation. Tejas makes excuses, showing laziness. Roshni reminds them that he promised to work after marriage. Vidya doubts his commitment. Roshni asserts, “I’ll handle him. I like Tejas and am marrying him. He’ll always be with me. I plan to open more parlors; Tejas can manage them. Don’t worry.” She leaves.

Sayali sees Renu sleeping and thinks about cooking but hesitates to take the rice. Renu wakes up, “I told you not to touch the rice box! Are you deaf?” Sayali explains she didn’t want to disturb Renu. Renu retorts, “I don’t care if everyone stays hungry. You won’t touch the grains. What did I do here? I worked hard at Aaji’s house and got 2 lakhs, but lost it because of your bad luck.

It’s Paresh’s mistake for choosing you. Get out!” Sayali, upset, retreats to her room and calls Aaji. “I want to come to you,” she says tearfully. Aaji calms her, “You’re the house’s Laxmi. Renu isn’t lucky, she’s the one who took my son away. Don’t let her words get to you. You have to make your place there.”

Sayali tries to stay strong, “I do good for everyone, but things go wrong.” Aaji reassures her, “It takes time. Work hard, and you’ll see the rewards.” They end the call. Paresh and Sachin come home. Sachin goes to Sayali, surprising her with snacks. He playfully asks her to guess what he brought.

She finally identifies the snack by its smell. Sachin feeds her and shares the snack with Paresh. Noticing Sayali’s red eyes, he asks if she was crying. Sayali denies, making an excuse about something falling in her eyes while cooking.

Sachin insists she should take care, then leaves for work. Paresh confronts Renu, “Sachin didn’t notice, but I did. You upset Sayali while we were gone. She didn’t tell Sachin, protecting you and showing her big heart. Hurting a good-hearted person brings suffering. Remember that.” He leaves. Renu thinks, “Paresh supports Sayali too much. Roshni will rule this house, but I will control Sayali.”

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