Udne Ki Aasha 2nd July 2024: Sayali Watches Sachin Draw Stars

Udne Ki Aasha 2nd July 2024 written Episode: Full Update only on Yo Desi Serials.

The episode begins with Juhi telling Sayali that Sachin asked her to bring her here. Juhi then asks Sayali to sit in the room. Sachin arrives with food for Sayali and asks her to eat. Juhi questions if this was the reason he called Sayali, to which Sachin affirms, explaining that Sayali has been working hard all morning without eating. He then asks Juhi to feed Sayali.

Sayali asks if he has eaten, and Sachin replies that it’s not important. As he gets a call, Juhi feeds Sayali, who starts crying, remembering Tejas’ indifference. Juhi comments that Sayali’s tears are of happiness and that it’s good she married Sachin instead of Tejas. Sayali smiles.

Sayali reflects on how she was upset when Tejas’ mehendi wore off her hands, especially with Renu’s taunts, but believes Bappa had different plans for her. Sachin overhears this. Sayali adds that although Tejas’ mehendi faded, she feels like she now holds the stars and moon in her hands. Sachin smiles, and “Kaun Tujhe” plays as they share a look.

Sachin remarks on the beauty of the mehendi. The next morning, Sayali and the staff pray, and Sayali silently asks for strength to face challenges. She breaks a coconut and instructs the staff to begin work. A man points out the difficulty of translating designs from paper to reality, but Sayali is determined and offers to help. She decorates the temple while “Aashaayein” plays.

Shubha, Juhi, and Dilip arrive and admire Sayali’s work, offering encouragement. A pandit blesses Sayali, and Juhi notices something is wrong. Sayali mentions that Sarvesh didn’t send enough flowers. Juhi reassures her that there’s still time. Shubha asks Dilip to get juice for Sayali, but Sayali insists on finishing her work first.

She receives a call from Sarvesh just as Sachin arrives with his family. He greets Juhi and Shubha, while Renu and Tejas observe the decorations. Renu questions the lack of decor at the entrance, and Sachin explains that he advised Sayali against it, joking that Tejas might flee.

Shubha inquires about everyone’s arrival, and Sachin mentions they are coming in another car. Aaji, Akash, and Gita arrive, and Shubha and Juhi go to welcome Aaji. Juhi teases Akash about his turn for marriage, but Akash insists he’s just friends with Riya. Juhi predicts he will fall in love. Renu watches the exchange.

Shakku asks about Roshni, and Renu says she is on her way. Tejas suggests they go inside, but Sachin asks him to pay the taxi fare. When Tejas questions this, Sachin insists, noting that everyone already knows about Tejas’ fleeing and his infamous reputation. Tejas balks at the amount, and Paresh intervenes, offering to pay. Sachin refuses, insisting that Tejas should pay to maintain his respect. Paresh finally relents, agreeing to give the money.

Udne ki Aasha Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV
Udne ki Aasha Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV

Renu offers, “I’ll give you the money, take it.” Sachin accepts with a nod. Renu couldn’t resist taunting him, but Sachin lightens the mood with a playful comeback. Paresh intervenes, urging, “You’ve got your money, now come inside.”

Meanwhile, Sayali warmly welcomes Aaji and Gita. Renu, however, chooses to insult Shubha, prompting Sachin to slyly comment on Renu’s behavior. Sayali, visibly affected, tries to maintain composure.

Paresh queries, “Did you prepare the varmala?” Sayali confirms, “Yes,” as everyone heads inside. Sachin, feeling out of place, suggests, “I’ll go for a ride, I don’t have much to do here. I might as well earn some money.” Sayali interrupts, sharing a concern, “There’s a problem—Sarvesh didn’t deliver the flowers here; they’re somewhere else.

I need your help.” Sachin nods in agreement, “Alright, tell me what to do.” Sayali requests, “Take care of the flower delivery.” Sachin hesitates, “Fine, I’ll handle it, but if anything goes wrong…” Sayali instructs, “Take Juhi with you.”

Juhi protests, “But I have the varmala work.” Sachin convinces Juhi and Akash to accompany him. Sayali offers a prayer. Meanwhile, Roshni and Vidya travel, Roshni expressing her worries, “Mom got me married at 18, I tried to escape but failed. Now I have love and happiness, but I fear my past will take it all away.” Vidya comforts her. Dinesh calls Roshni, threatening her.

Sachin lightens the mood by singing, “Ye kya hua…” He shares his unease about Tejas and Roshni, feeling that something might go wrong. As they approach a signal, they miss seeing Roshni. Sachin voices his concern, “Something will go wrong, mark my words.” Akash urges him not to think negatively. Vidya consoles Roshni, who decides not to go to the temple, fearing Dinesh’s arrival. Vidya agrees to return home, embracing Roshni.

Inside, Paresh meets the pandit, confirming Tejas as the groom. The pandit assures, “All arrangements are in place.” Renu rehearses to impress Roshni’s father, with Shakku hinting at the family’s expectations. Renu asserts, “Roshni is becoming our daughter-in-law because Sayali didn’t marry Tejas.” Sayali worries silently.

Sachin returns with the flowers triumphantly, announcing to Sayali, “I’ve got everything.” She beams with gratitude, hugging Sachin warmly. Juhi, Akash, and Shubha share in the joy. Juhi suggests teasingly, “Let’s close our eyes; you two don’t be shy.” Sachin, brushing it off, adds, “We’ve got a lot to do.” He hurries away, and Sayali follows suit.

Shubha remarks fondly, “They are truly made for each other.” Sayali smiles, appreciating Sachin’s efforts. As they work together on decorations, Sachin surprises Sayali with a shower of flowers, both sharing a tender moment as they light a diya together.

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