Udne Ki Aasha 3rd July 2024: Smiles seeing her

Udne Ki Aasha 3rd July 2024 written Episode: Full Update only on Yo Desi Serials.


The episode begins with Sayali expressing gratitude, “Everything finished on time thanks to Sachin’s help.” Akash teases Sayali for making garlands quickly, prompting Juhi to ask about her contribution. Akash jokes about Juhi’s slow pace until Sayali mentions Riya’s unexpected arrival.

Confused, Akash denies inviting Riya, prompting Sayali to remind him of Riya’s help in freeing Sachin. Concerned, Akash doubts Tejas’s reliability, fearing he might flee again. Shubha intervenes, urging Akash not to speak negatively, especially with Renu nearby.

Shakku and Renu admire the decorations, assuming the old decorator returned for the beautiful setup. Sayali eagerly asks Renu for feedback, who credits the decoration to the old decorator. Sachin arrives and surprises Renu by revealing Sayali’s handiwork. Paresh arrives, impressed by the decor and praises Sayali for demonstrating the results of determination and kindness. He encourages Renu to prepare another rangoli as he greets Kishor.

Kishor questions everyone’s presence, thinking they are waiting for the bride. Sachin spots Tejas and warmly embraces him, expressing relief that nothing bad happened to his brother. Tejas, smiling, appreciates Sachin’s concern and jokes about running away. Sachin teases about Roshni’s absence, singing playfully until Tejas interrupts, visibly concerned. Sachin remarks on Renu’s belief that Roshni is similar to Tejas, hinting she might have fled. Sayali remarks, “As you sow, so shall you reap,” confirming Roshni’s absence.

Udne ki Aasha Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV
Udne ki Aasha Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV

Tejas tries to call Roshni without success. Kishor speculates she might have learned about Tejas’s past runaway. Paresh reveals Renu had kept Tejas’s previous incident hidden from Roshni. Sachin questions Juhi about skipping college to help, leading Shubha to explain her role. Sachin then instructs Sayali to send Juhi back to college and humorously suggests Akash leave too, fearing if Roshni returns, their father might marry Akash in Tejas’s place.

Paresh, concerned for Renu, volunteers to assist her. Renu anxiously asks Tejas about Roshni’s absence while Shakku reassures her. Shubha advises Renu to go inside, anticipating Roshni’s arrival.

Sayali distributes besan laddoos to the staff, instructing them to give a box to Sarvesh as well. Grateful, they thank her for the gesture, acknowledging the respect shown to them. Sayali reciprocates their thanks warmly. Just then, Roshni and Vidya arrive. Sayali invites them in and asks Juhi to inform Renu of Roshni’s arrival. Vidya reassures Roshni, urging her not to be nervous.

When Renu questions their lateness, Vidya explains their delay due to receiving bridal makeup items. Aaji interrupts, questioning Roshni about her secrecy regarding the wedding plans, prompting Roshni to explain that her father is expected but delayed. Renu welcomes them inside and directs them to their room, handing over the keys while Aaji and Gita gently chide Renu for being preoccupied during her son’s marriage preparations.

Meanwhile, Tejas playfully takes selfies and notices Roshni, complimenting her with a smile. Vidya encourages Roshni to smile back to avoid raising suspicions. Paresh interjects, urging them to get ready, and Dinesh calls Roshni, issuing a threatening ultimatum regarding her past. Panicking, Roshni is consoled by Shubha and Juhi.

In another area, Shubha praises Sachin’s compatibility with Sayali, affirming his positive transformation and support for her. Sayali agrees, mentioning his changed demeanor and kindness towards her. Shubha playfully teases Sayali before directing her inside, informing her of Roshni’s presence. Sayali heads indoors as Renu continues to manage the guests, crafting a Rangoli.

The Pandit suggests involving Sayali for a more elaborate design, to which Renu initially protests, asserting her own skills. Eventually, Sayali complies and creates a beautiful Rangoli, impressing everyone. Despite Renu’s discontent, the Pandit and guests praise Sayali’s craftsmanship, ending the tension amicably.

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