Udne Ki Aasha 4th July 2024: Renu argues

Udne Ki Aasha 4th July 2024 written Episode: Full Update only on Yo Desi Serials.

The episode begins with Renu’s taunts directed at Sayali. Pandit intervenes, reassuring Renu not to worry as Sayali will manage everything well. Roshni, feeling burdened, resolves to confess her truth to Tejas before their personal assistant arrives, knowing she can’t keep it hidden much longer. Just then, Renu knocks on the door, entering with bridal attire and jewelry in hand. She instructs Roshni to prepare herself, receiving Roshni’s respectful blessings. Shakku notices Vidya’s troubled expression and asks why she seems upset. Vidya dismisses it, attributing her unease to a restless night.


Udne ki Aasha Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV
Udne ki Aasha Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV

Meanwhile, Kishor and Paresh discuss retirement funds, concerned that Sachin remains unaware lest he confront Joy about it. Sayali interrupts, urging Sachin via phone to hurry for the impending wedding. Sachin, preoccupied with earning through rides, expresses skepticism about the ceremony proceeding smoothly. Sayali reassures him Tejas and Roshni are present, urging him to eat properly. Sachin fondly recalls offering her juice, insisting it was more than enough, prompting her to eat.

Dinesh contacts Sachin, urging his swift arrival while threatening to expose Roshni’s secrets. Akash directs Shubha to prepare the garlands, with Juhi suggesting he learn to make them. Akash declines, confident he can manage, while Juhi coaches him. Supriya calls Roshni, who, overwhelmed, snaps at her and expresses uncertainty about her wedding’s fate.

Sachin picks up Dinesh, and Akash prepares sugarcane juice for Juhi to taste, suggesting they add tulsi leaves next time. Shubha overhears Akash and Juhi bonding, fearing Renu’s reaction if she discovers their friendship, prompting Juhi to reassure her.

Paresh assures Tejas he’ll assist once finances stabilize. Renu, anxious, directs Tejas to prepare and tasks Paresh with welcoming guests. Without cause, Renu targets Sayali with harsh words, leaving her in tears.

Sayali explains she’s acting on the advice of Pandit Ji. Renu continues to insult her, calling her unlucky. Sayali stands up for herself, arguing back. Pandit Ji inquires about the commotion, and Renu decides to light the diyas. Shakku sympathizes with Sayali, but Renu disregards her appearance of innocence. Meanwhile, Dinesh is on a call, overheard by Sachin. He becomes incensed, thinking Dinesh intends to take advantage of a girl. Dinesh vows revenge, and Sachin resolves to keep calm.

Elsewhere, Roshni struggles with a decision, fearing to risk and decides to reveal the truth to Tejas. She calls him, and Tejas, already thinking of her, expresses his happiness about their upcoming marriage. Overwhelmed, Roshni confesses her past: married young to an older man who passed away, not from a wealthy family, with a mother in the village. She had given up on love until meeting Tejas, now leaving the decision to him whether she should come to the wedding.

Interrupted by a knock, Roshni checks her call, and Vidya asks about her distress. Roshni explains Tejas disconnected the call. Sayali arrives, informing Roshni everyone waits, asking if Tejas is ready. Roshni remains uncertain, and Sayali reassures her Tejas will come. Vidya suggests Tejas likely didn’t hear anything, and Roshni decides to prepare.

Meanwhile, Dinesh converses with Sachin, and Sachin inquires about his plans. Dinesh evades, requesting a good song due to his upbeat mood. Sachin discloses his speaker’s malfunction, prompting Dinesh to listen to Roshni’s audio. Sachin recognizes Roshni’s voice, sparking his memory.

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