Udne Ki Aasha 5th July 2024: Heard voice

Udne Ki Aasha 5th July 2024 written Episode: Full Update only on Yo Desi Serials.

The episode starts with Akash and Juhi holding garlands. Renu exclaims to Shakku, “Akash and Juhi got married, I’ve been cheated.” She feels dizzy and says that Akash’s life is ruined, asking Paresh to look at them. Shakku reassures her, “The garlands are in their hands, not around their necks.

Don’t worry.” Paresh, concerned, asks if Renu is drunk. Renu angrily scolds Akash and sends Juhi away. Akash follows Juhi. The pandit requests the bride and groom to come to the mandap.

Akash tells Juhi to get Shubha while he helps at the stall, but Renu insists Akash should go. Vidya tells Akash that he didn’t need to tell Tejas anything. Roshni interjects, saying she told Tejas everything and it’s now his decision. Juhi calls Sayali, who assures her she will bring Roshni once she is ready.

Sayali knocks on the door, but Renu and Shakku arrive. Renu scolds Sayali, telling her to stay away. Sayali, tearfully, insists it’s her duty to bring the new bride to the mandap. Shakku sympathetically remarks, “Poor Sayali.” Renu responds, “Be quiet, we need to show them their place.” She then asks Roshni to open the door. Vidya says they need to open the door.

Paresh instructs Sayali to stay with Roshni. Sayali protests, saying Renu will bring Roshni. Paresh insists, “You are the first daughter-in-law; it’s your right to bring Roshni to the mandap.” Sayali thanks him but reiterates that Renu will handle it and will be pleased to see Roshni dressed as a bride. Paresh acknowledges Sayali’s thoughtfulness.

Renu questions Roshni, “Why aren’t you dressed as a bride?” Roshni explains she was busy with friends’ calls. Renu urges her to get ready quickly as Tejas will arrive soon. Renu and Shakku leave, and Vidya tells Roshni to get ready.

Udne ki Aasha Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV
Udne ki Aasha Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV

Meanwhile, Sachin is puzzled, wondering who the girl is and why she’s being threatened. Dinesh urges Sachin to drive faster, but Sachin refuses, citing the rainy weather and potential hazards. Dinesh shows Sachin a picture and suggests many men would want her in their rooms. Angry, Sachin retorts, “I don’t want this nonsense. Don’t insult her.” Dinesh concedes, warning that many men will soon see her.

Supriya calls Sayali and inquires about the marriage preparations. Sayali, sounding concerned, replies, “Roshni hasn’t gotten ready yet. She’s not opening the door. I feel something is wrong.” Supriya reassures her, “It’s normal to be nervous on your wedding day.

” Sayali, feeling the pressure, responds, “You didn’t come, Supriya.” Supriya explains, “I wanted to, but my daughter insisted I stay. Krish has school. You stay with the bride. I heard her family isn’t coming.” Sayali confirms, “Yes, her mother has passed, and her father hasn’t arrived yet.” Supriya, emotional, says, “I wish her mother could be here. Send me a family picture after the wedding.” Sayali agrees, “Sure.”

Meanwhile, Tejas seems distracted. Akash notices and asks, “What’s wrong?” Tejas, brushing it off, says, “Nothing, you go ahead. I’ll come later.” In her room, Roshni prays and then sees Tejas entering. He approaches her, frustrated, “I’m angry.” Roshni, feeling helpless, replies, “I had no choice. I didn’t want to hide anything from you, so I told you everything. Now you decide, should I stay or leave?” Tejas, firm but caring, responds, “Where will you go? We’ll get married and go home together.

” Roshni, seeking clarity, asks, “You mean you have no problem marrying me?” Tejas reassures her, “We decided to marry. Don’t scare me like this.” She tries to explain, “I told you everything on the phone.” Tejas, surprised, says, “Sorry, I couldn’t hear it. Paresh interrupted me, asking to get ready. What is it you need to tell me?”

Just then, Aaji arrives, calling them to the mandap. Shubha joins and compliments Roshni. Aaji and Shubha inquire about Roshni’s father. Roshni, distressed, says, “I don’t know if he’s coming.” Sayali and Akash enter. Vidya speculates, “Maybe he got stuck at work.

” Shubha suggests, “You can show the wedding to him on the phone.” Aaji agrees, “Tejas, did you talk to her dad?” Shubha adds, “Take his blessings over a call.” Roshni, teary-eyed, feels overwhelmed. Tejas comforts her, “Don’t cry.”

Renu and Shakku enter. Roshni, exasperated, says, “I want to be happy, but everyone keeps asking about my dad. He promised to come but wanted me to marry a wealthy guy. I refused and chose you, Tejas. He’s angry.

If he doesn’t come, it’s not my fault. If this marriage depends on his presence, I’ll leave.” Renu intervenes, “No, Tejas, who’s been asking her about her dad?” Tejas points to the group, “They did.” Renu admonishes Shubha, “Why did you ask her about her dad?”

Shubha, hurt, defends herself, “I didn’t mean any harm.” Aaji steps in, “Shubha didn’t mean to upset anyone.” Renu, ignoring Aaji, continues, “This is our family matter. We’ll handle it.” Aaji warns, “Watch your words, Renu. We’ll talk after the wedding.

” Renu directs Tejas and Roshni to leave and tells Sayali, “Your mother shouldn’t talk to Roshni.” Shakku escorts Renu away. Vidya asserts, “This marriage will happen.” Renu retorts, “So, you think I shouldn’t say anything to Tejas?” Vidya advises, “Let the marriage proceed. If her father shows up, we’ll manage it. Just focus on the wedding.” Tejas returns to help Roshni, and Renu teases them lightly to ease the tension.

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