Udne Ki Aasha 6th July 2024: Renu teases Tejas

Udne Ki Aasha 6th July 2024 written Episode: Full Update only on Yo Desi Serials.

The episode begins with Sachin determined to take action. He drives recklessly, prompting Dinesh to say, “Drive carefully. Why did you change the route?” Sachin replies, “It’s a shortcut.” Dinesh reluctantly agrees, “Fine, just get me there quickly.

” Sachin thinks to himself, “I’ll teach him a lesson for disrespecting a girl.” Meanwhile, Roshni and Tejas arrive at the mandap and exchange garlands. Renu angrily stops Sayali, telling her, “Stay away. Don’t cast any bad shadow on Tejas and Roshni.

” Sayali walks away in tears. Shubha notices and asks, “What happened? Where are you going?” Roshni thinks, “PA shouldn’t come.” Dinesh plans, “I will humiliate her today. Arrange a room, and I’ll bring him.”

Sachin stops the car and starts beating up Dinesh, demanding, “Respect women!”

Aaji inquires, “Where is Sayali?” Paresh answers, “She’s gone out, maybe for some work.” Juhi adds, “Renu blamed Sayali when Sachin’s car was caught, and today, Renu called Sayali a problem.” Shubha responds, “You didn’t tell us about it.” Dilip suggests, “We should go and ask her why she behaves like this.” Shubha stops him, and Sayali pleads, “Don’t say anything to Paresh.

” Juhi questions, “You want us to stay silent?” Sayali insists, “Yes, we’ll talk later.” Meanwhile, Sachin continues to scold Dinesh, calling him a dog and threatening, “Who were you threatening? Tell me, or I’ll kill you.” Dinesh agrees to talk.

As Roshni’s marriage rituals continue, Sachin bursts in with Sayali, demanding, “Stop the drama.” He orders the pandit, “Stop the marriage.” Renu objects, “What are you doing? It’s a bad omen to stop the marriage.

Udne ki Aasha Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV
Udne ki Aasha Today Full HD Video Episode Desi Serial Apne TV

” Sachin retorts, “I don’t care. I’m doing what’s right. Someone here pretends to be a saint but is actually a demon. I’ll reveal the truth.” Tejas pleads, “Please stop him.” Sachin declares, “You’re all being fooled. I’m here to tell the truth.” Paresh asks, “What happened? Tell me.” Sachin reveals, “You know what was said to Sayali.”

Sayali begs him to stop, while Roshni thinks, “Thank God, he’s talking about something else.” Sachin continues, “Sayali has been working since 4 a.m. She made their garlands. I helped her get the flowers. You know how she was thanked? She was called a problem and kicked out.” Paresh looks at Renu and asks, “What are you saying?” Sachin explains, “I just found out.

” He recalls Sayali telling him everything and says, “Sayali was leaving, not wanting to tell anyone. She cares deeply for all of you. I can’t tolerate her insult. I’ll ask directly.” Renu admits, “Yes, I told her. What did I do wrong?” Sachin questions, “What bad fate did Sayali bring? Tell me. She made the garlands.” Renu insists, “It’s true. Since she came into our house, we’ve faced problems.”

**Aji, Paresh, and Akash defend Sayali, scolding Renu. Sachin says, “You make Sayali do all the work. You should be ashamed to talk like this. You are dual-faced.” Renu retorts, “Why are you taking her side? You lost your car because of her ill fate.” Sachin replies, “Yes, my car got caught because Sayali committed a crime. She saved me from the police, begged the ACP’s wife for my release. She cares for me, unlike you. Since she came into my life, everything has improved.

I eat well now; everyone knows how it was before she arrived.” Paresh says, “You’re saying this in front of Roshni. What will she think? She will be afraid of you.” Renu blames Shubha, “Shubha did this. She asked Roshni about her dad and tried to stop the marriage. Now you’ve filled Sachin’s ears.

” Shubha denies it, “No, I didn’t tell him anything. They were leaving, and I stopped them.” Renu accuses, “They are good at drama.” Sachin demands, “Stop it. I can’t hear a word against Sayali. This is not just Sayali’s family; it’s my family too. I won’t tolerate this.”

Roshni comments, “This drama is happening.” She urges Tejas, “Do something. It’s getting late.” Tejas notes, “The auspicious time is passing.” Sachin scolds him. Tejas retorts, “This isn’t my problem.” Renu instructs the pandit, “Start the marriage.” The pandit advises, “Resolve family matters first. You should respect your daughter-in-law.” Renu scoffs, “I know everything. Is Sayali happy now with this drama?”

Sachin stands firm, “Talk to me. I’m happy to stop their marriage. Am I joking with you? Tejas and Roshni are fooling you. When the world sees their true faces, they will hide and run away.” He demands Renu apologize to Sayali or he won’t let the marriage proceed. Tejas challenges, “This marriage will happen. Let’s see what you do.

” Sachin grabs the mangalsutra, “What will you do if I take this away?” Renu pleads, “Keep it back.” Sachin taunts, “Can you catch me if I run away? What can you do?” Renu urges Tejas to stay seated. Paresh intervenes, “Sachin, keep the mangalsutra back.” Sachin complies, “I’m ashamed Tejas is my brother.” Paresh says, “Let it be.” Sachin insists, “Ask Renu to apologize to Sayali.” Sayali asserts, “Mangalsutra isn’t a toy.

Realize your mistake.” Sachin clarifies, “I’m not insulting the mangalsutra, but saving you from insult.” Paresh asks Renu to apologize to Sayali. Aaji comments, “Renu has too much ego. She won’t understand.” Shakku advises, “Calm down. Let the marriage proceed smoothly.

” Paresh tells Sachin to ignore Renu’s words, “It’s not Roshni’s fault. Think about her.” Sachin concedes, “Fine, do whatever you want. I can’t stay if Sayali has no respect here.” Aaji reassures, “Why should you both leave? You have a right to stay. Sayali is the first daughter-in-law and will perform all the rituals here. Let others think what they want.”

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